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  1. let's keep the horny bird talk going:
  2. Confused about Social Media...

    i wonder how much of this is due to moblie sites/browsers being terrible for such a long time? even now the way ads can take over a screen make me not want to browse the internet on my phone and stick to an app where and ad can just scroll by.
  3. Confused about Social Media...

    Specifically for building communities and being social: Discord. I've met people through Twitter (I'm doing some projects with folks that I met using a game jam hashtag, for instance) but Twitter is mostly for consumption of funny jokes and news blurbs, I do very little interacting or Tweeting there myself. Tumblr is exclusively for consumption in that I follow folks who re-post cool pictures/screenshots/etc. I only have Insta installed because of my one friend who uses it and there's one writer I follow who couples a picture with a fantastic min-essay every now and then.
  4. I've been a Dan defender in this thread before, but if one moment were to sum up my criticisms of Dan, it was the excitement he expressed at the idea of being a narc during this week's Giant Bombcast.
  5. if y'all don't end up feeling the telecom vibe, some guests might be nice. though i imagine it's probably hard to pitch someone to guest on a podcast about pulling in wandering thoughts about our slowly dying earth. (actually as i wrote this, Will Smith might be good at that.) anywho, i trust y'all to make something good.
  6. Other podcasts

    y'all mind if i wild out?
  7. as a southern CA native, i was also surprised that other places had refrigerators as an expected appliance, but all the points about having to buy a huge new appliance to lug around being silly makes sense. also, i couldn't help but think of this scene from Neo Yokio, but it's someone telling Steve Jobs he doesn't deserve the big Kit Kat:
  8. The question about about "unlimited magic but only in the context of a stage magic show advertised as such" got me thinking about how you could do the most good with that power. I guess you'd have to focus on giving charity shows to folks with terminal illnesses, but what happens when someone notices the sick are healed after your appearances? Will this power stop working if people don't think of you only as a stage magician? Does faith healing count as a magic show? If we're going the 'terrible outcomes' route, would this lead to you having to strategically pick who gets to live so you can keep the illusion going? Could you include as part of your magic show the effect that no one will connect the dots to your appearances and the healing? Unrelated, but before I knew the context, the episode title read like the name of a novel by a mid-century writer about the struggles of living as a minority in America.
  9. Socialism

    well, he's not saying he doesn't want to "dig deeper," just that he'd like it in a more digestible format. audio is good for me too. i learned a lot about rhetoric and Christian apologetics by listening to tapes and playing N64 as a kid. i like the Discourse Collective podcast because they do shows by themes, tackling leftist theory, news, and then analyzing culture. are there any topics that you're specifically interested in @clyde ?
  10. I Had a Random Thought (About Video Games)

    Does Mario finally say "Threat Neutralized" in this X-Com Mario game?
  11. Huh. So according to Wikipedia, Mark Cerny was the developer and programmer of Major Havoc. I guess that dude really does have a history in the industry.
  12. Important If True 27: Join and Undermine

    Nick's claim about PB&J sandwiches being nutritious sounds dubious, but I will say that as an adult I enjoy PB&Banana sandwiches every now and then with a bit of honey.