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  1. Hope you are doing alright lansbury. I would say the slack is not the same without you, but there was literally (literally) hours of homoeroticism today.

  2. Sorry dino for not helping, but i'm a little lost about what you are trying to do still!


    If something is in a natural orbit then it has a specific velocity. You are breaking all sorts of rules, so you velocity doesn't have to be consistant. If i were you, i would just work out the plane that you want the orbit on, and then rubber band your satellite onto a circle on that plane. If the object is knocked away, then bring it back into that line. Is that what you want?

  3. I've played not everyones yet:

    Spenny, your car physics were rad, every bit as amazing and real to life as the druids!

    Clyde, loved the sound effects! I hope the game helped you through the day.

    Rey, your graphics are unbelievably rad. i love them.


    Glad ye liked my game guys! I might actually put a little time into it and see what i can come up with! I though maybe a rectangular room with the walls always pushing and an object in the middle that always pushes as well might work.

  4. My chilli bean soup starts with a little chorizo gently frying in a large saucepan. Then i add lots of onion, carrot and celery (and bell pepper if i have any in my veg box) chopped and sweat them off for quite a while. Then i add lots of paprika, cumin and coriander (and a stock cube) and let that cook in for a few mins. That is followed by a few tins of beans (chickpea and kidney beans usually, but if i have other stuff i use that), a few tins of tomatoes, hot sauce and a little water to loosed it all up. Then i just cook till it is done!


    It is really simple to make, but it is really delicious.

  5. So, I have been granted leave to post our next cooking idea and i'm going with:


    Savory Crepes


    Here, by way of example, is my go to version which i made with buckwhear flour and top with rocket, cheese, ham, creme frais and pickled beetroot. It is one of my favourite meals. I'll deffo be making this one in the next few day, and next week i'll try out something different. Best of luck everyone!


    If this is new to you, you will find ideas by searching for Savour Crepe or Galette (the buckwheat version), or just thing for yourself what nice things could go inside. I've even been toying with the idea of making one with some indian spices to go alongside a dal in place of a dosa or naan.




    Edit: and don't forget, leftovers can accidentally be smeared with nutella for a delicious dessert!