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  1. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

    From the Eurogamer review box-out "Quiet Awkward" http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2015-09-01-metal-gear-solid-5-the-phantom-pain-review !
  2. Guild Wars 2

    The core game is now free.
  3. Interesting. Activision are already doing something like that for this year's Skylanders.
  4. UK Thumbs

  5. The 'soon' is a Kojima-'soon'. It's perfectly timed subliminal cross-brand marketing, the seeds sown long in advance. You know it's what Campo Santo is ALL about. Sean is reading this and thinking "yep, nailed it."
  6. Life

    How did it go, Henroid?
  7. Recently completed video games

    This is the main feature that I look for in a Shoot 'em Up, so thanks for the write up!
  8. Idle Workouts

    Exercise programs and JRPGs are both about making incremental gains in order to experience breakthrough moments and profound changes
  9. Thumb Fortress 2

    Oh wow (how did Escalation swing that (congrats!)?!?)!!!
  10. King Of Quiet Nights

    Niiice! Please showcase them gifs!
  11. Idle Workouts

    Good news! My legs exploded. Bad news! No candy. More bad news! I now have to commando crawl everywhere. Best news! Commando crawling is an excellent arm and shoulder exercise.
  12. Idle Workouts

    OK, let's do this thing!
  13. Idle Workouts

    So I put myself on a squats program where the first thing to do was hit max squats as a benchmark. Two days later and it's time to start the program proper, but my legs are still sore. Does this mean my legs are going to explode in a good or bad way?
  14. Life

    Congratulations you have won a copy of Womb Simulator 2.0 Contains: - all new ways to mimic the sound of a mother's bloodstream rushing past foetal ears, including apps, kitchen taps, vacuum cleaners, and washing machines - adaptable walk cycles that can approximate the gait of a heavily pregnant woman - a wide selection of nipple emulators including, but not limited to, pacifiers, fingertips, key fobs, and your own non-functioning male pectoral nubs - day 1 patch that overwrites your own nocturnal settings with the free Circadian Rhythms for Newbs.ini file tweak
  15. I Had A Random Thought...

  16. Sports

    This is the first soccer / association football season in years, could be 10 years, that I haven't followed things at least secondarily through the lens of fantasy sports. There just hasn't been the time and headspace over the off-season. Still, the conditioning has been so thorough that the peculiar focus of a fantasy sports mindset is still directing my requirements for satisfactory news reporting: goals, assists, penalised fouls, outstanding player bonuses. That's over and above sacrificial play, the nature of team work, the beginnings of lasting character. How do you pivot from the sort of hyper-focused perspective, myopic but in many ways logically consistent with the game, to something more constructive, more inspiring? A long form perspective on the truths of a sport?
  17. The International 5 (TI5) - Dota 2

    I'd agree with Badfinger, I was surprised at the lack of post game analysis, replay, recaps, summaries. But please extend that to live game info as well. Tracing a narrative arc from Free To Play to this year's tourney, the way things played out this year was incredible regarding Clint / Fear's journey, simply incredible, and Dota 2's prize fund makes it comparable to a good amount of US domestic sporting events - but if you want to follow a TI game without streaming the video? Text commentary, ongoing match stats outside of the Dota 2 client? Maybe I was looking in the wrong places on those occasions. It was pretty tough. In terms of user experience, there's a lot of friction relative to those other sports - golf, tennis, baseball, basketball. Sure it'll be an area that can be improved for next year's TI but maybe there are advantages to being a one-game company like Riot that Valve just isn't set up to obtain right now.
  18. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    Is .horse available as a TLD yet?
  19. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    Like the biggest bird
  20. Life

    I don't think lack of motivation is precisely it, your About Me page is impressive in terms of stuff you have motivated yourself to become competent at doing. Hey, and doesn't a Cool Thumb live in San An already?
  21. Is Dan pleased with how launch has gone, otherwise?
  22. General Video Game Deals Thread

    There's a financial incentive to endorse G2A because of the referral link commission. I'm not saying it's right or wrong, just something to consider when evaluating an endorsement.
  23. Summer Games Done Quick 2015

    Technique? As in 'mad tekkers,' 'he's a master technician who will only improve'.