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  1. Explode mode made me explode.

    I loved the look of the game, the projected tutorial messages were delicious! I also loved the enemy robots, very spooky colours.


    The control system was obnoxious and compounded by my inability to tell which was the front and which the back of the tank. They are very similar.

    Eventually i resorted to holding LB to spin around non stop and press RB when i wanted to move forward.


    Awesome job!

  2. Before the stream I'd love to get some sounds done so that the guys aren't playing in silence, so I'm going to work on that next. But given I don't have any musical skill, it's likely going to be me beatboxing to weird dung-related lyrics.


    That sounds like the best music!


    I was very confused, but i'll try the new build when i get a chance.

  3. Thanks Ben! I always enjoy making my sounds^^

    I agree on some of the sprites. A few got a bit muddy in the last rush. They are better if drawn to scale (roughly) so the lines and strokes stay similar i think, but i didn't decide on my scalings until everything was in. My floor is a bit overpowering too!

  4. Haha. Francis' is his cape billowing out to collect everything (Google will find that quick!). His anti Pope is Bouncless Bouncer, as he was a bouncer in a former life.

    Pius' is vlad the impailer, who used to work for him. Nice guy. His antipope is Vatican 5-0, a crossover with cancelled content John XXII who oversaw Vatican 2.

    Collecting euros is really important! I was going to mention it above, but I didn't want to lead you too much:P