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  1. "come with your kids, leave with your kids... that's the actiblizzard difference"

    "Red Faction Guerilla: A house divided against itself cannot stand. " -

    "It will blow your leg off at the knee and then sew it back on using your nostril hairs"

    "As far as I'm concerned, I prefer silent vice to ostentatious virtue. " (Deaf Einstein on playing GTA4, special feature in the march edition,

    "I push button and game go"

    "the downloadable content tastes dlcious"

    "flabbergasted by goodness: game"

    "take a half cup of awesome, a pinch of rad and marinate in blow you away sauce... serves 2"

    "demands a relentless barrage of lauding"

    "ugh... sorry, I've lost it"...

  2. I think that The New Super Mario Bros is worth buying a DS for alone. Plus a new Professor Layton game just shipped and it is AMAYZANG!

    Oh! and there's a great NES emulator for it with a "rewind" button, so you can finally play through games like Contra.

    ..tell me more! What's this emulator called? Say it aint Nesticle!!


  3. quote of the year

    "it's not even the same feeling of: 'oh it's two in the morning and I just watched this great movie'... It's two in the morning and I've watched other people peeing... all day" -Chuck Jordan

    almost broke my tooth when I tried to sip a bottle of mango nectar while listening to that line...

    and it's not even like I almost broke my tooth while watching a great movie...

    it's that it's 2 in the morning and I almost broke my tooth thanks to a pee gag...

  4. *Paul Hellquist did Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway... where's my gold star?

    I think this stuff looks amazing, I'm a sucker for that lowbrow art stuff where pop culture symbols are rendered with loving renaissance art technique (see: Mark Ryden)... plus Spector has a pretty solid track record.


    *or at least that's what moby games says.

  5. P.s. It's the first game in years that has made me move the contoller around unconciously like a goon to get that extra bit of height/distance. As a 'gamer', I feel ashamed to admit this :getmecoat

    I reinstalled Trials 2:SE on steam to give it another shot and while I still enjoy it, I also still suck terribly at it...

    Meanwhile in other jumping news, I've been getting into quake engine trickjumping, specifically for Enemy Territory. In order to get really tough jump sequences I end up constricting my entire body like some kind of mis-jointed rag doll... one leg curled back, one straight out bobbing in the air, my neck hunched, and my head twisted to the left for whatever inner-ear neuro programmed advantage my brain feels it gives me... my girlfriend walked in and was afraid the game was giving me seizures... (maybe it's the neverending gamma jump maps :P)

    I never found that this kind of externalization of controller movement to be something to be ashamed of, doesn't it just speak to an immersive experience?

  6. Falling off a building in Mirror's Edge really disturbs the hell out of me. And I'm not even afraid of heights.

    Yeah I had to look away every time I fell off a building... the motion blur visual effect they used coupled with the sound effect they chose to represent her body collapsing into mush were too much for me...

    otherwise I was scared as a kid playing The Colonel's Bequest... pro tip: Don't use the shower.

  7. Hey there fellow thumb idlers, I am not much of a forum guy but love the podcast so much and I thought I'd give this forum thing another shot!

    I'm also making a TF2 map and would like some people to play it and get back to me, so PM me if you are interested.

    no wizard emoticons?