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  1. Oh! Does Cave Johnson count as a boss? If he does that is totally what I am going with. That guy seems both crazy, fun, willing to take chances, and probably would openly reward you for being awesome at things.
  2. John Dies at the End - David Wong/Jason Pargin

    I saw the movie for the first book and loved it. Went out of my way to find the second book and managed to finish that in pretty short order. There are very cracked type gags that they do throughout, but there is just something that kind of sticks about the experience. I don't know if I can really pinpoint any of it, but there are moments that just kind to seem wonderful and funny even though there is a constant stream of dick jokes throughout the chapters. Don't get me wrong, there isn't anything wrong with a well played dick joke, I just think that there were times that it seemed like, "oops, this chapter is too serious. PENIS!"
  3. Fire Emblem: Awakening

    Probably because my avatar is so entirely boss.
  4. Fire Emblem: Awakening

    Yeah it was one of the earlier ones. They have already appeared later in some story scenes and used the language of "retreated from battle" or something like that. I have noticed that if the game doesn't want you losing someone it is game over though, which is nice I think. One complaint, though, is that people will randomly appear in battle to join with almost no explaination. Paine is a great example. I really like her dialog with most people outside of battle but she is just kind of there at one point.
  5. Fire Emblem: Awakening

    I keeping sinking a some time into the game, mainly playing random battles that keep popping up, and not always advancing the story in large chunks. Normally when I do attempt to go for a story mission there is something stupid that happenes like I move a unit too far in and they get swamped with guys who get a series of lucky hit. I really like the game but I refuse to lose anyone. I think the only person that I have "lost" was "Marth(?)" in one of the few battles that they join you. Now I am wondering if that is why they haven't joined or if there is a story reason.
  6. anime

    I had a friend recommend that to me recently, I am kind of getting the idea I need to give it a watch. I don't know about best anime, it seems to move around as I watch more stuff. I seem to have a super soft spot at the moment for "Steins;Gate" that show is AMAZING. Time travel looping insanity that oddly seems to have some form of science that works. Also, amazing characters.
  7. Planetside 2

    Clearly the fact that I played this game for 5 minutes, didn't know what I was doing, was killed a bunch, and uninstalled it when it first came out might have been wrong. Why does it seem that Shawn Elliot talks me back into things I would have other wise never given a second chance?
  8. Ni No Kuni

    Atlus does a bunch of really good stuff. Granted most of it hasn't come out on current Gen hardware and is more PS2/handhelds, but that is kind of where it seems most JRPGs are being published. That said this would have to be pretty good to knock down Tales of Vesperia from its #1 spot for me.
  9. Quitter's Club: Don't be ashamed to quit the game.

    I am just happy that there are other people out there that didn't finish Torchlight 2. I was mega excited for that game to come out as I played through the first one a bunch of times and bought it twice. Got the second one the moment it came out and just haven't felt the urge to play through it. I think I blame Diablo 3 for being out at the same time and ruining those types of games for me for awhile.
  10. Isn't two things using a sound card at once, you know, one of those things that should be checked before anyone releases a sound card? That would be like a computer exploding when you check your email while using the internet.
  11. I was in the closed beta, it was awesome. Been playing it off and on a bit since the open beta started. I am more than willing to play with thumbs if wanted.
  12. Ni No Kuni

    Trying to avoid wife aggro and not buy any games for a bit after the last steam sale. Kind of hard, because I simply love me some JRPGs.
  13. Origin ID exchange

    i am lumberbaron if anyone wants an add
  14. That was a really awesome movie. Watching it made me get back into Minecraft.
  15. Far Cry 3

    I kind of have a feeling that Far Cry is the new Final Fantasy. Just a place for people to try different ideas with a genre from one company. At the very least that is what the series itself kind of feels like at this point
  16. Battlethumbs 3

    New expansion came out, anyone else up for doing some Battlethumbing?
  17. Full retail games? Around 10 that are still sealed. Working at a game store kind of does that to you though. Steam counts? Too many to talk about and be allowed in public again. Besides Indie bundles the Steam sale does not help ever.
  18. Dishonored - or - GIFs By Breckon

    Just started playing it the other day and have started most levels by trying not to kill anyone, end up running out of sleeping darts and just murdering the rest. Thinking about just powering through as a murderous SOB for the first play through and sneaking around when I know the game better the second time around.
  19. FTL

    Wow, bought this game the same exact time I picked up Torchlight 2. Both amazing games. I oddly can't stop playing this one, even though it annoys me greatly.
  20. iOS GameCenter Username Exchange

    I am Lumberbaron
  21. Tokyo Jungle

    I haven't wanted a downloadable game like this since trash panic.
  22. FTL

    Don't know if this is pointed out, but it is worth starting the game without playing the tutorial--if only to be so confused that you can't continue on. I also had fucking Brecon in my first crew. Don't know how I felt about that.