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  1. In the previous part where they're looking at the photo with the numbers on Ruth Davenport's arm, you can clearly see Diane mouthing some syllables / words to herself as she looks at the photo, must be some sort of memory recall thing. And the +2 comes from the fact that the last few numbers were smudged out and illegible. Albert says as much, and also says the coordinates still point to a small town in the north-- (west, obviously) before getting interrupted by the policeman's dream. So I take it most of the numbers in the coordinates are still enough to pin down Twin Peaks or at least the general area around it, but none of them have the specific location that was written on the arm (of Jack Rabbit's Palace? Glastonbury Grove? Something else? IDK). Well, perhaps Gordon and Albert have obtained it via other means, but Diane only has the vague (yet specific enough in a way) location of Twin Peaks at this point. Also, I've seen others convinced that the French woman might be conveying information ala Lil from FWWM because of the super exaggerated expressions and body movements, but I don't know if I buy that. Before Gordon's little joke he does say something like she's visiting a friend of her mother, whose daughter has gone missing. Which is sort of similar language to Lil being "his mother's sister's girl" and the line about the missing daughter could line up with Sarah and Laura Palmer if you want it to... But still, there was no blue rose on her that I could see, and why at this point would he have to be all hush-hush with Albert specifically? They're pretty out and open with the Blue Rose business in the rest of the episode. Unless he's doing it for fun? Perhaps Albert will break it all down all the specifics to Tammy in the next episode, Like Chet did with Keifer Sutherland's character (forgot his name!). I still don't buy it, though. And Albert looked completely disinterested during parts of her extended exit.
  2. I've been watching all episodes twice at this point (a few more than that). Usually once when it airs and then again a few days later to take it all again and also gather whatever I may have missed. This is the first episode where I had a hard time making it through multiple scenes on the rewatch. Not to say that it's bad, there's still some good stuff in there, but generally I've been even more floored by what's happening and end up liking the episodes more than I did after the first round. Opposite happened here. Which surprised me, honestly.
  3. That noise of the bottles rattling out of nowhere in her house definitely had that familiar electric buzz behind it. I listen to the show with headphones on but playing it back without you can barely make it out. Also bizarre how Hawk asks her if someone is in the house, and she replies "no, just something in the kitchen" okaaay!
  4. Oh yeah, is that Billy? Still confusing to me because the subtitles for that episode said Bing but it sounds like he said Billy.
  5. That makes more sense than what was on screen, haha. And might explain why we still haven't seen her until now if she's still in Twin Peaks. She did mention going to the Roadhouse, yeah? Has Billy been seen before? With him and Tina and Chuck and the new ladies in the bar scene dropping a bunch of other new names, my brain got all jumbled up. I have no idea who most of these people are or why they matter. Except that it was Chuck's truck that Richard was driving when he killed that boy? I suppose most of the other info is unnecessary. That's like the third bar conversation with random townies that seemed to have no real purpose beyond populating the bar so these acts show up. We did learn Mr. late guy got driven off the road by some nut, but that could have been anyone? Richard fleeing town? Seemed like he'd be long gone already but he also seems like a raging idiot so perhaps not. Speaking of Richard, great to see that he's finally being hunted. Next stop, Wendy's.
  6. One of the cuts was very obvious to me: when the kid on the left is throwing the ball back to the kid on the right, the camera / view instantly jumps to a completely different spot mid-flight. And then the final throw where the ball ends up rolling down to the street, the camera jumps ahead a few degrees to the right after it's thrown by the kid on the left again. That one is harder to see, though. I was convinced it was just a streaming hiccup until I played it back. But watching it again just now, it's even more apparent that it's an edit point. The ball completely disappears after the cut, not visible in the air or as the kids take off after it (still hear it bouncing), then in the next shot it's seen rolling down the the street. I'm sure they tried to match them up as best they could, have to imagine those sorts of actions with kids are hard to get right in just one take. They had a few tosses that were not interrupted!
  7. That opening scene with the kids was mostly framed oddly from what I could tell. The camera is following the arc of the ball at first, and the third and smallest kid is in the middle of the two older boys. He was always there as you see a glimpse of him at the bottom of the frame reaching up for the ball as it's thrown over his head during one of the very first shots. And then later the ball is tossed to him instead of the other kid behind him, which shows him in full. But I don't know why they shot it that way. It definitely had one or two obvious edit chops to it as well, likely multiple takes stitched together to grab the right amount of catching vs missing and rolling away to the desired spots. And maybe I wasn't paying close enough attention but to me it looked like Bradley ripped a bandaid off Rodney's face. And was shocked because the wound was gone as in the dream. Even that take is still bizarre as it was obviously still there a few hours earlier in the breakfast scene.
  8. Ah dang, I missed that eyeroll because I was looking at Lynch's expression, more to take in on the second viewing! Gordon Cole stole the damn show again with that line and delivery. So good! Also loved Albert pulling Cole out of the zone's vortex, and the different views of that whole scene. The wobbly focus shifting stuff nearby and especially the far shot with Lynch reaching up to the sky at apparently nothing were both amazing. The vortex effect in the sky itself not so much, but it did the job. Everything about that scene with the woodsmen sneaking around while disappearing and reappearing, the view of the woodsmans on the staircase, Hasting's head exploding and the aftermath. All of it was so fucking enjoyable. Edge of the seat stuff. I agree with the folks saying Gordon Cole is the Dale Cooper of this series, it's not the same but still enjoyable in its own right. Going in I really thought Lynch would be all behind the camera with directing every single episode and that Gordon Cole would barely have a role, but he's got a fairly significant part and a central one to a main investigation. And I'm loving it. Miguel Ferrer is killing it too, glad he's partnered up with Cole for the run.
  9. She was in the minivan, too? Because Gersten Hayward (Alicia Witt) was the woman Steven was cheating on Becky with (seen in the stairwell after Becky shot up her door). I didn't recognize her in that street scene. Need to watch this one again. Loved the episode btw, so many great moments.
  10. I simply thought Candie was doing some form of small talk made big by way of a local weather report recap on the floor, even before she brought up the weather and AC back in the security room, which confirmed it for me. Her gestures looked so exaggerated and with purpose, like someone in front a green screen weather map showing that movement of fronts and systems, but she was translating (or was attempting to) bring it to the actual world with cardinal directions. Or she was just pointing out the AC vents as mentioned, hah. They seem to watch local news a lot at the Mitchum place, when she was still sobbing earlier I believe the upcoming 7 day forecast was on in the background.
  11. I thought there were even more classic Badalamenti themes used in last week's episode, but together parts 9 & 10 might have more individual pieces of his than all prior episodes combined. Will that continue? Many of the scenes are still without any music. And then some are doubled up in an unsettling way, there's been a few instances of that before but it was real apparent in this episode back at the Mitchum place. Fast and snazzy jazz on top of the slow sinister stuff when they're doing the 'shame on us' scene.
  12. I've been fine with most of how it's playing out, but no one investigating the hit & run on the kid is seriously bothering me. That was 4 episodes ago now? And barely any followup from Andy.
  13. Run Silent Run Drapes is such a good and dumb name for Nadine's store. Exactly the type of silly yet still fitting pun or reference some small specialty shops can't help using, the sort of thing that'd be at home on The Simpsons with all their background sign gags, but even better.
  14. I was contemplating if Candy has always been this aloof? The fact that she smacked him in the face and hard trying to swat a fly seems like a big maybe. And after all the genuine seeming tears and remorse when she's back in the casino, she's doing the same nonchalant hand wave thing from an earlier episode. But the way she's not paying attention to them seems like it could also be a new thing, by the way it's increasingly aggravating to them. And the Mitchums seemed to indicate if they fired her she'd have nowhere else to go? I doubt any of this is significant but it's enough to make me curious as to what her deal is. Impressive how they can make a background character somewhat compelling with just a few scenes. I think part of my interest could be because she's already had more screen time than a few main cast members from the original run. Yet she may not appear again in the series for all we know.
  15. Laura is the one. And a video effect at Gordon's door. Holy shit. Richard Horne is truly a monster, and Chad is his fucking lackey. FUCK CHAD. Meth mustache guy is also human garbage. Bad Coop is behind the glass box after all? Was not expecting Janey to admire Coopers bangin' bod and then sex him up at all. That was ridiculous! Diane's heavily encrypted text reply answered my big question from last week, somewhat. Cole and then Tammy getting a huge kick out of Albert's date with Constance was superb. Liked the episode but man some of it was brutal. Hello Johnny, how are you today?
  16. Episode 44 was live as of a while ago! Was this the most Badalamenti used in any episode so far? Seemed like there was a fair amount to me, maybe only a few minutes in total but more tracks than usual for The Return. From the tail end of the police station the jazzy drums kicked in through the Ike the Spike capture, then at Betty Briggs' house and the multiple establishing shots of Twin Peaks and The Great Northern, even a sweet guitar riff! (usually reserved for James in the original run? I can't quite remember - but it's very familiar). I am totally fine with his classic music being used sparingly, it has a greater effect when it kicks in now. They went overboard with all music and character themes seemingly all the time in the original series, but some of the more comedic attempts are still real weird without anything in the background. Such as all of Andy and Lucy's dumb bits so far, and the stuff with Jerry Horne. Feel like some of the FBI scenes could use some spicing up, like that outdoor smoke break. I was surprised by the lack of mentioning the text message Diane received on the podcast, but then I suppose there's not much to talk about there yet aside from the different formatting. Total speculation. But it's driving me crazy.
  17. Fuck Chad. I was waiting for Hawk to not do anything so Chad would have to set some stuff down and awkwardly open the door and brace it, then pick up his food and back out in shame or anger. Or just see them all immediately blow past him still carrying his lunch out in the hallways a few moments later when they leave to go outside. That would have been amazing.
  18. That text message Diane receives. Hmm. It's different from Cooper's original text in that it's all caps while his typing wasn't, was it relayed from a 3rd party? How is she mixed up in all this. Very unexpected.
  19. So many days without a new episode of the return is harsh, this will soften the blow quite a bit. Thanks for doing it, on a holiday week/end no less!
  20. I don't think it's loose in the world, but perhaps someone has found a means with the glass box in helping it into the world, maybe even wanting to trap it. Still, the glass box could be entirely unrelated to that entity specifically and it snuck its way in or was brought in against its will like Cooper was for a brief moment. He showed the card to Darya before killing her and said something like "have you seen anything like this before? This is what I want" and she seemed spooked by it. But he's also up front about wanting some specific information from Hasting's secretary that Ray was to acquire? Which he still didn't get because Ray shot him before giving up the information he had memorized and then fled the scene when the woodsmans showed up. I forget some of the details about all that early stuff and can't imagine how that relates to the card. He only reveals the card to Darya right before he kills her, so it's probably secretive to him in some way. He could even be behind the glass box experiment as some were assuming. Still so many questions and mysteries that may never get revealed. And card to creature stuff could be completely unrelated and grasping at straws.
  21. One more minor observation after a second viewing last night. The thing spewing that stuff in the bomb sequence had what looked like small horns on its head, that sort of resembles the playing card design Bad Coop had earlier. That thing in the glass box was shaking too much to identify those small features, but on the whole looked similar.
  22. Yeah, that place seemed to similar to the one Cooper landed in before he transferred back to the real world in part 3, with the endless sea below. The weird bell shaped devices around the giant guy were very similar to the one on top of that room / box where the space face of Briggs floated near. I take it as another place or alternate dimension, whatever you want to call it. Also, some of those images from inside the nuke looked exactly like the non-exist-ent void Cooper floated through for a while on his way back to reality, which makes me think that stuff could be the tear between these places, perhaps ripped open by the nuke? Now it seems to me that the arm's doppelganger sent Cooper into nothing originally, but perhaps the giant saw this go down, fished him out of that and guided Cooper back to his domain.
  23. I never thought the show would get this weird. I also never thought Lynch would want to go down the lore rabbit hole this deep. I also never imagined insanity could be so compelling. While mesmerizing, it was also my least favorite episode so far, not just because I'm not a fan of NIN. Sorry, "The" Nine Inch Nails! I did enjoy the stuff with Bad Cooper and Ray at the start a bit. Expected that pairing to drag out a little longer in the series after the setup from the earlier episodes. As time goes on I'm assuming plenty of that imagery will stick with me and this episode might fare better in retrospection, but right now I'm still way more interested in the ongoing present day stories. This feels like a bizarre detour. Great episode to listen to via headphones, though.
  24. As for Diane, that seemed like her first encounter with Bad Coop to me. And Bad Coop does have real Cooper's memories so maybe Good Coop parted on bad terms with her before he went to Twin Peaks. But then most of his recordings to her seemed upbeat and positive, but then again that is just how he is most of the time. I don't know.