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  1. It's the tag 'Infinite' that rings a little flat in my ears. They had to call this Bioshock something. Imagine what people would be saying if they had that trailer (minus the fishtank) and then tried to call it Icarus Reborn or Project Space Base, or The Rocketarium...

    Whole new engine for this game too (mentioned in the gamasutra).

    If you are missing freedom force you might find some solace in logo similarities (-1 for shameless self promo)

    Colour me psyched!

    Edit: Read the RPS piece. Getting a Ico/Last Guardian vibe from this Elizabeth character, wouldn't that be nice.

  2. I can see the DVD case cover already...

    Sea Reams in Oceans Leaven: Rising Tides


    And of course the sequel:

    Oceans unLeaven: Maxing Ides

    undoubtedly a trilogy would be in demand

    Sea Reams starring in Oceans Hurt Teen: Scoop boostin'

    and then the inevitable bio pic in the style of Frost/Nixon: Reams/Levine: the making of Goldblastshock.

    ughh... I can understand Scoop's occasional disgust with the forums after re-reading my post.. OH WELL!! WIIIZZAAARRRDDDSSDDED

  3. It's not a bad city, it's just not a great one and I don't think the industry there is all that gre..... wait a minute.

    I gotta disagree with you, Montreal is one of the best cities in North America. Sure SF is better, New York and maybe a couple others, but it's one of the best... "not a great one"... psssh. Also yes, rumoured super company plans are floating out there... though Funcom, THQ are starting up soon and the Bioware satellite studio in Montreal is ramping up for a new project (allegedly).

    Also: baked goods?

    I'm thinking it's irrational though, they have a precedent of bringing in journalists for design positions (Shawn Elliott).

  4. Funny, last night I got home at 4am after celebrating with friends (I just got my first design job in the industry up here in montreal*])... before heading to bed I tried to drunkenly make my way through a League of Legends game (we won, somehow..). Itunes popped up with a new thumbs cast so I loaded it up and went to bed, I fell asleep within the first 10 minutes or so, nintendo DS in hand - dragon quest 9 running (that game will put you to sleep for sure)...

    I woke up about 1hour and 40 minutes later during the bad news section of the cast, my brain's 'urgency' chamber had had it's bell rung - as if the room were on fire or a great weight had been placed on my chest...




    Chris, you've been on GWJ podcast before, they do fine with skype video conference calls... I think you guys should try it out!


    *Montreal's on the east coast, maybe Chris got a job at Eidos montreal to work on the Deus Ex 3quel's sequel (D4us 4x)

  5. Pretty sure the only one you need installed is Broken Steel, that one raises the level cap, and allows you to continue the game post story ending.

    See, I wondered if the original ending is worth seeing. I'm back on vanilla for now. It's relatively easy to enable or disable the dlc, so I'll take a wait and see approach.

    Got a sniper rifle too!

  6. I've been playing 7-8 games a week or so, very fun.

    I finally hit level 21 last week and can now access the level 3 runes, I had a bunch of points saved up to buy em with but then I got stalled trying to find some rune and mastery builds that work well for a couple different champions since I dont have a huge bank of points.

    My 'main' guy is Dr.Mundo, he's great in the 3v3 matches so I play them mostly... He doesn't use mana, and I like tanky sorts of characters so I might go with Shen as an alt.

    My summoner name is: Zataar

  7. So I just picked up Fallout3 goty edition in the steam sale and have a question for you dear thumbs.

    Should I start my first ever fallout3 experience with any or all of the dlc installed? My first instinct was just to install em all, but after walking out of the vault and being assaulted by too many new quest pop-ups in too short a time I began to second guess my decision... I also killed the overseer by accident

    What do you say?

  8. Maybe this thread can help me, this has been bugging me for a couple of years.

    There was an arcade game at a local pizzeria which I played a bunch as a kid. This would have been 1987-8. It was a side scrolling game where you were a knight with the traditional shield and sword. You killed bats and skeletons (on the first level at least). The game screen scrolled forward by itself at a steady rate. The controls were two joysticks, the left one would move the shield so you could cover top, mid or bottom of your guy. The sword controls were similar. I also recall that if you moved the shield up and down quickly enough you got a temporary force field to protect you.

    I would play with my pal and we'd split the costs and play "co-op", I took the shield.

    Ring any bells?

  9. I love that it's such a short game to play, win or lose, it's 10-20 mins max.

    I've only beaten it once, with the human fighter. Once you have beaten it for the first time a new enemy spawns and enemy health increases by 20%...


  10. Anyone else playing in this here League? I was really enjoying figuring out the mechanics and strategies (seeing as I hadn't played DotA it was all new to me). After getting past the fun of discovery I'm now in the 'trying to catch up' with people who are good / high level in the game... not as fun.

    If anyone out there is looking for someone to group with, add me up. My name there is: "Zataar"

    (a delicious spice mix)

  11. <3 this thread.

    me and my neighbor Etienne (real names have been left the same as there's no reason to change them) used to debate this, was he punching the blocks OR as Etienne would say, was he holding the brim of his hat to have it stay in place as his head hit the bricks!

    This was before emulators and screenshots, so we VCR'ed mario, and luigi, big,small and fireflower and then compared the animations...

    Then he got Baddudes and we stopped playing the one game he owned.

    I'll have to try and facebook my old pal and send him threadways

  12. Comments "coming soon" on the front page, these promised comment fields are the duke nukem of website design elements.... It's time to post comments and chew bubble gum... and I'm all out of excuses for writing this post.

    Seriously though, can someone change that to



    Seriously. This is not idle banter, but there was no better place to post it!


  13. I have an example of random selection in wow, albeit of a simplified sort. I played a Druid and was happy playing as a Balance type (spell caster, dps), but at a certain point I picked up a random loot drop off a boss that was an amazing healers chest piece. I soon after respecced and ended up finishing my days in wow as a resto-druid, thanks to that 'random' occurrence.

    Great cast blast fellas. I encourage all email writers to batter and deep fry their emails in idle thumb reference minutiae, it makes me happy to hear grumpy scoops groan.

    There's an 8-bit l4d?