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  1. The whole Foxconn thing

    And they don't stop! As the interview goes on they just get more frequent and longer. I listened to it at work and thought that I had hit the pause button on my headphones a couple of times. The worst was when Ira said something about the pause, when he admitted that he didn't want to say something. It was a pause, Ira pointing out the pause, pause, reply, pause, three words, pause. I love that the person that defended him the most was the one person that blew the most holes in his story, the translator.
  2. Giant Bomb Joins GameSpot

    I haven't really followed John Davison since the entire "What They Play," thing happened, but he was cool enough back in the 1up/EGM days so I doubt that this will be going to be terrible. Also, GiantBomb + Money probably == more terrible effects on every single thing they produce, so that sounds perfect. Also I love the comment that Jeff made during the video that the statement about Kane and Lynch wasn't, "entirely wrong" but also wasn't exactly right. Congrats to the internet for basically having the majority of the story out there and correct as it happened.
  3. The whole Foxconn thing

    Just finished listening to that. It was odd that they gave the guy many outs that he could have used but instead decided to try and stand by his story. I guess that when you ride it for two months and take every appearance that you can get based on appearing on This American Life you try to stick to your guns. Still though. Messed up.
  4. Gifts - Stuff for Free

    Counter-Strike Global Offensive Beta invite.
  5. New people: Read this, say hi.

    But who isn't Nick Breckon?
  6. EDF: Insect Armageddon

    I have been on the fence about buying this for PC since I noticed it came out. But truth be told I think that Steam has broken me of the habit of buying games when they aren't on sale for any reason. So I guess my question is if this is worth the 20 dollar asking price.
  7. Achievement-ocalypse

    Doesn't it make it that much odd that trophies have been around for years and they still can't seem to get the most basic usage of the system down. In a lot of ways I honesty like PSN more. I like Netflix, I think the store kind of feels like an online store and not an extension of whatever "blades" or "NXE" they are trying to push that month, and I like that it will take pretty much anything bluetooth and just make it work. It is the simply crap, like waiting for things to load even though I have the fastest internet in the area and the system is wired that just kind of make me wonder if they can fix the basic crap that is wrong with their system this generation.
  8. Achievement-ocalypse

    They broke when a friend of mine went, got a Wal-Mart credit card, maxed it out on just games, unplugged his system from Live for a couple of weeks, and when he came back on had something stupid like 12,000 more points. Saw that and turned of my system for an extended period of time.
  9. Achievement-ocalypse

    Fuck yes it is. I don't know, there has to be something about the score. There are countless other examples of places, most already listed on this thread, of other similar products that give you the same experience. I do understand that they were the first to do it, but I think that you are right about them being the only one that seemingly really polices the system. The point about looking at someone's score and kind of being able to get a general sense of who they are says something too. That number is so much a part of your life on XBOX Live that it is the second thing you notice after whatever terrible drug reference the person is using as their gamertag. While I have fallen way back on how much I care about that number, mine stands around 30k something, there was a time that a couple of finds of mine had a battle over who had the higher score. Also the fact that every time that you bring up anyone's trophy list, even your own, on PSN it takes a good minute to load any of the information does not help at all.
  10. Achievement-ocalypse

    I think that the reason that achievements hold so much weight while the other ones don't is because there is a number associated with it. I think that they nailed it when they called it a gamer score, only so much that it is a point value that you get for real life actions. the other ones are just proof of doing something, achievements are proof that you are just better at games than your friends are. If it wasn't for achievements I am certain that the PS3 would be my main console.
  11. GDC 2012: With Blasts

    I think apps crashing at random times sounds exciting, almost like some kind of meta-game were you win if you remember to quick save constantly.
  12. Other podcasts

    Spoony Bard Podcast: Retro Gaming at its Worst
  13. Armored Core V

    So everyone wins?
  14. Armored Core V

    So it kind of sounds like a more fleshed out Chrome Hounds that isn't terrible.
  15. Armored Core V

    Armored Core is one of the only games that still comes out and I stupidly buy without fully completing the last one. Who knows, maybe that streak will be broken this time, but probably not. Either way I am pretty sure I am picking it up for the 360.