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  1. Do people still know what the Angry Video game Nerd is in 2012!? With that much money you could make a brand new, modern Cheetahmen sequel and release it on Steam. But I dunno, I guess I just don't get the whole part where it's an NES cartridge and how much of a big deal that's supposed to be.
  2. Game Ideas

    There's like 3 games I wanna make but can't, and here's one: It's an RTS that starts off like Sim City. You have to create a town and have people happily living in it and paying taxes. The town should have energy and a police force and a football stadium, and whatever it needs to run and be fun. Like I said though, this is an RTS: Before too long, another nation will come and attack your town... On the outskirts of your town is an arcane alchemic structure. Relinquishing civillians to this structure will turn them into soldiers, which you can use to defend your city. Giving three soldiers to the obelisk produces a tank. Sacrificing five gives a helicopter. Your one currency and resource in this game is human life. As days go by, opposing factions will try harder and harder to raze your empire, so you'll need to spend more humans to make more succubus firepower. AS WE ALL KNOW- AND AS IS THE HEART OF THIS GAME'S DARKNESS: Real-time strategies are all about efficiency. Making that football stadium wasted time. Next mission you won't make the football stadium. I'll try this mission again, but this time I won't waste time making these sim's lives comfortable, as they're only going to end up as sacrifices later. Instead I'll cultivate them, like livestock. THIS WAY I CAN WIN! If I herd my stock into grids, I can produce a much higher YIELD! My firepower is UNMATCHED!! They're escaping? HIGHER WALLS, I SAY!! MY EFFICIENCY MUST BE DIVINELY PERFECT TO WIN THIS ROUND. When some of your crop escapes, it has a chance to return later in the match as a third faction: rebels. The rebel faction will fight against you, and the game's already hard enough as it is with the regular enemies. So if you ever DO see any man sprinting across the badlands, just click on him. They splat on the ground like the rats in Theme Hospital. An upgrade down the tech tree that I can reccomend is to hang your crop from a high cieling while they grow. That way, if they ever do wriggle free, they'll simply fall to their deaths anyway and be filtered into the feeding tubes intravenously to administer fluid and electrolytes to the surrounding crop. Of course that'll only be available in much later missions where you really do need supreme efficiency. So that's the game: It's an RTS where you have to get more and more efficient with your resources to be the best. Like Starcraft! Also you can put like a tank and a helicopter into the structure to make like a tank-o-copter, so you can get creative in a fun way I hope! I can't make it cos I'm not a big enough RTS fan to know how to design one well.
  3. Have you ever tried to make a game?

    HELLO WORLD! I'm 21 and in Manchester, England. Here's my story: BOY you guys all talkin about your "BASIC" and "Unreal mods" makes me feel really out of place, cos I learned how to make games in Macromedia Flash 5 and ActionScript. I came from the complete opposite end, I wanted to make cartoons when I was in high school and slowly leaned over to games. I learned by downloading already finished flash games and basically reverse-engineering them from the top down- firstly changing variables like Speed = 5; to Speed = 10; and then drawing my own graphics in, and then doing tutorials on how to make my own games. For my first game I took a top-down driving game and changed it to a top-down arena shooter with 10 levels, where you had to clear out each room of enemies and get to the exit. The final boss was basically the regular enemy, but made bigger, and with a faster rate of fire. Sadly it's not on the internet. Learning in Flash was PERFECT! It's originally an animation program, so it's more suited to drawing cartoons, and then putting code onto those objects. So when you make a game: it's one file, and everything's done in one window. I practiced Flash games until there came a time when Flash games started to explode, and suddenly there was money. I entered some contests and Tom Fulp at Newgrounds PM'd me about putting adverts in games as this new idea. Newgrounds is great, and does everything they can to make their regular forumers and contributors the star, BUT- now that there's money in Flash games, it's turned into this giant horrible soul-less business where nobody gives a shit about anyone else, or what they're making :/ So nowadays, the class of Newgrounds 2001 are all over XBLA and Steam. I'm learning Unity and C# for the first time, the same old way I learn everything: badgering people about it on forums. I've never took a class to do any of this stuff, I've just googled and googled and googled my way through it all, and soon enough you stop having to google things. In not doing formal classes, you do miss out on certain high-level complex pieces, but you gain so much more by just spending that time making a living. My last game was a Kickstarter baby, and my first pay-to-download game. This is way before the Double Fine thing- about a year before. This post is already crazy-long, so I'll just sum this part up as: We got funded and the game came out, then a free expansion came out. It's an alright game. It was a difficult trial-by-fire experience, and I'll definately plan my next one out more carefully so it can be a much more exciting one. My next one is this, by the way. Summing up everything since I made my first game is nuts, I left out so much!
  4. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Oh hey I never noticed this thread. I'm I_smell and I've made like 20 posts. They're all confusing word-mazes becuase that's like my favourite thing about Idle Thumbs. I've been here since exactly episode 6, and also I backed the Kickstarter. Idle Thumbs is the only podcast I go back and listen to old episodes of, because it's so not about what games are CURRENTLY coming out, that each episode is as irrelevant today as when it was recorded. Which makes it easy to listen to old ones. I make games, like probably a tonne o people here do, and my last game was the first one I charged money for, came out last year, wasn't great, 'll be a lot better.I'm super into cartoons, and also podcasts. Incase you didn't notice though I'm already super involved in like a hundred other sites, so don't expect much from me. I'm thinking maybe I'll come here to talk about video games though, cos every other video game forum is depressing as hell. I'm gonna go look for a thread where anyone's talking about the Double Fine documentary now, cos I can't get over how good it is.
  5. Ah crap, I listened up all the recent thumbs, now it's Wednesday n I'm high & dry! Lackluster cast management on my part.
  6. I support the idea of Idle Thumbs Origins and Idle Thumbs Rising. Maybe this newest one could be Idle Thumbs Revengeance? ...Ugh, I take that back. You were right.
  7. First off: Half the reason I wanted to make this thread is that I just clicked Play on the Kickstarter video, and OH MY GOD, THAT ONE IS CHRIS?? AND THAT ONE IS FAMOUS? I've bin a fan since episode 5 and just now accidentally saw these guys on video. Turns out I guessed completely wrong who is who, on everyone. Anyway- maybe it's just me, but every once in a while whenever something ridiculous happens in the industry, it makes me think "oh man, these video games", or sometimes "I can't believe this even happened", as if the spirit of Idle Thumbs lived on in the fact that we are all walking caricature jokes of ourselves. Similar to the moment you find out how to ruin Heavy Rain for yourself by sliding in and out of a car for 5 minutes, what was a moment, to you, that felt like something Idle Thumbs had made up? Here's mine, as examples: Bobby Kotick stars in a movie alongside Brad Pitt, and then runs Coca-Cola. Battleship The Movie announced as a 2012 summer blockbuster, and then Battleship The Movie The Game announced as a first-person shooter. Bethesda taking Notch to court over causing market confusion between Scrolls and Skyrim, and then also him putting it all on the line, throwing down the gauntlet for a game of Quake 3- which the lawyers at Bethesda chose to completely ignore. and more! It can be stuff that happened in a game, it can be stuff at e3, whatever's nutty and unbelievable.
  8. That is almost SUSPICIOULSY thumbs! I just had an Idle Thumbs moment when I read on a forum "Here's my fan-cast for if they made a Super Smash Bros movie, along with the reasons why I chose each actor for each role. Number 1: Hugo Weaving as Bowser." I laughed, and decided to just not read any more.
  9. WhatWouldMolydeux.com: A 48 hour game jam exploring the works of @PeterMolydeux
  10. This double-Molyneux singularity will be the end of us all. I think this next one is... kind of TOO absurd for Idle Thumbs... I don't really know how to approach this... I'm just gonna come right out and say it. Competetive Pokemon player wins championship- then is immeadiately stripped of his title and banned from all future tournaments for shitting in the hotel lobby, and hurling his shit at other contenders. Yeah, really.
  11. Y'know, cos she's called Zelda. That's a gamer thing.
  12. Just started blasting through these. The best thing about listening to John Carmack talk is that you get to learn new words, like "Contiguous" and "Circuitous". Also Congrats Nick.
  13. This is quickly turning into a thread about bizzarre Mass Effect marketing, but now this has happened: HEROIC SPACE-DISCS GET STUCK IN TREE At time of writing, the arms race between humanity and Mass Effect 3 has escalated to high-end slingshot-level; would-be rescuers report that “a guy at Home Depot offered to make us a potato gun” if the package can't be dislodged with sling-fired marbles. Oh Mass Effect
  14. Reapers ARE real, there's nothing funny about that. I'm signing the petition.
  15. HAhahahahaha! That's a really shitty PR stunt. It's like they bombarded 10 guys with 500 balloons saying "Homefront's coming out, guys."
  16. This is a series, starting now: pOLSfSt4TqM Cool.
  17. New Idle Thumbs Website

    Wow, advertisements used to have that much text? That's pretty nuts, cos nowadays you have to force or trick someone into even seeing an ad. (also I think my idea was funnier)
  18. New Idle Thumbs Website

    It's pretty hilarious that the Idle Thumbs article transitions into a biography of Jeff Goldblum- and the paragraph where it does is cut off.
  19. New Idle Thumbs Website

    Hey guys there's somethin up with the home page. It redirects to a weird jpeg or some fuckin shit, maybe check it out. I dunno.
  20. I just listened to the first episode of this, and I couldn't believe it was even more ridiculous than the The Idle Thumbs Podcast podcast and the Idle Thumbs podcast.
  21. "We'd love to do a new podcast guys, but we just can't afford the pizza."
  22. WTF is Telltale's new game?

    I have it on good authority that you never see yourself in this game because you are Gordon Freeman.
  23. Gaming In-Jokes

    Games aren't allowed to make jokes. The last time a Video game made a joke was in 2007 in a game named "Portal" which the internet has still not shut the fuck up about 3 years later. Anyway a funny thing is in the last Banjo Kazooie game. Your first mission is to COLLECT A HUNDRED JIGGIES! The level starts and there's a hundred jiggies laid out in a straight line infront of you, so you just run forward, then it's like ALLRIGHT THIS IS BULLSHIT, LET'S DO SOMETHING ACTUALLY FUN.
  24. Deadly Premonition

    Maybe I'm a baby, but the bit at the end is the most unsettling thing I've ever seen in a game. I didn't expect it at all, I spent most of the game laughing, and expected some cheap hero ending, or maybe someone dies or something. But for you to Even after the end, And York's a complete fucking nutcase anyway! Basically After the whole ending I felt physically sick. It's like- I'm playing Ratchet & Clank and after about 8 hours someone gets their skin torn off or something.
  25. WTF is Telltale's new game?

    I'm listening to this week's Bombcast and Brad said "We have a Quick Look of that up on the site with our friends Jake and Sean... wizard." and what's really funny is that nobody even picks up on it.