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  1. Winter Jam Along with dibs and Friends 2: The Unseeing Game Dev Choir, Conducted by dibs


    My idea generation and asset collection has started and holy poop you people are amazing! 

    Just FYI, i will send you as many short questions or decisions as i can, but you will only have to work on one asset at a time, and everyone will get the same amount. If you can't or won't do something then no probs, just let me know and i'll move down the list. 

    Anyone else who wants in just hollar! There is plenty of jobs to go around:D


    Homework before end of jam:
    Supply me a handmade image of your face with dimension of around 300pixels in height. .png with transparent background.



    So, i'm looking for signups for people to help make (one of) my wiz jam games with.

    You will all by my instruments and i will play you all.

    Also, you won't have any idea what anyone else is contributing, because it is all secret.


    Remember when you were a kid and you drew half a man on a piece of paper, folded it over and gave it to your sister to complete without her seeing it? Imagine that, but game dev.


    dibs needs:

    • People


    dibs will provide:

    • Programming in GameMaker
    • Coordination of tasks
    • Randomization of tasks


    dibs will not:

    • Judge you
    • Judge your contributions
    • Make meaningful decisions


    People will provide:

    • Ideas
    • Verbs
    • Songs
    • Art
    • Answers
    • Decisions
    • Love
    • Sound effects
    • Everything
    • Story Points


    People will not:

    • Learn what all this is about until the very end
    • Share their contributions with anyone but dibs until the very end
    • Be worried that their contributions are not good enough. Remember how fun it was to open up that silly drawing? The more different it was the better. I was this to be awful, because by being awful it will be the best. If you reallllly don't want to contribute a certain type of something then that is ok, but i'll ask everyone to keep themselves as open as possible.
    • Keep me waiting



    I probably will judge you.



    Victims so far

    • SuperBiasedMan
    • atte
    • sucks2Bme
    • Vasari
    • Gorbles
    • gerbilsinspace
    • Mythalore
    • jutranjo
    • Rilen
    • jennegatron
    • kevin888
    • Travis
    • Ben X
    • Lu
    • phill
    • Jake
    • BigJKO
    • oddjumper
    • ratamero
    • toblix
    • elvaq
    • Nappi
    • skamakazi
    • WickedCestus


    Supply me a handmade image of your face with dimension of around 300pixels in height and not too wide. .png with a transparent background please. 
    PM stuff to me on slack or here. 




    I can't get rid of this box. halp