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  1. On the topic of TWEWY, it looks like Square is actually getting ready to announce a 3DS sequel. (A countdown is running, and the hints are pretty clear.)

    That's a thing i would be happy to play.


    Ooooh yes.

    EDIT: Looked into it more. It's likely an iOS port, but a tweet from one of the writers told people to hold on to their butts until the end of the countdown.

  2. I just finished reading Kraken by China Mieville. It was the first book I bought when I picked up my Kindle Fire and it took me until two days ago to finish it. I was completely captivated for the first third of it, but then it turns weird and it was hard for it to keep my attention until the end.

    Two things happened while I was very slowly reading Kraken that shifted my view on it. Penny Arcade put out a strip about China Mieville while I was in the middle of reading Kraken and it more or less confirmed my thoughts of "Jesus there are a lot of crazy made up words that are never well explained." Secondly, I went to London so I had some knowledge of a few of the locations, making the story a bit more interesting any time one was mentioned.

    This hasn't turned me off of China Mieville though and I'll probably read some of his other books in the future. Now I finally get to rip through The Sense of an Ending.

    EDIT: I also downloaded a bunch of Sherlock Holmes novels off of Project Guttenberg in preparation for my flight to London, but I never read them. I need to get to that.

  3. Yep! That's why almost all of the fans of the sites are on edge and don't really believe that Giant Bomb won't be cannibalized, but all of the people from the various Whiskey sites keep promising that it's a good thing for everyone involved. Dunno how that will turn out, but I'm trying to keep my cynical side away.

  4. They're promising that everything will remain the same, but with more money. I trust they struck a deal that will keep any crazy VP's from trying to merge the sites, but you never can be too sure.

    Also during a quick livestream Jeff was finally able to say why he was fired from Gamespot. I guess it was something that was slowly building up with new managers at Gamespot and the Kane and Lynch review was more or less the turning point.

    Tested's changes are super crazy though...

  5. Two days ago I finished Deus Ex for the first time. I no longer have to hold the shame of knowing I haven't played it. I think I started it on Monday and got hooked on it hard for three days.

    I finished Bioshock 2 last night. It was pretty good. I liked the characters more than the first games cast. I don't remember the first game ever giving you much of a reason to care about the player character. You are given a reason to empathize at least a little bit with Delta. I'm also glad

    Sinclair didn't turn out to be an asshole like everyone else in Rapture. I was afraid he was going to wind up abandoning you in the end after I found some shady sounding diaries.

  6. I asked a coworker who does tournaments about EV training and the stuff he does blows my mind. He's played through Diamond 17 times and Platinum over 30. I've sunk a lot of time into pokemon games but I didn't know it could reach this sort of obsessive hobby (if you wanna call it that) level.

    What I do appreciate is how Nintendo seems to have embraced the tournament aspect of the games that came about as the result of wi-fi in Diamond and Pearl. My coworker was saying that lots of changes made in SS/HG were for tournament play.

  7. I just realized I had killed the 7th gym leader (the ice guy) before the 5th and 6th. No wonder he was giving me so much trouble, aside from the fact that he has two pokemon that constantly use Rest and Snore.

    It's kind of weird that they decided to not keep you from getting to the 7th leader before the others. Was it like that in the original gold/silver?

  8. I don't enjoy it as nearly as much as I did when I was 9. When I catch the pokemon now I couldn't give two shits, I just want another number in the pokedex. Ten years ago I was always excited to be catching them because as a kid I was completely sucked into the game.

    That being said, they're still pretty damn fun.

    Mikemariano, in the GBA games they started implementing running shoes that you usually get in the starting town and you run at least twice as fast when you hold B.

  9. Dead Rising has taught me that a gumball machine is a fine weapon. Dawn of the Dead has taught me that spam and whiskey will keep you going forever. Shaun of the Dead has taught me that it's really easy to fake being a zombie. And Dead Snow has taught me that you're fucked if the zombies are Nazis.

    I haven't seen Retardead yet but I'm sure there are important lessons to be learned from it.

  10. There's really not much point to cheating the pokewalker since they've done a pretty good job of making sure that you can't advance too much with it. Just keeping it with you racks up more than enough watts to keep unlocking routes while still catching more Onixes and Magnemites than you could ever want.

    I got it a week ago and I'm slowly making my way through it (3 badges). I don't have nearly enough time/patience to do all the EV/IV/Breeding stuff.