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  1. Games giveaway

    one day left, everybody got this already or what?
  2. Gifts - Stuff for Free

    Want to try this raffle thing as well, here's one for FTL:
  3. Gifts - Stuff for Free

    We should resurrect this thread. Thanks to the latest Humble Bundle I got spare keys for: Dear Esther Thomas Was Alone both gone!
  4. Gifts - Stuff for Free

    Got these in my Steam inventory, collecting dust: Section 8 Prejudice +DLC The Ship Portal 1
  5. Guild Wars 2

    Yeah, me too. Found myself not caring about leveling at all during the weekend, but really enjoying finding all the spots on the map. I love the vistas and the jumping puzzles! Level progression just seems to happen along the way, while you do the fun stuff
  6. Well, that's not really true. I had quite a few comebacks after some people on my team wanted to throw the towel.. A good team fight in the late stages can do wonders. That's why I don't like the function and pretty much never use it. I'm interested in this, I don't know anything about the DotA 2 meta game, can anyone explain what options you have, or why it's not so important to follow the "most efficient" route? (whatever that may be) It's one of my gripes with LoL, it really is rather stale at the moment and people are generally less willing to experiment and deviate from the meta.
  7. I'm sticking with LoL just because I'm too lazy to learn something new, and most of my friends are still into League as well. Totally agree. I wouldn't want to solo either of the two, that can't be very fun in the long run.
  8. Steam Summer Sale 2012

    Ended up with: Crusader Kings II L.A. Noire Saints Row the Third Just Cause 2 Trine 2 and I thought I wouldn't buy anything in this sale...
  9. Thumbs of Legends

    I'm still enjoying it as well, can't really get into Dota2 (even though I used to play the original DotA) And most of the people I play with feel the same way, so I don't have to feel bad about it
  10. Diablo III BattleTags

    wahwah#1534 playing on EU
  11. Diablo III

    You could watch these: 5Ghu8RzsWvs pg5EhW_ac5g IGowVF4x6H8
  12. Plug your shit

    This is a short film me and a friend of mine made a while ago, and finally managed to put online: 1m_Q2KhDyZw
  13. Thumbs of Legends

    Hehe, sorry about that, it's just sort of the name of the server because people come from all over the place, but mostly from Overclockers UK, Gamers With Jobs and Quarter To Three
  14. Other podcasts

    It is. And there's a new episode after 1 1/2 years
  15. Thumbs of Legends

    still playing pretty regularly on EUW as wahwah, usually with the guys on the OcUK/GWJ/Qt3 mumble server I posted a link to earlier in the thread, they're a friendly bunch and some Thumbs would definitely be welcome over there!
  16. Eric Chahi's Project Dust

    I don't care too much about the delay, but now it's also using the Ubi DRM that we all love so much
  17. VVVVVV 2.0!

    You reminded me that I just grabbed this as a part of the latest Humble Indie Bundle but haven't installed it yet! I'm gonna do that now, it looks pretty rad
  18. Google Plus aka Emerald Sea

    Nobody mentioned it, certainly not I!
  19. Google Plus aka Emerald Sea

    sent you one
  20. Google Plus aka Emerald Sea

    You could also just add your nickname here in the "Other name" field, and put an (Idle Thumbs) next to it, so if someone searches for Idle Thumbs they'd find you. That's how I saw that being done on GWJ and it works pretty well
  21. The Witcher

    I feel the same way about the combat, something about that timed mouse clicking annoyed the hell out of me. But the only combat mod I found seems to make it more difficult.
  22. WTF is Telltale's new game?

    There was a patch? Hmm, I still can't even get the game to launch on my laptop [edit] -startwindowed fixed it, I can finally play this
  23. Dungeon Defenders

    That might be the best spam bot ever