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  1. He's moving out East I believe.
  2. Books, books, books...

    You're welcome, hope you enjoy. There is at a places that put emphasis on humanities/the fine arts .
  3. Other podcasts

    I've been meaning to start listening to that for a year now.
  4. Books, books, books...

    I assumed by classic you meant Welles and Verne early Late 19th/Early 20th Century science fiction and got a little scared off, because while I have a few books of that nature (hurray for 1st year Science Fiction Literature class!) I don't tend to enjoy them as much. Since you're not looking for those type of stories, I would still go with The Sparrow, because it presents its themes in much the same ways as the films you mentioned (and novels on which some are based) but it's much less focused on any technological factor. Also We by Yevgeny Zamyatin may do something for you.
  5. Books, books, books...

    What do you consider the 'old classic stuff' to be? I just finished Douglas Adams Mostly Harmless, would that fit? If not, I suggest The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell.
  6. I'll keep that in mind Mr. Video Games. Also, you should steal the wizard drawing from Chris' apartment if you haven't already (as per your comments about IT ending during The Dreamcast).
  7. He obviously means video games.
  8. I get the feeling a lot of people's first reaction upon being a ship, covered in shit or not would be to grab the first person they can, stare into their eyes and ask if it's still 'the year of the PS3'. Barring that, whether or not Valve released Ep3 yet.
  9. Do you apply this method of knowledge attainment to any other aspects of your life?
  10. Favourite: No One Lives Forever 2. It expanded on what the first NOLF accomplished and upped the silliness factor quite a bit. Cate Archer needs make a come-back. Best: Toss up between The Longest Journey and Half-Life. Probably for the stories/storytelling involved in both. I just felt really engrossed and involved in both of the worlds created by the games (although Crow's cutscene got annoying after a while). Desert Island: Age of Kings or UT99.
  11. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Well I picked a hell of a day to start using the forums. I've been gaming for at least 20 of my 24 years, and Idle Thumbs being PC oriented definitely fit my gaming habits better than any other podcast. ...Just when Nick and Chris' various adventure game anecdotes were giving me reason to jump back into the genre again too.
  12. I agree. You could call it 'A Fistful of Thumbs' or something ridiculous like that. I mean, that sounds like something Jake would mention and then shoot down as a possible episode title. An entire podcast made up of segments like the one that ended this episode ('fucking children') and the like would be immensely entertaining.
  13. That's somewhat comforting.
  14. Serious response: Congratulations Nick on the new job. The 'cast made my week, and made Wednesday worth slogging through, and will be much harder without hearing the three (occasionally 4/British) of you talk pc gaming/gaming as intelligently and humourously as you did. You single-handedly rekindled my interest in adventure gaming (ie Nick's Last Express discussion) Better to go out on top, and Idle Thumbs certainly is the best podcast out there. The wizard will be missed. Selfish Knee-jerk response: FUCK! Are you kidding me? I hope you feel my anguish and pain Nick. Take that with you to Bethesda and let it slowly eat away at you. I feel like your free podcast that I don't pay for and that you do for the fun of it owes me, someone you don't know, something more!!! Argh ...and scene. Questions: Is the entirety of Idle Thumbs is dead? I mean the site/blog doesn't necessarily have to die just because the podcast dies. The blog just went after all. Is there no way to transport Hot Scoops or..... Marek 'Space Goose' Bronstring (it's got to stay within the IT family) each week to Chris' apartment? This presupposes Nick is moving. If we go back and listen to the last few episodes, is there a hidden narrative we will uncover that points to this happening?