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  1. I would love an Idle Thumbs bookclub/cast

    A stream of boardgame matches

    A Charlie Rose style interview series with the vidgaminati

    Purchasable skins


  2. He is freelancing for now according to twitter. I can only imagine what's next.

    Oh and Chris "Gotta use the kid" Remo is back in SF. Both left Irrational Games, but both only had good things to say bout the company and the soon to be game.

    Curiouser and curiouser.

    Good luck, thumbz! I'll try and post something cool later tonight to celebrate these fine gents.

  3. You guys see that Steve "Minerva's Scoops" Gaynor is moving to Portland and leaving Irrational Boston... :(

    amazing life choice, Portland sounds like heaven (as close as you can get in the US), but it's a loss to B:I as well as my hopes for a Thumbs reunion.

    W/e such is life :)

    I could use a change of pace / employment myself... just need the guts to try I suppose.... oh comfort...

  4. I've been enjoying it quite a bit. As a die-hard W:ET player that is not so surprising.

    My complaint is with the SMART system I guess, and specifically with the jumping. I was hoping they would have implemented something of a circle strafe trickjumping mechanic like the one that existed in W:ET. Instead the jumping feels like little more than a cue for SMART lines.

    Still, the feeling of holding back a wave and then punching forward to cap an objective is fun as heck, and it will only get better as the player base learn the maps.


    Hey, if you're playing BRINK, add me! not a lot of my friends list have the game:

  5. Pax East 2011.

    a) did I miss the thread?

    B) thumbs gonna be there? I see Famous and Vid Games are gonna be there for a panel on Poker Inventory. And Scoops n' Remo work in that city.. (and are maybe on a panel too, it's a long list)


    d) I'm going with some other guys from work, my first PAX! Thumb meet-up?

  6. In my experience I found that the Rockstar game Manhunt inspired feelings of revulsion in me. It also shares some of the 'reality tv' camera shtick that K&L: Dog Days seems to have. Grainy security camera viewpoints and highly psychopathic behaviour layered over a rinse and repeat stealth mechanic made playing this game feel torturous.

    I don't like, for the most part, playing games where you kill realistic human beings. This was one of my issues with the much lauded FarCry2, or Assasin's Creed 1, which I played during a similar period. Both games sort of leaped ahead towards the uncanny valley through 'dying npc' animations and especially sound design in a way that left me repulsed. The previous era's dead body gibs had been replaced with fairly realistic ragdolls that writhe and moan in pain, and it left me feeling uneasy. FC2 and to a lesser extent AC were both very well designed games and so the fun of playing helped me get past my disgust (oh what would a psychologist say), but Manhunt never got fun.