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  1. Fallout 4 — Boston Makes Me Feel Good

    Armor update! I found a dead Brotherhood Knight with a full T-60 armor set. It has a unique BoS paint job! I've found enough pieces to make another full raider set, a slightly-mismatched set, and a couple hodgepodge frames without right leg pieces. I also still have a few odd torso and leg pieces that I don't have frames for yet.
  2. Fallout 4 — Boston Makes Me Feel Good

    I've found them in various obvious and not-so-obvious places. I've found a couple frames that look like they were mid-transport (on a truck or in a crate). I straight-up stole one from a group of raiders by sneaking up to it and getting in (and then killing all the raiders). I found that complete raider suit standing unused in a corner after cleaning out another raider encampment. The others have been locked in armories or maintenance shops in military bases.
  3. Fallout 4 — Boston Makes Me Feel Good

    I found a hot rod magazine somewhere that unlocked it as a paint option. A fully painted set gives the suit +1 Agility!
  4. Fallout 4 — Boston Makes Me Feel Good

    I found a shitty pipe pistol with the legendary quality that gives it VATS bonuses. After a few sessions of upgrading, it's now my go-to sidearm. Chambered for .50 cal, a suppressor, and a longer barrel means that I can kill most enemies in one hit as long as I'm stealthed. Getting power armor so early was a pleasant surprise, but I'm even more surprised at how easy it is to find more. Aside from a few vendors I've seen that sell bare frames, I've found seven more partial sets while scavenging, and enough to complete four different models:
  5. Dancing All Night just came out (for NA, at least)! The story mode is bringing some shades of Elite Beat Agents/Ouendan, with the Persona 4 characters rescuing people from a new shadow world. The world supernaturally forces a "nobody can be hurt" rule, so the next logical step to defeating enemies is, of course, DANCING. There's also a Free Dance mode, where all but 1 or 2 songs can eventually be played at your whim. I've been having fun with it! All the music is extended/remixed versions of Persona 4's soundtrack, and almost every time a new track has come up, it's elicited a smile from me. Also, Nanako dances to the Junes theme: And I'm partial to this mix/routine from Kanji:
  6. Thanks! After a few more tries, it looks like there's no invisible ceiling on the three-torch room, but the walls are just far enough apart that even Levitate-style jumps fall short of being able to get above the room. Hard mode is crazy! So many more enemies! New enemies! I've been able to get to world 3, and
  7. Finally beat normal mode on my first run this evening! I can regularly get the third torch in that side room, but I'm pretty sure that there's just an invisible ceiling at the top.
  8. The only ships that have full 3D movement in Rebel Galaxy are the smaller fighters. Any ship comparable to the ones the player can have are also locked to the 2D plane. I really like Rebel Galaxy's custom music options. It lets you designate multiple folders for different in-game situations (combat, ambient, on-station), and gives you the option to either combine those tracks with the normal game music or completely override it. I dropped in a bunch of Cowboy Bebop music (more space blues and space jazz), and it's possible for me to dock at a station after a heated battle and hear the gentle strains of Space Asshole playing in the background as I visit the repair bay and get my ship fixed up.
  9. The thing I think is the most interesting about Downwell's development is how Devolver got involved. The dev was posting in-progress gifs on Twitter, Devolver saw them and thought the game looked cool, and then reached out to offer a publishing deal.
  10. Liam Lynch has a pretty chill song called "Daddy Long Legs:" Also, Daddy Long Legs was the stage name of an early member of the Bloodhound Gang.
  11. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soma_(biology)
  12. Destiny

    The cursor pop-up totally has a "Get More!" button press option. I find it incredible that with all the other stupid things they've used for currency and crafting materials they couldn't come up with something better than silver. Also, 18 emotes and only one is a dance? And premium emotes? Fuck everything.
  13. Destiny

    Tried bringing my Vita to work to do some basic stuff via remote play during lunch, but the building I work in is some sort of connectivity Bermuda Triangle. It has pockets where cellular/wifi signals just drop, and areas (such as the break room, where I spend said lunch) where the signal can be fine one day and useless the next. It's weird.
  14. Destiny

    It may be restricted to specific matchlists. I haven't paid attention to it in a while, so I don't remember.
  15. Destiny

    After doing some strikes and Oryx's Court stuff, me and video games did the first Sleeper Simulant quest. It's not all that hard, especially if you have multiple players to alternate supers and wipe out the enemy waves. I put in the codes and unlocked the next mission, which is indeed time-limited, but more interestingly, is restricted to single-player. It's also not hard. I died once when an errant grenade throw didn't take care of a thrall swarm, but did it on the second try:
  16. Far Cry PRIMAL

    Missing out on that opportunity is Far Cry-minal.
  17. Far Cry PRIMAL

  18. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

    Re-doing a couple side-ops tripped the right flag for me. Did a prisoner extraction and then got pulled back to Mother Base for more Plot.
  19. Far Cry PRIMAL

    That might be a decent point if it weren't for the fact that almost everything Ubisoft has done in the past few years has more than earned them constant cynical scrutiny. Personally, I think the towers will be giant redwood trees.
  20. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

    I HAVE CREATED THE LONGEST LEAD-UP TO A DUMB PUNCHLINE EVER Also the final mission (the one with the tanks) is a fucking disaster.
  21. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

    Man, almost all the characters in this game suck. Kaz constantly second-guesses and defies you. Ocelot seems cool most of the time, but he goes to torture at the drop of a hat. Huey just lies all the time and does a bunch of questionable things behind your back, then whines when he's caught and tries to lay the blame on you. Everyone is constantly making sure you know that you're the Boss, the Big Boss, but you're given none of the agency that you should have. The story just sort of happens, and you're left mopping up all the guts splattered everywhere when it's done.
  22. Persona 4: Dancing All Night

    Fast and slow notes will probably be more up to individual reaction times. I'm mostly fine with fast, but things start getting so bunched up in slow that it can be a problem. Random direction is also one that may or may not matter: normally the note sequences try to follow a pattern or line around the inputs, but random makes them go off in all directions. I use the "reverse notes" powerup because it keeps that flow, just flips the side that the notes go to. Since the note patterns rarely seem to actually correspond to the dance that's happening (and that I'm not really paying enough attention to anyway), it's a score/money bonus for a penalty that I don't perceive.
  23. Persona 4: Dancing All Night

    Yeah, it doesn't look like it's a dance track, though there is DLC support, so there might be some slim hope for it in the future. Once you spend enough money in the shop, you unlock full-head Tanaka masks for purchase.