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  1. Also, regarding Contradiction: The Giant Bomb East folks did a Quick Look a few weeks back, and it hit a weird sweet spot with pretty much everyone involved. The community response was big enough that the game's creator and a couple of the actors started posting in the GB forums, answering questions and such. From what they say, they know it's goofy and weird, but it was just them having some fun and making a strange thing. The awkward interface comes from the fact that Tim Follin had no real programming experience and was learning how to use Node Webkit to make it. And there's this:
  2. Incidentally, Hackers just came out on Blu-Ray. I plan on going into some sort of nineties cyberpunk freakout over the weekend.
  3. Destiny

    Yeah, I don't think it ever completely worked, even after I did some tweaking in my router settings to try and fix the NAT issue my PS4 claimed I had. I went through the expansion content that I've been ignoring, got into PoE, and got enough Strange Coins to buy that Gjallerhorn. Whether or not it will see any use is another matter.
  4. Destiny

    I'd be up for the VoG run, assuming you don't mind having someone who hasn't really played in about 8 months.
  5. Except, in that instance, there's not really anything more than that. Someone uses an ultimate, it gets blocked by the opposing character's item use. To a person who doesn't know anything about Dota, that's what happened. If there weren't other characters around that were using abilities that were blocked, the fact that the item can do so is irrelevant at that time. One character used a powerful attack, the other used an item that prevented the attack from doing anything. At that moment in the game, that's what happened, that's all I care about, and having someone spout two minutes of jargon keeps me from following what's going on, and I decide that there's something better to spend my time on than being baffled by Dota streamers (and if you already care enough about Dota to know those things, why would you need a commentator to tell you about it?). It took about half a sentence into Nick's story for me to realize that, oh, Nick just encountered a modder. For some reason, GTA Online's servers seem to just trust anything a client tells them, even if that thing is "everybody on the server except for me totally just exploded." Nick was fortunate enough that his encounter was a bizarre dream sequence, but it's far more likely to just be an asshole trying to ruin your day. Instead of somebody just griefing you by killing you whenever you respawn, setting bounties, and hiring mercenary squads until you leave, it's trivial for them to just make you explode, turn invisible, become immune to damage (even in competitive modes like deathmatches), and even cause crashes by mass-spawning objects or loading things from the single-player game that don't have proper support in the online mode.
  6. "Time Flies When You're Having Thumbs!"
  7. Chris "The Place Where I Burn People" Remo Steve "Tentacle Toucher" Gaynor Jake "Fuck Conker" Rodkin
  8. There have been a few experimental games made. Nothing huge, but they did come around the time of Slender game fever.
  9. Summer Games Done Quick 2015

    From a few comments that Henneko made during the run, it sounds like the PC version of that game is known for being really crashy in general, even if you aren't trying to break it. Some donors even started to join in joking about it, pledging money per crash or per minute lost to crashes. I'm looking forward to checking out the archive for the FEAR and Shovel Knight runs, and there's another Mega Man block this evening.
  10. You guys forgot about one of the best parts of Rocket League: scoring a goal! When a goal is made, the ball explodes and flings everyone nearby into the air! It's so, so satisfying. Also this one originally shared in the Rocket League thread: People who are good at the game are REALLY GOOD AT THE GAME
  11. Summer Games Done Quick 2015

    Swordless Legend of Zelda run tonight! One that I'm going to miss because it's my tabletop game night! Blargh!
  12. the Talos Principle

    The tower leads to two different endings. Getting through all the red puzzle floors leads to one, and then getting all the stars and completing those subsequent areas gets you another ending. I don't know that you could consider one more "true" than the other, because the nature of the setting makes them both equally valid (and possibly co-existing) outcomes.
  13. Summer Games Done Quick 2015

    Maybe I missed out on a bunch of what they were saying, but I only remember the occasional complaint about how terrible it is to have to escort her through half the game. I enjoyed the RE4 run, and due to some restlessness, listened to most of the Silent Hill 2 run as I was trying to fall asleep, and that sounded good. I'm really looking forward to the Tetris Grand Masters block tonight, especially with the news that a couple of Japanese players are there.
  14. The 2-D Half-Life game was called Codename: Gordon. It was eventually de-listed from Steam because the developer collapsed and let the domain registration of a site used in some sort of in-game ad banner expire. The domain was claimed by people who used it to link to porn and malware, so Valve just decided to sort of quarantine the game. You can still enter steam://install/92 in a web browser to hook Steam into installing it.
  15. Anyone Remember?

    I was more just showing the fact that searching for Steve's catch phrase brings up the forum thread for the episode that Jake talks about it.
  16. Grand ThVmb Auto PC

    I would be. My brother would also probably be down if we need to fill out a team.
  17. It's not really anything, though: The story also delves into fan fiction territory and makes it VERY CLEAR that the mod happens right before Portal 2. I also thought Portal Stories was interesting at first, but the puzzle design starts to get unintuitively difficult. Parts of puzzles are completely obscured from your perception until you start to solve them, so you're inevitably going to be solving them the wrong way, and it's almost never a simple matter to just reset a room beyond loading a save - there was even one puzzle where I got to the exit without properly solving it and had no action available to me other than jumping into acid and dying. Even their autosaves aren't great, because they're mostly based around activating trigger volumes while assuming that you're in the middle of a correct solution when you do so (Oh, wait, you mean you didn't have the proper funnel/hard light bridge/cube juggling system set up when you pressed this button to see what would happen and it saved? Guess you'll just have to start the level over again).
  18. Her Story

    I really liked this thing! I was also quite surprised to find out that there's a credits roll. It also seems like I played it for much less time than a lot of people, so maybe it's based on percentage of the videos that have been watched? I spent just over 1 hour, 40 minutes on it, and I have a pretty good idea of what (I think) happened, but from the look of that DB Checker thing, I've only seen around 80 of 270 clips (just under 30%). Oh, and for those wanting to watch all the videos, they're all just .avi files in one of the game's directories (on Windows, at least). All nice and numbered in order and everything.
  19. Both of the games that recently came out of this thread are on hiatus for various reasons, so if someone wants to try to put something new together, there's definitely room for it.
  20. Grand ThVmb Auto PC

    One of my daily objectives today was to complete a stunt jump:
  21. Games giveaway

    Got a few more things to add to the pile, all Steam gifts: Darwinia Multiwinia Uplink DEFCON Iron Brigade x2 (now with 100% less GFWL!)
  22. Consolidated ID Exchange

    Oh, hey, finally got around to this.
  23. It's Mega64. They've made a career out of dumb video game skits and such. They were invited to a week-long streaming event for Firefall, didn't quite know what to do as they were unfamiliar with the game, and decided to be weird characters for their appearance. From what they've said, barely anybody knew they were going to put on an act, and even those who were aware had only the vaguest ideas what was going to happen. The stream chat hated them and everyone on set just had no idea how to react.
  24. QUILTBAG Thread of Flagrant Homoeroticism

    It strikes me as especially problematic because of the whole Tomodachi Life thing. After (finally) acknowledging the problem and saying that they would work to be better about it in the future, something like that almost seems malicious.