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  1. General Video Game Deals Thread

    so apparently Fallout 4's season pass is going to be $50? anywho, i was going to wait for the GOTY edition and hope to pay $60 for everything, but not sure if that'll happen anytime soon (usually Bethesda has that version out around a year after initial release). that said, Newegg is essentially doing that deal right now for the PC version. so if you're one of the rare few like me that hasn't played this game yet, might be time to bite.
  2. yup. i don't know why they didn't stress the parts where Manley is really knowledgable more. the most entertaining parts were where he described how space stuff works (you need to boost backwards to move faster) or the history of space projects (the M.O.O.S.E. tool). the fact that he was able to do it easily wasn't surprising or suspenseful, but it was worth watching just for all those good little tidbits.
  3. Max Ides

    happy dishonored max ides?
  4. oh man. towards the end of the latest Project Beast ep(1:19:46), Drew asks Scott if it's possible to skip off the atmosphere and Scott replies "If you're an amateur, I guess, is the correct answer to that."
  5. Making Music. Tunes by Idle Thumbsters

    if i were speaking in general terms, try to figure out what kind of sound you like from drums and bass and then attempt to imitate. for instance i really like closed drumming that feels like it was made in a machine. i also like swing in my rhythms, so boom bap hip hop with its small kits really appeal to me: New Order's drummer does a straight rhythm style of this that i really enjoy: that said, Timbaland has this great, syncopated, manic style that is infectious: bass is interesting in how many roles it can play even in one song. you can just the play the root note of whatever chord you're on every 4th or 8th note and it works as a rhythm instrument. you can give it more motion and counterpoint the melody. you can even play it as a lead instrument. i think an interesting bass line does at least a couple of these things in a song and makes room for other sounds because of how easy it can overpower a mix/song. this New Order song has the bass doing all of those things: i think the bass in this track from the Lisa: The Painful OST is incredibly good because it dips into lead melody without being one, and how the rhythm of it interacts with the drums. it does the same thing the whole way through, but it's not boring; so there's a lot of examples of things that i find good and why, but i think you need to break down stuff you like first.
  6. Firewatch Spoiler Thread | Henry Two Hats

    Just finished this up and I'll list a similar complaint to the one I posted in the non-spoiler thread. Right after you find the axe, Delilah suggests that you're being overheard on the radio. In the next scene, she hints for you to go to Cottonwood Creek (Cove?) but I instead headed for the fence. I didn't radio anything in because I felt that would fit Henry's motivation, but when I picked up the observation documents, Delilah didn't act surprised at all that I was suddenly beyond the fence and at this strange site. Felt very vidoegamey and I did not like it at all. Felt like I rushed through the game after that. Aside from that last hour though, I really liked everything. The exploration, in-world maps/books/notes, the art, music, and voice acting were all top notch. I'm still half-confused on what was happening with Ned's equipment at the monitoring station, but I really liked that it went for a believable ending.
  7. been playing for about 4 hours. looks gorgeous and i'm enjoying the voice acting, dialogue and music. that said, i just broke sequence on a narrative thing and the voice acting didn't account for that. it felt really disjointed and made me turn off the game for a bit. wondering if there's multiple autosaves for me to go back to.
  8. forgot this was releasing today and now i'm preloaded and waiting anxiously. i assume it's going live at 10AM PST?
  9. is steam the only place to pick it up on PC?
  10. Pinball Club

    has the next table been decided?
  11. I Had a Random Thought (About Video Games)

    i want to say it's all steam keys now b/c steam removed the ability for other services to hook into your account that way. also, i'd be down for a game club thing.
  12. Making Music. Tunes by Idle Thumbsters

    i'm an ableton Live user and that's mostly because of how good Live does sample manipulation(warping and chopping are a breeze). were it not for that, i just need something that does VSTs well as i do a lot of midi synth stuff. with your FL hangups, if i were watching you record- from plugging stuff in to exporting a track- at what part would i see you start to get frustrated? exciting! my keyboard is an older M-Audio 49, so it doesn't have the feature of even newer ones and i sometimes wonder about getting a board with knobs, sliders and pads so i'm not always futzing around with mouse. tell us how it works out for you.
  13. Making Music. Tunes by Idle Thumbsters

    so are you looking for something that just does multiple tracks and live effects? also, in which part of the process do you get hung up in FL Studio? i think clarifying that will help give a good recommendation. what other desktop recording tools besides Audacity and FL have you tried out? if you're looking for a low-investment solution, maybe reaper?
  14. Pinball Club

    okay, so both of ya'll use tilt. i have my controller set up as you've described, clyde, but i don't use tilt at all. i'm pretty good about lighting up the GHOST letters so it's usually center where i'm failing. i'll try out these ideas and switch my view around. i can complete the cogwheel puzzle and the ghost attack scene pretty reliably. the portal one i have trouble with because i haven't figured my shot angle to get into the Whisper pit or even into the bumpers. feel like a lot of my time is spent mucking around the runes that brings up the spiral ramp. also, i'm terrible at the lower table where the Arachnid Attack and trap scene play out. i consistently hit the bumper too early and the ball just rolls over it into the center hole.
  15. Pinball Club

    my highest table score is 44.47 million for Sorcerer's Lair. so i'm curious about strategy. do ya'll use the tilt much? what table view do you use and why? i've been using view 2 because it lets me see all the table without moving.
  16. Making Music. Tunes by Idle Thumbsters

    i've got a 49 key and that's perfect for my use with both hands. i'll note that i've only one semester of keyboard from community college as training though, so there may be an advantage that i don't recognize in having a full 88.
  17. wrong thread

    obvs. every time is the right time to #dale
  18. been on the fence about making this my twitter avatar. is this character referencing another character? i feel like i've seen that face on an actor somewhere.
  19. How to embed YouTube videos on these forums

    crosses fingers: edit: heck yeah! gonna post videos all over the place now.
  20. Hmm. So it's 4 AM and I may regret this later, but who would be down to join me this early evening for a game or two of Sundered Land? For those who don't know, The Sundered Land is a set of collaborative story telling mini-games set in a post-apocalyptic future. Low on dice-rolling, high on imagination. Each mini game lasts from 20-60 minutes so you don't have to worry about a big time investment. Hoping to start around 4-5pm PST. Looking for anywhere between 1 and 3 people. We can use Skype, G-Chat, Discord, or Roll20. PM your interest and preferred VOIP service; I'll be vigilant about checking and responding. If today is too soon, mention that you'd be willing to do one on Friday.
  21. ditto on everything here. the anxiety of imperfect knowledge is heightened in Invisible Inc. for me because it's explicitly a stealth game, whereas XCom i played stealthily but always knew i had the tools for confrontations.
  22. Edit: i'm still baffled at how to embed videos Edit 2: shout out to Johnny Driggs for this clip b/c it was his meticulous time-stamping and notation on the Youtube channel that helped me find it quick.
  23. Still salty for them failing to even nominate Dustforce's OST back in '12 (a game they quicklooked and even noted how good the music was during).