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  1. Instant Messenger

    I've been using Pidgin since it was gaim, and won't be looking back any time soon. All I want is IM with a simple, unobtrusive layout and pidgin does this for me.
  2. I wish him luck with this new path he's taking. I also wish he'd put these downloadable games on more platforms if they're so 'platform agnostic', but that's just the angry pc gamer in me upset over well, you know what I mean.
  3. Hot scoops from inside EA - honest....!

    Some of it does come off as a someone who just lost their job and vents about how their bosse. It's not like any of it can be backed up (unlike say Valve's 'Fart Cops') other than the $300 million. And I already had my doubts about TOR succeeding long term, this didn't really change that opinion.
  4. Control Schemes

    Are you sure a trackball would actually go over well with users? I can see it upping FPS aiming on a console in theory, but people would be up in arms over slippery thumbs/no R3 button/change in general.
  5. Steve's bosses didn't want us to tell him what we thought of his goddamn DLC.
  6. It will be the launch episode of whatever the 3rd version of the podcast will be. The video fades to black then cuts to a room with Video Games, Famous and Scoops sitting around. It's Chris' empty old apartment and they're talking about games and the new new countdown to tears. This time, the police sirens are for them!
  7. Beyond Better & Evil!

    I don't know if my dislike of Ubisoft and the lack of a PC release for it can be overcome by my love of the game itself.
  8. Just Cause 2

    UK only however.
  9. I trade many a thing to have had my wisdom teeth adventure go as smoothly. Many a thing.
  10. Good luck actually putting together the video if that's the case.
  11. It added to my sneaking suspicious that the only way any of the guys that aren't Chris can stand being around each other is when Chris is around to mediate.
  12. Just Cause 2

    Doesn't he need to a be played straight to be the 'Space Asshole'? Neither the character or the game take things nearly as seriously as RF:G. He's more like Space Asshole's fun loving cousin
  13. The CTT is the new Duke Nukem Forever of the gaming world. Never to appear, always delayed. Now without witty Remo remarks.
  14. If Chris had his way, they'd teach Far Cry 2 in schools so we could all have such stories to tell.
  15. Mass Effect 2

    That makes me want to try it out simply because it's more RPG than ME2. I'll wait until ME2 is as fresh as it is now in my mind, so I can give it a fair shake. That may be a while, since I'm going through ME2 a 2nd time as much as a Renegade as I can. It seems a little more humorous this time around. I should stop playing 'me' in games like this and just go crazy from here on out.
  16. Poignant, ending with Far Cry 2 story. I'm a little shocked no one yelled at you guys (ie 'Puffins!' or 'say bird noise1", etc), but it was good none-the-less. Where can I get my thumby little hands on the video of the show? I missed the live stream and want to see Congrats Nick throw water on Big Bird! Just like my unending faith in DNF recently bearing fruit, I completely expect more Thumb'ing at some point in the future.
  17. If a Thumb is in a room, it's never empty.
  18. Recently completed video games

    Mass Effect 2, on the fence about it gameplay/game mechanics-wise, but damn if I wasn't drawn in to its story and characters while I was going through.
  19. Hopefully the four years in between the PC game and this allowed for hindsight.
  20. Mass Effect 2

    Yeah that's sort of what I was going in with. It doesn't make my issues go away now that I think about it. They still seem like faults, but now I understand why it lacks what I feel are certain rpg staples. Is the first ME any different? Gamersgate seems to want me to buy into Bioware as of late.
  21. Mass Effect 2

    I was lead to believe it was. It solves a lot of my issues if it's not.
  22. Mass Effect 2

    I finished the game for the first time tonight, and I don't know how to articulate how I feel about it, so I'll just let it all roll out. I'm not big into rpg's, but the recent gamersgate sale and a friend [who is huge into rpg's] were enough to convince me to grab it. In terms of story, having not played ME1 I did feel lost at times whenever my previous exploits were mentioned by crew or random civilians. The characters and voice acting pulled me in and I really enjoyed it on that level, even if the story is typical sci-fi action movie fare. It makes me want to go back and play the first Mass Effect. I don't think I can watch Chuck the same way again at the very least. One thing I can say is that I didn't like that the 'choices' offered have little effect on things outside of the situation immediately at hand (and the one choice I did regret never came up off the Normandy). I mean, I openly slaughter thousands of enemies and fuck people over, but that doesn't seem to change how I'm perceived or close/open different avenues to my character. As someone who enjoys the linear experience over sandbox approach (most of the time) I don't know why this bothers me so much. It felt fake, I guess. As I'm not one with a deep history of RPG games of any kind (basically The Witcher and a few runs through Diablo2 with friends back in the day), I don't know how many of them feel like TPS's, but this certainly did. I may get lambasted for it, but my initial reaction was 'this feels like a watered down 3rd person homage to Deus Ex'. Things I wished were different: wanted to command a team larger than 3. 3 people just felt.... I dunno, too small. Still, until I had to start probing planets for platinum/iridium on a regular basis near the end I never felt like things got boring. Repetitive? Definitely. I would have enjoyed more variety in approaching a mission (like say stealth or sneaking about, being able to pilot the ship/rovers). Samara's daughter was probably the most interesting mission simply because I had to rely on my wits to achieve my goal not my gun. Weapon loadout was basically a joke. There were very few discernible differences between what weapons a character used. Of course I might have missed something along the way that nullifies this complaint. I may sound like I didn't enjoy my play through with those thoughts, but I really did. I don't think I've powered through a game from install to end credits so quickly (not since Half-life 2 likely). It got its hooks in me with the characters pretty much from the get-go and I wanted to enjoy the ride and find out where it was going (even if it was easy to see the curves and loops coming most of the time). I'll probably play through it a couple more times at a much slower pace to see the different relationship outcomes/keeping Miranda alive. It wasn't much of what I traditionally think of as an rpg, but it was fun and I'd play a sequel.
  23. When and if your 'goddamn DLC' comes to PC, I'll write you an essay on what I think. Until then, it floats in the ether as far as I know.
  24. Earth Defence Force sequel

    Read about this yesterday. Am psyched. I'd love a bit more variety in mission type/creature type, but even if it's just more of the same, It'll likely be a day one perch.
  25. Duke Nukem Forever Canned [and then not]

    We've been hearing very different things about DNF then, as I've heard nothing of the sort (graphics engine I won't comment on, too subjective)