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  1. Visible Thumbs

    Thus the Roger Rabbit/Cool World comment. It would be the most awkward/amazing thing that the world has ever seen. Or you could do the entire Nick Arcade/Game Pro TV thing and green screen into video games as the avatar/with tips, that would be equally a good use of funds.
  2. Nintendo bringing Xenoblade to North America in April

    Watched the quick look over on Giant Bomb and it kind of reminded me of a functional version of White Knight Chronicles, although I am sure that I am the only person who had a good time with that game.
  3. Nintendo bringing Xenoblade to North America in April

    Did not pick it up last week, but will pick it up this Friday. I am on call for my stupid tech job so it will give me something to do while things aren't breaking. How close it looks to Final Fantasy 12 is not a selling point for me, I hated that game.
  4. Kid Icarus: Uprising

    Game just came out on Friday, was wondering if anyone else picked it up. First impressions are that it is fun, but my hand hurts after 15-20 minutes from holding the system with the default controls, and at the moment I am refusing to use the stand. Besides that the game seems to be kind of cool.
  5. Kid Icarus: Uprising

    Yes, Yes, Yes! I think it was in Pandora's level with a moving platform that you had to jump off of to avoid barriers that I had to put the game down for awhile after beating. Between the timing and the exacting movements that you needed to jump off, back on, and then kill enemies it all started to show the stress of trying to figure out how to do this correctly on the platform. I agree that it does seem like it is the teams first attempt at making this kind of game, but it also seems like they decided the flying controls should also be the same exact controls that you use to move around in the world. I don't know when on the design document someone circled, "same controls in the 3D platforming section as rail shooter" and wrote above it, "do this" but they should be spoken to.

    He still seems to be recruiting people for his game, so I am sure that if some of you wanted you could even work for this guy. Also, where did he get the million dollar goal from? If it took about 2 so million for Costume Quest I don't know how you would come up with something on the scope of anything that he is dreaming up, let alone something on the scope of a WoW or even a SecondLife. He also claims that every server is going to be different, so does that mean entirely unique worlds, or that each of them are just segments of the world in total. It kind of sounds like someone's dream journey and they attempted to turn all of the random into a pitch.
  7. Tales of Graces f

    So I bought this game on the strength of my love for Tales of Vesperia, and while I am not disappointed with the mechanics of the game I kind of hate about half the people in my party at all times. The more I think about it, I have started to come to the conclusion that some of the only reasons I play JRPGs is because I like how they play, but not always the story that they push forward (with the rare exception). Guess I was just wondering how everyone else was feeling about this game.
  8. Tales of Graces f

    Tales can be a lot like the Simpsons in plot regards; that something happens that causes a chain of events and is either completely forgotten about or resolved quickly but to much other stuff ends up being happening for the story/characters to just stop.
  9. Tales of Graces f

    Sorry if that did spoil anything. I should point out that most of the stuff that we talked about isn't nearly as much of a spoiler as you would think.
  10. Tales of Graces f

    I think there is only one ending in that game. I may be wrong though. You are totally right about the plot, as I can't honestly tell you who the main bad guy was. That was a story about the characters, and for the most part I thought that it was really well done. The plot was just an odd way to try and take the characters along their path of growth. Besides that I think that most of the games are really enjoyable to play, I just wish that they would hire someone who knew how to write a script for most of them instead of shacking a bag and picking whatever stupid suggestion falls out. Vesperia is a great example of almost getting everything right with the game, but screwing up a couple of key parts. You should really skip Graces, only two interesting party characters and a bunch that make some of the in game skits painful to watch.
  11. Visible Thumbs

    When you say Steve only, do you mean like Who Framed Roger Rabbit or Cool World where Steve is real but has to interact with cartoons of everyone else. I would vote for that.
  12. Tales of Graces f

    What are you talking about?!? They bring the water blastia back to the lower city! They also make sure that thing will never work again at the end, so there is that too. Yeah, most Tales games seem to revolve around "Mankind is destroying the environment". We just do it in these games with magic and not smog.
  13. Tales of Graces f

    Abyss is pretty decent. I never played it, but picked it up for the 3DS, it is great because I now have a great reason to ignore friends and family when I travel hours to see them. Vesperia does start off very meh. Sadly the game doesn't get awesome until an unacceptable amount of time has passed, which seems to be an increasingly terrible trend with most JRPGs (Persona 4 doesn't give control of the characters besides advancing dialog for almost 5 hours).
  14. Tales of Graces f

    Vesperia is probably the best in the series, plot wise. Around a 1/3 of the way through the game it changes tone pretty heavily. The f in Tales of Graces is referring to the new "future" story arch that they added at the end of the game. Not there yet but it is said to be 10 or 20 hours of additional content. I don't hate Graces at all, but I really do have to say that it is a massive step back from most of the other games. It sort of has the feeling that they had a B team working on it while everyone else was doing something else. All of the characters are cliched to hell and back and the plot feels like it was leftover parts of better games. Strangely I can't seem to stop playing it. Also I love that image because there are two people in the background acting like nothing is going on in front of them. Got to love well placed NPCs.
  15. Linux Tycoon

    Heard about it this morning, but I didn't think that there was a windows port of it. Just OSX and Linux.
  16. What would Molydeux

    I wish I was a piece of cereal eating a bowl of its fallen friends.
  17. What would Molydeux

    Is it an all male forum? Maybe there is something wrong with my head, but the internet has kind of trained me to not really expect anything out of someone's background. For all I know most forums are populated by super hamsters.
  18. What would Molydeux

    That is awesome. I always feel like game jams, this one in particular, are the last best hope for innovations in gaming--as stupid as that sounds.
  19. What would Molydeux

    How can something this insane/awesome not be a yearly event?
  20. Kid Icarus: Uprising

    I seem to be getting more used to it the longer I play. That said, I would have gone out and bought a Frankenstick just to be able to aim with that and make it a normal third person shooter. Has anyone gotten to the driving section? Really not impressed with the way that controls.
  21. Kid Icarus: Uprising

    My reasoning for not using the stand is because this is on the 3DS. You listed a ton of the reasons that I really do enjoy the game, even the much bitched about "on ground" combat is really fun (if not for the controls I would happily say my favorite part of the game). The problem is that when I am on the ground it stops being something I can almost fake with any of the control schemes that the game throws at you (from the crazy button aim thing to whatever else they could cobble together as "functional"), to the need to use the stylus to have anything that even resembles control. I hate the stand because it gives me the sense that this is not something that I could just take with me on a long trip, this is something that is going to stay at my apartment while Mario or Tales goes to my in-laws while I make no attempt to have a conversation with them.
  22. Life

    OK, who leaked the memo?
  23. Giant Bomb Joins GameSpot

    What is his E/V rating? I hear that those are some rare pokemans.
  24. Giant Bomb Joins GameSpot

    We do? I seem to remember a very awesome Giant Bomb video involving Mr. Chris Remo singing Space Asshole. I am sure that since they have a budge now this could be done in space, or at least something that looks nothing like it.
  25. The whole Foxconn thing

    I think that if, when approached, he had said that he put things in his act that had happened but he did not witness it would have been fine. At one point they even give him that out. I think that even if he had done that the story was done well enough that This American Life could have worked around it with the facts or said something about those points being reported from something else. The thing that kind of bothers me is that he says that he did this because he wanted people to pay attention to the suicides, but that is the one part of the story that he basically made me not care about. He goes so far as to say that based on the population of the people that are working in those factories that number is kind of low. So you wanted to bring attention to something that you not only downplay but tell everyone to ignore? How does that work?