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  1. Yeah, voice acting has a kind of weird problem in that being good at it usually means being unnoticed or unrecognizable.
  2. I bet it's also weird for Nolan North and Troy Baker when people only ever remember them for their generic "regular guy" performances despite doing things like the Arkham series' Penguin or giving Destiny's Ghost an actual personality.
  3. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

    Most of the game sites that I pay attention to either didn't go to the review event or realized how terrible an environment is was for reviews and took their time before putting up reviews. The fact that people still have amazing things to say about the game after weeks of time to play it outside of that event should tell you something. It's weird to think that this needs to be said, but it's possible to like something for one strong element without liking or even caring about other parts of it. I have absolutely no investment in the MGS series. I tried playing MGS1 and MGS4 at various points, but never got in more than a few hours. I now have almost 50 hours in MGS5 because it lets me spend an hour carefully infiltrating a base, subduing and abducting every person there, steal all the vehicles, and then call in a chopper blasting E-Rotic when things go bad. I don't care that there wasn't enough time for Kojima to fully realize his vision or that story threads don't quite wrap together in a way that's satisfying to me. When that stuff happens, I stop paying attention because it's not what I'm there for. I would recommend this game to any of my friends without hesitation because it's really fun to play. Worrying about what could have been is pointless because there's nothing you can do about it.
  4. Also, stupid music is the only way to go in MGS5:
  5. Chris not knowing about Soma's underwater setting isn't too surprising, as Frictional kept it under wraps for a while themselves. When the game was first announced, they had some screenshots of a broken-down sci-fi facility, and sisn't really say much more about it. I think it was around a year later (or more) that they released another screenshot or two showing that, hey, the facility is at the bottom of an ocean!
  6. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

    Apologies if it's been linked already, but I found a PT easter egg during mission 20 last night:
  7. Destiny

    Man, they're being much more generous with Strange Coins so far. I got something like 50 coins with one day of fairly constant play. Just handing them out left and right as bounty and quest rewards.
  8. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

    I think I found the dumb thing I'm going to have way too much fun doing: having my helicopter blare different ridiculous music every time I play.
  9. Game informer has an interview from back in 2012 where Miyamoto talks about how he sees the entire Super Mario cast as an acting troupe, so you could consider every Mario game to be a play, in a sense.
  10. Destiny

    It's neat, but I'd be more interested in a page with all the stats those tidbits are culled from. Despite only playing regularly for about 2 of the last 12 months, I'm in the top 1% players for number of public events completed. I'd mainly just like to know how the names are determined. INVISIBLE LORDKORAX THE SHATTERER sounds cool, but I have no idea where it comes from.
  11. There was a shot in the prologue that stood out to me because it had characters move quickly away from the camera after a period of being stationary, and the camera movement was animated to follow after by about a half-second delay with some extra side-to-side bobbing, as if they were being chased by a documentary cameraman.
  12. Electric Six has been working out pretty well for me.
  13. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

    All your Mother Base emblems look cool and all, but as a new PMC, you really need to work on branding to attract new recruits:
  14. I finished up Satellite Reign over the weekend and really enjoyed it. I had a couple minor technical issues (a bit of glitchy pathfinding being the most notable), but had an otherwise great time. Not only is Dengler the CEO of the evil corporation, but the corp's name is Dracogenics, a play on his own company's name, Dracogen. I think the title itself refers to how the corporation has established itself as a sovereign force through its pervasive network. It gets a bit of another meaning towards the end, too. After getting my agents upgraded a bit, I started almost exclusively using the Infiltrator to pull off missions. They have abilities that allow them to cloak, use ziplines and ventilation ducts, and steal extra money on top of whatever funds and equipment they normally find when robbing a facility, and I equipped them with a hacker proxy, allowing them to use my Hacker's skill level on the various security terminals. The other three agents would just be left loitering around the restricted perimeters while I spent an hour sneaking the Infiltrator around and completely cleaning out an area.
  15. Destiny

    So I was doing bounty stuff on Mars, and Ghost started saying something about a scrambled transmission. After a few seconds, I get a side mission notification that says "First Mystery." It became a three-step mission, with the objectives slowly descrambling as time went on/I started doing the required actions. Then it just ended and I didn't get any more info on what the hell it was for. Is this a new thing, or have thing like this been around for a while? Specifics (for your Ghost):
  16. Deus Ex: The Fall was garbage. Bad writing, bad acting, bad UI (at least on the PC port). So little work was done when porting it that when the devs reworked the microtransaction system to use in-game money, they forgot that they could no longer rely on an OS-level alert system to require purchase confirmation, and it was possible to just accidentally flush all your money into a gold-level ammo pack because you clicked on a picture in a menu. It's currently on sale for $2 on Steam, and I would recommend buying four rolls of pennies and trying to eat them instead.

    It's been a little while since I last played, but I had some of the smaller heists down cold for Deathwish stealth (branch bank, diamond store, the Ukrainian job). Not only is it fun to pull off a secret heist, doing it on the high difficulty also results in a bit of power-leveling, and is helpful for getting the skills and equipment needed to wreck other larger, louder heists.
  18. The threat of Big Dog

    A person asked an extremely leading question and a program designed to piece together conversations from the internet responded in an incredibly predictable fashion. Film at eleven.
  19. Destiny

    It's almost as if the game is designed to reward ceaseless, mindless grinding instead of casual exploration of what little content is there.
  20. Ahem: http://www.mcvuk.com/news/read/couple-name-child-dovahkiin-get-free-games/087396
  21. Shadowrun Returns

    Not that was obvious to me. I always went to talk to her right away, but then the thing she gives you to do just sits alongside any other mission options you have when you go to leave the area.

    I'd be down for helping a new player, too. It's been a while since I played regularly, despite buying all the new stuff that's released.
  23. Shadowrun Returns

    Finished this over the weekend, and enjoyed it, for the most part. I think that it's possible to miss missions by just not taking them (I'm pretty sure there was a possible mission from a character that I just didn't talk to until I was already in the endgame), but nothing that I actively accepted from the mission computer disappeared. You get to a very definite point of no return, with Kindly telling you to take care of unfinished business, so it's obvious when story is about to happen.
  24. Shadowrun Returns

    Dead Man's Switch and Dragonfall barely had any reasons to have one decker on your team. Hong Kong's been better about that so far. I appreciate the effort put into fleshing out the matrix, but the character controls are way too clunky to support the stealth stuff it's trying to do.
  25. That initial freeze was especially harrowing on the X360 because of the whole RROD thing being relatively fresh in my mind.