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  1. Hmm... a twin-stick shooter. Never really liked that control scheme, although if it's just WASD for movement and mouse for aiming/shooting on the PC then it's ok.

    Considering it comes from Avalanche Studios this game could be just a great exploding barrel of fun just like Just Cause 1+2.

    Given the Avalanche head guy's recent comments on PC editions, I don't see why it wouldn't be or something equally adjustable to your liking.

  2. True. Everyone knows there's only one kind of mech anyway. :blink:

    I think it's understandable that people are getting mixed signals on the mechs themselves, given the disconnect between the look and movement we see in the trailers.

    Builds tension in the player. I think it's quite a clever little interface trick, personally.

    Can we make the assumption that the pilots nervous system is hooked into the suit/mech?

  3. I don't think I'll play another GTA unless the narrative changes how failure is addressed; eg story continues down an alternate path should I fail a mission, and not die in the process. Otherwise, the gameplay hasn't changed enough since 3 that I still find it fun to take on a new character doing more or less the same things. That the stories are interesting, but severely at odds with themselves at times doesn't help.

  4. I love hearing you guys talk about B.U.T.T.O.N., because I love that game.

    I don't know if you got to see it in action at the Kill Screen party, but the twist there was that the buttons were installed on cardboard robot suits, which were worn by people (Kunal from babycastles tried to recruit me for robot duty and I wussed out). So, instead of an Xbox controller or a DDR pad, the players had to contend with armored moving targets.

    You can likely imagine the resulting mayhem.

    To further paint the picture for those who weren't there, the game's visuals were projected onto a wall, the room was dark and free alcohol was in abundance.

    And I guess to further further paint the picture, I should include an actual picture.

    I think I shot some video of it, which I'll post in here when I upload it.

    To quote Hermes Conrad, "That just raises further questions!"

    Like why haven't I bought this game yet. It sound ridiculously fun.

  5. Metro 2033 (PC): A lot of the game follows from the book however at a certain point the game diverges completely from the book, a lot of themes and events were changed, which may have made the game play better but I’m not entirely happy with them.


    I agree with this completely. I read the book after playing through the game, and there is just so much depth to Artyom and to the tunnels themselves in the novel that I was actually really disappointed the game didn't attempt to weave them into the overarching plot a bit more. Unless the other ending (which I have not seen) even remotely touches on those aspects I can only hope the sequel aims a little higher in this regard.

  6. Only for XBLA. :tdown:

    But it doesn't matter that much in this case as this is the least interesting of the four DF projects they are working on. I really hope Ron's game comes to Steam/PC in general.

    Same, unless there ends up being some kind of DoubleFine bundle when all 4 are done and get dropped on PC, I won't end up playing it

    Still, I think it looks like a mix of Mechwarrior and Impossible Creatures (based solely on that video anyway) and could be quite a bit of fun

  7. My least favorite parts would probably be the Library section and the ending chunk. I ended up killing all the enemies in the library, because navigating was too awkward otherwise. This obviously wasn't the intended strategy...

    I agree with you wholeheartedly about this. I tried and retried the damn Librarians with the 'Look them in the eye' strategy only to get my ass kicked every time. I ended up running away to conserve ammo when I finally gave up on trying to stare them down. It would be completely possible if the place had no doors, but alas, that is not the case.

  8. Everybody moaned and complained about DeathSpank and it came out... Nobody is saying these games WON'T come out for PC, they're just playing it safe after nearly going bankrupt a bunch of times.

    Wouldn't putting a smaller game like this on more digital download platforms make them more money, especially an established one like Steam?

    All that being said, it looks like it could be quite the interesting game. Russian dolls (I don't know their proper name) is quite the choice for characters and gameplay elements.