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  1. @declan: i've listened to a few episodes of your cast and i give it a :tup:


    Not to pile on DS, but the last 15 minutes of this episode made me sort of want to crash into a lamppost this morning.

    And pip isn't going to be on it anymore:( I'll have to find her new podcast.

  2. My game is to be:


    Rolling with the Pope



    RELEASE: https://itch.io/jam/wizard-jam-2016/rate/68393

    Update: 18/05/16


    So, my game is in the style of a sort of endless runner, but not endless. Can you survive 90 seconds of slowly escalating peril? Play as three randomly selected of history's greatest popes, leap over swiss guard and dash past (shudder) auditors, stop Benedict from snaffling all the prayers. It all happens in the swirling gyre that is the Vatican.


    Features will include

    • 3 popes and an anti pope - Everyone's favourite super villain, Emperor Benedict
    • 3 papal infal-abilities to activate, and 3 dastartly anti-papal abilities. For every pope mobile, there cometh a poopmobile.
    • Other stuff

    Work to date:

    • Basic game is up and running
    • Pope movement in
    • Generation and collection of cash and prayers
    • Art created
    • Coded in obstacles
    • Coded in difficulty escalation

    The basic game is you are the pope trapped inside the circular vatican, you have to collect prayers to stay alive and collect cash to activate abilities. If the cash gets to benidict, he activates an ability to counter you.


    To do:

    • Finish importing art
    • Code in last two abilities
    • Music
    • Sound effects





    07-05-16 Work to date:


    Tech demo. This is early. I now have the pope jumping, as well as customaisable obstacles which he can bounce off or get killed by.



    And some art i'm starting off. The idea is to have the outside of the level be multiple Vatican scenes spinning around one another. Here are some vatican buildings.


  3. Ya, CEX take your phone when you sell it and check it out before handing over your cash gold. Hence they are happy to give warranties.


    re expensive phone bill: you're NOT MY MOM

  4. SBM, my 16GB iphone 6 was €200 with a 24 month €55 a month contract. I sold my iphone 5 to CEX for €170 which was nice. You could maybe look at prices there?