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  1. Desert Bus for Hope

    tell me more!
  2. Lord of the Thumb Rings Online

    I actually bought a lifetime sub a while ago, only to never really play it then, always get bored with it after a couple of days. So my main is only lvl 21, on [EU]Snowbourn, goes by the name of Olbrix
  3. Instant Messenger

    Been using miranda for the last years. Highly customizable, tons of plugins, kinda like the foobar of IMs I've also tried out raptr lately, which is neat for video games! Integrates steam friends, xbl and the usual AIM/ICQ/MSN/etc.
  4. Thumbs of Legends

    I'm wahwah on the EU server, but I'm currently interning in LA and the ping is too bad to play with my old account. So I started a new one on the US server, summoner name = Olb But it's annoying to start at lvl 1 again with no champs/skins/runes, I spent quite some time (and cash) on my EU account already =\ Anyway, if you're looking for some friendly people to play with I recommend these guys: http://forums.overclockers.co.uk/showthread.php?t=18105400
  5. absolutely forgivable, in fact it just added to the fun for me anyway, thanks for all the pods guys, listening to you made me imagine you were the friends I never had but always wanted
  6. Books, books, books...

    I've started reading Assassin's Apprentice the first novel in the Farseer Trilogy by Robin Hobb a few days ago, and I'm enjoying it. A lot. That's all I have to say.
  7. A League of their Legends?

    Been playing this for a while now, but only recently started to really enjoy it. Sticking to the same champ every game really helps, even though I still have the urge to just randomly pick one to try, in which case I have no idea about tactics or item builds and suck pretty badly ^^ some of the champion guides on http://www.leaguecraft.com/ are tremendously helpful, I got a lot better when I went there instead of just buying the recommended items listed in the game itself
  8. Anyone want a Pipboy badge?

    Got mine just now, thanks!
  9. General Video Game Deals Thread

    there's even more here!
  10. EA Presents

    EA Presents: The Hobbit Zombie: Or Dead and Back Again EA Presents: The Scarred Letter EA Presents: Tess of the Uberkills EA Presents: Dr. Jerkkill and Mr. Hate EA Presents: Uncle Tommygun's Cabin
  11. audiosurf: Holy funk!

    Me too actually... and I beat Patters on a few songs I think. That's at least something. Right?
  12. audiosurf: Holy funk!

    Me too! Haven't played in ages, I almost forgot how much fun this game is
  13. I'm always happy about new interweb friends http://steamcommunity.com/id/wahwah
  14. Wizaaaaaards!!

    That makes me sad
  15. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hello idle Thumbians! Now that I won't get my face blown away by casts anymore, I figured why not register here, and get my face blown away by forum posts... which I'm now prepared for.