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  1. Super Mario Galaxy: 600%

    I wouldn't typically say this to someone with a Video game goal, but I feel that this behavior is so extreme that my suggestion is to learn to cook, or learn to paint, play the guitar, go to the gym, read a book, or try literally any other form of enrichment. Just throwin' it out there, gonna leave it out on the table for anyone to pick up n think about. If nobody does, then hey; no harm done. That's my post.
  2. Visual Art!

    I've been making some comic-book covers for some Speedrunners comic books at work. This stuff is definitely an opportunity for me to stretch out in my artwork skills. I don't get much chance to do that, and I'm really happy to take a shot at it. This is my reserved style for working on LARGE promotional artwork, and I'd love to work on a project where I get to explore outward like this all the time. I'm aware that this is basically the same as my vector artwork, except with a higher fidelity in small details and really liberal use of soft shadows. It's exciting to know that I recognize that, and that there's a huge expanse of wisdom in use of colours, composition and shading that I DON'T know about, and appear to be very capable of learning.
  3. Deus Ex Universe

    I think Adam Jensen's character design is a parody of video game culture. He looks, sounds and acts like a Saints Row character. If this was the design of the latest Duke Nukem, I would've given it a round of applause.
  4. Plug your shit

    WOAH there's 4 seasons of this? Man I've got a lot of watching to do!
  5. April Fool's Roundup

    Adding to the April Fools roundup, SuperHot re-released themselves as a Quake mod, and actually put out a game along with the joke! http://superhotgame.com/SUPERQOT/ and also developer SWERY joined, in and perfectly misunderstood how to do it: Ya got me!
  6. April Fool's Roundup

    Star Wars vs Sailor Moon has a release date???
  7. April Fool's Roundup

    Oh I think a nature site confirming the existence of dragons is pretty funny and super relevant. That's a good one.
  8. April Fool's Roundup

    Oh come on guys, don't bump last year's thread, that's confusing as hell! So here's mine: We put a filter over SpeedRunners to make it a pixel-art game. If you play the game today, there's some fun music and sound-effects swaps, and the artwork is low-res. I thought it was pretty funny! The reaction has been pretty harsh! Players hated it! "You're losing players over this", "I will never buy your games again", "The devs deserve to be dragged out into the street and HORSE-WHIPPED!" That's even from people who do recognize it's just a one-day joke. Jeez, I dunno, I thought it was a pretty funny idea! People got really angry! On the topic of things I am not involved with: PlayStation had a really lame April Fools Day joke lined up. They made a Google style video of a false product, but it's much closer to a Google style announcement than a Sony one. It's a very bright living-room, with a very welcoming narrator talking you through it, and projected a lot more "Company Mandated April Fools Day Media Content" than it did a legitimate PlayStation thing. Oh well!
  9. EGX Rezzed: March 2015

    I just used that as a short-hand to evoke a mental image of what the game looked like, you shouldn't actually take my word for it.
  10. Nintendo announces mobile deal with DeNA

    I really wonder if the kids playing all their free games on iPhones give a hot flying fuck about Donkey Kong. To us, yeah, Pokemon on an iPad is a no-brainer, but can you say that about children born post-2000? Even outside of branding, Nintendo is out of the loop on how mobile games are designed. Crossy Road is not a modern Nintendo style game, and I'm not sure if Threes is either. Clash of Clans definitely isn't. My opinion here isn't very informed, and I'm sure this room has plenty of things to correct me on, but "Nintendo signs mobile deal" is a very impotent headline to me. On the out-there dream that they announce a brilliant new Advance Wars, then yeah I'll call that a day one perch just like everyone else, of course!
  11. EGX Rezzed: March 2015

    I was at Rezzed also! I completely fell in love with , but the developer was not around!I really liked a game called Concrete Jungle, which looks like a city-builder, but is actually a competitive card-game. The aim is to slam down buildings and increase the property value of your residents while decreasing your opponent's neighborhood. Such a novel idea! Her Story is a very cool game filmed with cameras from 1990. It's a police detective story, looking through footage to piece things together. A fictional story, influenced by real events, played out very well by actors. Very happy to meet the writer on The Last Night, a really cool new adventure game with a playable browser demo out there, I told him how excited I was about it. Nice to meet Nachimir!! Didn't meet any other thumbs at all, I would've really liked to spend more time with the people I did bump into at the show. I think I'll definitely be at the next EGX this September, probably showing games.
  12. Not gonna dive into being negative too much, but man I really didn't think making things sound like poo things was that rich of a well to riff on, and I was not on the same page with how all of Shadow of Mordor is so gay. I don't see the connection, it just sounds pretty school-boy to me. I really loved the talk about Full Throttle having an authentic adult relationship, and SimCity being a cultural snapshot, highlighting it's analogue to a historical map of a city. I think you guys are always capable of some red hot home-runs, in terms of insight into games and just riffing on something I've never thought to analyse before, so I really wish someone would've grabbed the steering wheel a couple times this episode. But I guess my reception to this episode was the total opposite of everyone else's, so I'll just sign off n tune in next week.
  13. Nonviolent and Alternative mechanics

    Wii Sports The Sims Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2 Dance Dance Revolution Jambo Safari Rock Band Viva Pinata LittleBig Planet Dustforce Stuntman Roller Coaster Tycoon Theme Hospital Where's My Water? Zuma Plenty of our favourite games! I could continue listing these for a long long time. You could see how some games on this list might've deliberately come close to violence, and then denied it.
  14. Plug your shit

    Wow, Beacon looks legitimately fucking exciting, I'll make sure to play it this weekend!
  15. Cartoons!

    Wow, glad I checked back into the thread. I've never heard of The Book Of Life, but I must watch it!
  16. EGX Rezzed: March 2015

    Spot me in London this weekend, in my orange game-developer costume!
  17. PAX East

    I'm going to EGX Rezzed in London on Friday, it's basically all indie games. EGX itself is in September in Birmingham, and has bigger, publisher-backed console games.
  18. PAX East

    there in spirit Although I'm still here in the office workin on hands-on artwork. I don't go to big stuff like this any more. I'll be at a spin-off of EuroGamer Expo called REZZED in London this weekend.
  19. The whole time they were playing Majora's Mask, Dan just kept talking about how much he loved it so much and didn't ever explain the game to new players :/ It's a strange, backwards game that definitely needs a big fat warning sticker on it, so it's annoying that they just rolled straight through their 40 minutes without critiquing it much. Just wanted to get that one off my chest.
  20. Cartoons!

    ...I think the ducks pictured above already look like aged Macauley Caulkin. I watched the new episode of Gravity Falls last night and I liked it! Some nice artwork compositions, and intense plot points for the show. I do wish they'd pull the Blendin trick more than once, where mysteries will be neatly foreshadowed before they have a dedicated episode. Apart from that main plot-line mystery which just rams itself into the back of every episode :/
  21. ...I've never thought about that in my life, but yeah I guess you're right! Also OH MAN I can't believe they got that animator dude from Youtube who did all the whacky Gordon Freeman animation tests to do the animation in this game! That's exactly the guy I wish I could work with. Total dream-team.
  22. I thought the banter was kinda heavy, I don't like when characters have got hot zingers on every little thing. The 17 minutes just flew by. I thought the writing in a broader sense was well done, even though the word-for-word dialogue didn't click with me.
  23. Plug your shit

    Ooh I'm intrigued! Can't wait for the teaser in March, cos I have no idea what this is.
  24. Plug your shit

    Hello friends! New prototype here, I'm aiming for something a bit like an RPG battle system, or an Advance Wars, but with Snooker. I think. PLAY GAME HERE! You are the red team, and you should smack yourself into the purple team until they all die. Hitting them directly deals about 40% damage, but ricocheting a friendly into them will do about 60%! Stay inside of your red base to shield yourself from half your typical damage, and you can always drop in a new ball from the bench! Small balls have less health, but also shorter timers ppffffff you'll figure out the nuances, you get it, you're smart people. Play it and tell me how you feel! I have a load of ideas for goofy novelty rubbish to put in, but I'd really prefer a rock-solid design of a small game that feels demanding, interesting and rewarding to practice! I'll be putting one-on-one multiplayer in soon. Just gotta say I left this on, and wow I listened to Winter Heights like 5 times in a row, what an amazing piece of music! Then that next one came on and that was a surprise.
  25. I really enjoyed the short series State of Play https://www.youtube.com/user/StateofPlayShow