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  1. Gifts - Stuff for Free

    I have access to the community beta if anyone is interested. Hit me up here or on steam (gillman35)
  2. Dust: An Elysian Tail

    It doesn't end up being that hard. You just have to do the "Dust Storm" (Y Button attack) in the air when there are a ton of enemies and avoid getting hit. At one point I had over 2k combo and got hit, and had to attempt it again. Later in the game they throw tons of enemies at you and the flying fox thing's attacks do so little damage, but stun the enemies, that you can basically just let them soak up the attacks.
  3. EDF: Insect Armageddon

    Anyone still playing this? Picked this up during the Steam sale.
  4. Steam Summer Sale 2012

    I will praise Steam Guard until the day I die. During the sale I kept getting emails that someone was trying to log in. This isn't a big deal because I will randomly log on at my parents house if I go to visit to play something low impact on their PC. I thought that it was just them probably restarting the computer and that I had set it to auto login or something. After the third time I got paranoid and changed the password. The next day my Origin account got hacked. They changed my name and contact information so after an hour talking to customer service I had to get my account back by giving them the serial number to a game I had linked to the account. If that had happened to my steam account I would have lost my mind.
  5. Steam Summer Sale 2012

    Odd. I am having an issue with that unlocking too. Considering the stupid amount of money that I spent, and how much I am sure my hard drive hates me for installing them all, I was kind of hoping that would unlock for me.
  6. Steam Summer Sale 2012

    Seen that as well. Steam has done a number on me this time. One of the rare instances that I have drawn wife agro over video game habit.
  7. Steam Summer Sale 2012

  8. Steam Summer Sale 2012

    Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is on sale for the community choice. I have it on the 360 but didn't play a ton of it... for some reason the fact that it is 5 dollars is making it oddly hard to not re-buy for the PC...
  9. Steam Summer Sale 2012

    Woot! Dead Rising 2: Off the Record for dumb cheap! Considering that most of the other stuff I am looking to buy probably isn't going to go much further down in price I think I might have bought everything I was looking to get.
  10. Steam Summer Sale 2012

    For 75% off the season pass is worth a look. They aren't wonderful but there could totally be an argument made for them all being five dollars.
  11. Steam Summer Sale 2012

    Impulse is pretty terrible. I downloaded it to play Sins of Solar Empire and got a couple games through sales on it. It is slow, loves to throw pop-ups randomly out there when it is running in the background, and my roommate has an issue that they won't let him install something he bought on disc without the disc, even though he actived through that service. So four years after he bought Sins to play against me he can't download it, even though the service knows he owns and it and will show him the serial number.
  12. Steam Summer Sale 2012

    I would but they kind of are, but i do wish all of them were on more of a sale. At this point I think Batman Arkham City, Civ: Gods and Kings, EDF, and Dead rising off the record are the only ones I am waiting to drop down to 75% ish area.
  13. Steam Summer Sale 2012

    I wish I could have miss read that statement as well as you did. You have made my day. Kind of hoping that Tropico 4 drops in prices at some point. Loved the 3rd one, would like to pay 7.50 for in instead of 15. It just seems like one of those things they will through up as a flash deal at some point during this.
  14. Steam Summer Sale 2012

    I am continuing to talk myself out of buying Anno 2070. Damn them for making it 24 hours.
  15. Steam Summer Sale 2012

    Unwise purchasing choices go!
  16. Worst Kickstarter Ever

    I kind of don't care about the Penny-Arcade ads, they are probably one of the only sites that I visit that I will randomly click on an ad from. I think it is kind of weird that they are doing this through kickstarter as they even mention in the video that they have done exactly something like this in the past and kind of know the finer details of making it work, hell they even have staff for it at this point. What annoys me is that the higher the pledge the more of an insult some of the rewards are. Sure, there is the one that is the "play date" with everyone-- the next one is saying that you can spend an entire day working for them for just 50% more. It is almost like a bad movie about someone in high school trying to sell their popularity to make nerds more cool. I guess that means that the 1.4 million dollar unlock is probably, "we all learned an important lesson about ourselves" and some bullshit song plays. Also, how has no one said anything about that video. It was kind of painful to watch. I don't mind PA the series, but this just seemed forced.
  17. Battlethumbs 3

    gillman35 here. I play most days, just picked it back up as said before
  18. Battlethumbs 3

    I found myself falling into a rather deep Battlefield hole this last week when a friend bought me a SSD for my birthday and I wanted to test it out. Not only is the game loading everything stupid fast but I am suddenly thinking about picking up the season pass just to make sure future me has the expansions should this happen again. Anyone playing?
  19. Nintendo bringing Xenoblade to North America in April

    Oddly enough my copy is still sealed and sitting on the shelf. I am probably going to wait until beating Disgaea 4 before I crack it open. Seeing as I am newly unemployed I don't think this will be that long.
  20. Dark Souls(Demon's Souls successor)

    Who knows, there might have been help porting it over and a small money hat for using GFWL. I can't think of another FromSoftware game that came out on the PC, so if this is the first one I am sure that any help they could receive to make it functional could be a deciding factor.
  21. Nintendo bringing Xenoblade to North America in April

    Anything with a British accent does instantly become dreamy.
  22. Visible Thumbs

  23. Dark Souls(Demon's Souls successor)

    I am kind of the same way, it has almost always worked for me. There are a couple of oddities that my friends have run into with controller issues for some unknown reason but it has always been rather stable for me. The only time that I have ever had an issue was with a second hand copy of Fallout 3 that I bought that I was promised, "The code had never been used," on. Even then the problem was that the code had clearly been used.
  24. Dark Souls(Demon's Souls successor)

    I am going to say that this would be interesting for only two reasons: 1. Listening to everyone flip out and just having the episode end really quickly and abruptly. 2. It would probably be the first one that they just didn't finish the game. Really hoping that there is an active mod scene for this, just thinking about player created Dark Souls levels/boss/enemies is awesome.
  25. Nintendo bringing Xenoblade to North America in April

    I Final Fantasy Combat system with a script by people who made Xenogears/Xenosaga? You should be. Also a good game on the Wii, that is kind of something that should be encouraged as much as we can.