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  1. At the start of the episode, Jake said that it seems weird that you can stream you Xbox to your PC. That's probably in support of Lets Players, and other LIVE COMMENTARY ENTERTAINMENT. Oh my god this Zelda ad is INTENSE!!
  2. What is the Nadir of the Simpsons?

    I know this thread is already really long, but I was thinking recently about Homer's gray-area ties to Maud Flanders' death. Homer Simpson DOES NOT come back from that. Layering Frank Grimes ontop of this, it's insane. How do you do that to a character you created, that you're responsible for? I invent goofy little characters and mascots, and I love these guys, I could never just fucking harpoon their reputation that hard. I wouldn't even let someone else do that as official canon! How did this decision make it out of the very first conversation! This whole thing is completely inappropriate for The Simpsons! And the episode where Ned makes the Leftorium and Homer's refusing to tell anyone about it? WHAT! On an unrelated note, when they had Jon Lovitz as The Critic appear for a whole episode: I didn't know who that was. I had no idea about literally anything he was talking about, and I still don't. Apu needs to get United States citizenship to stay in Springfield- What is any of that? It's not Principle Skinner making steamed hams, I know that much.
  3. An email I sent to Giantbomb

    This is my perspective on Dan so far, that he's just this bizarre, hilarious cartoon character. I can totally empathize with this, though. Sometimes laughing at the village idiot can feel very dark. As funny as it is that him and his dad can't open this wine bottle, it's also kind of scary and weird that these guys are grown adults. I don't know what the "shitstorm around his hiring" is, but I did feel a bit dissapointed when I first met Dan on GiantBomb. It's just another fat old dude here to talk about wrestling and the PlayStation 1. It makes me feel like shouting "Get off my lawn you lousy kids, I'm watching a Quick Look on Super SMASH TV!" But I really love the guy now on the Bombcast, and in the Metal Gear run. He's totally what GiantBomb always was, I'm happy to see the content with this kind of energy again. Actually, with all this being said about hiring Dan, I think I'm gonna catch up on some Patrick Klepek videos tonight and see how I like that style.
  4. I watched one about the marketing of Lego from the 50s to now. It was very cool, and is a good example of something that's just been staring me in the face that I never noticed before.
  5. Life

    Yeah if there's a horse who's just kicking off, breaking people's necks in Italy or France or Germany, they send it here. Then she spends a week riding it and not falling off or taking any guff. Usually people will continue to get scared of their own horse, and call again the next year. Yeah I follow zero people. It's just better for me not to be a part of it.
  6. In a dystopian future where feminists rule the world with a robotic fist, a single Men's Rights activist cries out "I told you ssooooooo!!"
  7. Life

    Hi guuuuuys! I posted all about my dating experiences in this thread, so I thought I'd come back and balance things out. I have a girlfriend now, for 3 months, Here name is Eve She tames wild horses, for real, and trains crazy ones who get too dangerous. Also she's a host on local tv and radio stations. She's cool and badass, and sweet and nice! I met her when I opened the OKCupid app again after weeks of forgetting about it. We hooked up once, and then every couple days since. Now we just went to Rome. Much more story than that, but y'know, that's the bullet-point update! Talking to lots of new developers at tinyBuild! Fun games releasing next year. Some parts of my life are still a fucking ball-ache, but hey y'know, sun's still shinin'
  8. I like unbearded Chris more than bearded Chris, but really I'd take Vanaman over either any day. The simple idea of the video being 100% delivered by men was very impactful!
  9. Jurassic World: Wasting away in Margaritaville

    "It's like takin' a stroll through the woods... Sixty-five million years ago!" ZING!!!
  10. An email I sent to Giantbomb

    These guys opening a wine bottle is unbelievable! I love Dan, he's like my most racist caricature of an American come to life. And he loves Metal Gear I can't believe his insides aren't just steaming black mulch by now.
  11. Animated Shorts

    Inspired by the one Mington just posted, here is my fun collection of short animations, not including adverts, music videos, and things I generally think you guys wouldn't like. Feel free to add. The Reward: An epic journey! Little Boat: A little boat goes a long way! Clouds It's cute. La Marches des Sans-Nom VERY typical anti-war video, but a fun style nontheless. A quoi ca sert l'amour Very fun li'l story, very french. Le Royaume A king wants a castle. Who's afraid of Mr Greedy Feels like a Brothers Grimm story. Who's Hungry I actually can't remember what this one's about, only that something really fucking bad happens, and I don't wanna watch it again. A Gentleman's Duel Exceptionally goofy, very good-looking short about a gentleman's duel. Apres la Pluie Boy discovers a world of whimsy, and a giant balloon monster.
  12. Video games and Influences

    I actually love this music video because of the more practical stuff like tripping people up, or throwing a damn snooker ball at someone. I feel like this director much more celebrated the gimmick of being in first-person. Actually maybe this is more based on a movie action scene in first person, than a Video game scene being filmed.
  13. Video games and Influences

    Haha, seeing this dumb video game stuff rendered in real life with practical effects actually felt kind of scary and weird. Like it's already strange that video games pacify war into this fun boyish fantasy, but now this video puts that right up front! Maybe it's because there's a voiceless camera in the lead role instead of a big cheesy Stalone or Jason Statham framed in big cinematic camera swerves. Can't really put my finger on it! Oh well, probably just me being a baby!
  14. emote me

    Your :I isn't indifferent at all, he needs to be a completely stare Also your angry face seems very impotent, I'm much more intimidated by
  15. Idle Thumbs 178: CS Losers

    The perfect podcast to kick off a double-XP weekend!
  16. I'm with ya buddy, personally I consider those games to be a challenge. As a kid, I did not beat games. I wasn't good enough at them, the first game I officially beat must've been something on the PS2. I go back to all my Sega MegaDrive classics and they still kick my ass! Super Mario 64 is finishable, but I'd still say it's a test. I like it, I'd be a little dissapointed if I could glide on through the whole thing.
  17. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

    Wow that climbing animation is actually very cool, I love when he took his hand off and shook it around. I haven't played a big triple-A game for a while. Also I loved hearing all the jungle trivia from the codec too, I think that stuff is part of what makes this series really special. Kojima defending this new character's costume is quite funny. I bet she has camouflage that's actually making her skin look sexy when really it's all burned. Pretty weird that they had that in a game set in the past- but hey whatever.
  18. Chris mentioned that the developer of Flappy Bird wrote something about the mentality of athletes in how it relates to his design process. That sounds really out of character, I wanna know what that is, is there a link?
  19. Life

    I saw Jake at a party at PAX, the DoubleFine party. Not a joke: He rambled hypothetical scenarios about J Allard for 15 minutes, and then left. It was a cool, funny experience.
  20. Life

    I'll be at a tinyBuild booth at PAX all next week. I'll probably be occupied outside of the show, but at the booth I bet I won't be all that busy. Just throwin it out there.
  21. Life

    Yeah I was just dying to get something off my chest, and my deleted post was so much theatrics and flaunting that I decided if I'm gonna vent, I'll just vent about the part that's really bugging me. Decorating those couple sentences with so much fluff is just being indulgent
  22. Life

    Gormy just show up and don't be afraid to get close. Nobody's relationship material so that's fine, and you knnooooowwwwww you don't care about work rules so cut the excuses!
  23. Life

    EDIT- I'll just put this bluntly instead of waffling so much about it. I found out a very important friend of mine has had a boyfriend this whole time. It's not just the sex that I like about her, and it's not just the us-against-the-world escapism I needed from my life full of happy couples. It's mostly losing a single friend who I look up to,,who makes me feel like being alone maybe doesn't have to be such a debilitating disability- that's what really hit me. That's what I was holding onto most of all.
  24. Life

    I love the idle forums. Also if anyone knows where I can watch an english dub of Guardians of the Galaxy in Koln Germany, I'd like to hear it.