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  1. The first commentary mode I remember seeing was in the PC version of Escape from Butcher Bay. They even did the thing where you activate a floating icon to hear it. There's also some in Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut, the special edition of Gunpoint, and the recent Extended Edition update for Shadowrun: Hong Kong.
  2. Quantum Break coming to PC

    They care about PC gaming so much that it's only going to be available on Windows 10. Because that worked out so well when they "cared" about PC gaming in 2007 and made Halo 2 a Vista exclusive.
  3. XCOM 2

    None of the available beards are long enough for complete accuracy, but here's me: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5sEOrIC8WBOM1JSZUY2T1VtTFk/view?usp=sharing
  4. The Super Mario Bros movie is GREAT. It's a terrible Mario movie, but it's so enjoyably weird. I also really like the Doom movie (for reasons similar to Danielle). A couple recommendations were (understandably) trimmed for length, so I'll put them here: And oof, Onechanbara... It's the lowest of low-budget Japanese action/horror movies. It's... man.
  5. FEAR had a first-person body model and a full-body shadow, plus ghosts and bullet time, so I'm pretty sure that means FEAR is better than The Witness. And TCBY hasn't meant "This Can't be Yogurt" for about 30 years now, old man (Jake).
  6. I've always called the SNES the "Super Nintendo," but I'm totally up for saying "ess-ness" from now on.
  7. With one or two exceptions, I don't think any of the TAS runs during GDQ events have been video. I know there have been a few emulated performances, but for the most part it's on actual consoles (that's one of the major problems that has to be dealt with during the event - tweaking clock timing to match the console so that the incredibly minute and time-sensitive inputs will work). If memory serves, they use some sort of Arduino interface that takes input from a laptop and translates it to button presses. My favorite TAS run from this event was the Brain Age demonstration, which wasn't so much a run as it was a showcase of crazy stuff you can do to image recognition when you have perfect control of the input space: One thing I missed during the intro to this run was that it was actually performed on real DS hardware, rather than an emulator. It had been modified to allow video capture and touch screen input from an external device, but it was an actual DS.
  8. Does anyone else find it suspicious that during the week in which Chris would have been called to answer for his Star Wars spoiler he just so happens to be "too busy" to record a full episode? Seems like he's hoping we'll just forget that it ever happened and let it fall by the wayside, but I WON'T STAND FOR IT.
  9. A real Star Wars fan would know whether or not it was a joke. I decided to go anyway and see if I could salvage the experience, but nope. Good money and time down the drain because all I could do was sit in the theater and fume about Chris' callous disregard for the sanctity of my Star Wars experience. His reckless spoiling of an insignificant detail amounts to nothing less than a viciously targeted personal attack on me, somebody he doesn't know. YOU MONSTER
  10. Ugh, here I was, listening to the podcast while killing time until I finally went to see Star Wars this evening, and you had to go and ruin it for me! You're the worst, Chris.
  11. Games giveaway

    Got a few more Steam Keys to throw on the pile: Final Fantasy XIII Life is Strange episode 1 Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris Thief (the new one) I've also got a few GOG keys: System Shock 2 Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena Divine Divinity
  12. Hexcells Hexcells Hexcells Squarecells

    All the F2P stuff in Pokemon Picross is aggravating, but my problems with it boil down to 2 main things: When you pay the $32 dollars to "fully unlock" the game (a transaction that must be done in at least 2 steps, because the unlock is 5000 moneys and the highest amount you can buy is 4000), it doesn't actually unlock anything. You get a button that you click to get 1000 more moneys. You still have to go through the rigamarole of topping up money and then spending it to do anything. I won't claim that it would be a trivial thing to do, but a clean unlock of everything would at least show that it had been designed as a piece of software first, rather than a vehicle for microtransactions. It's just terrible value. Looking at the product info, there are around 300 puzzles of various types in Pokemon Picross. There are also 6 Picross e games available, each for $6, each with at least 150 puzzles. For $4 more, you can get 3 times the number of puzzles. It's a $20-dollar premium for a largely-unnecessary hint system and the ability to draw a pixel-art charmander instead of a pixel-art sailboat. I like Pokemon, but not that fucking much.
  13. P.T (Playable Teaser for Silent Hills)

    If you're in the US or EU, and have already previously downloaded PT, it looks like it's possible to do some fiddling with a proxy and redownload the game: http://gamexeon.com/forum/threads/cara-jitu-re-download-p-t-silent-hills-tanpa-repot.100015/#post-1435200 Obviously you take on the risk of whatever consequences Sony/Konami may eventually enact, but it seems to be working for me (about 20% downloaded right now).
  14. Hexcells Hexcells Hexcells Squarecells

    It's like Minesweeper, but good! I really liked the Hexcells games, but wasn't so keen on Squarecells. I still think it's good, but it seemed to require a lot more in-head testing of solutions than Hexcells did. I think it's also worth pointing out that Hexcells Infinite lives up to the promise and includes a random puzzle generator for continuous Hexcelling. If you like Picross and have a 3DS, there are 6 Picross e games available for $6 apiece. And don't bother with Pokemon Picross. That game's a heap of F2P garbage.
  15. Holy (Hell)Diver - Now Coming to PC!

    It's slightly comforting to know that this sort of thing wasn't just happening to me. I got kicked from a couple games for almost the same reason. People trying to kill all of a neverending wave of enemies and then getting mad that I don't want to stand around in their friendly-fire circlejerk.
  16. Holy (Hell)Diver - Now Coming to PC!

    Yep, just bought it yesterday evening, and was able to download and play it immediately.
  17. Just Cause 3

    Still waiting on the first patch, but I seem to have put together some sort of combination of things that let me spend the night constantly blowing up all sorts of shit without any major performance problems: Vsync off Increasing the size of the virtual memory pagefile and moving it to my SSD (this is an alternative to "just have 16GB of RAM") Running in a borderless fullscreen window I still have all the in-game settings turned down, so the next step is to bump those up and see how things go, but the game still looks pretty good at the low quality level.
  18. General Video Game Deals Thread

    I got Advent Rising and Rogue Warrior! And Vermintide, I guess, but how am I going to be able to play that with so many classics waiting for my attention?
  19. Just Cause 3

    Disabling in-game vsync helps a good bit, too, which is fortunate, because I had a lot of fun playing for hours last night doing nothing but Feat Challenges. Me and a friend spent the evening handing challenge call-outs back and forth for parachute climbing and wingsuit air time (current record is mine at 18:52). That was almost all I did yesterday. One story mission and hours of wingsuit flying.
  20. Just Cause 3

    Tried running in admin mode, no change. Updated to latest game-ready drivers, no change. Started in offline mode... it was better. Still some chugging when things get hectic, but better otherwise (though still running everything on low/off). It seems a tad ridiculous that not letting the game contact an online server would be the difference between a decently smooth framerate and spasming around 20fps.
  21. Just Cause 3

    Played for a couple hours, and I really want to play more, but there's something up with the PC version. My system's a hair or two below the recommended specs, but even with every graphics option cranked to low/off, I'm getting extremely choppy, hitching framerates as soon as things start going nuts.
  22. Fallout 4 — Boston Makes Me Feel Good

    I'm really disappointed with the lack of quantity/variety with the vaults. FO3 and New Vegas had a pretty good number of vaults, and most of them had weird or interesting things going on inside when you found them. In FO4 there are 5 vaults, including 111, and although they all still have interesting back story with their experimental purposes, there's almost nothing happening when you get to them in-game. One vault (81) has something actually neat and surprising. Vault 111 is just filled with cryo pods. 114 is different enough to be intriguing, but there's not much else. And the other two vaults have just been trashed by raiders. Exploring vaults was one of my favorite parts of the last two games, and it bums me out that there's so little to find in FO4.