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  1. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    Cool. Give me like 30 mins.
  2. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    I shall then exchange knowledge (that I googled last night) for muscle.
  3. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    Do you have the patisserie set? I was going to try for that, but the 2nd quest is also destroying me!
  4. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    Omg guys. Cannon. Quest lady just told me that stelas queen and stelas are married. Also, im getting utterly drstroyed at grank 4. Like, half my health in one hit from a monkey monster.
  5. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    Add me sure and i'll put you on the call.
  6. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    I can't figure out who you are on skype^^ I'm dib_kins/
  7. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    Ok! I'll go make my dinner then. I'm bloody starving.
  8. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    I'll be 6.30 I'd say!
  9. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    Cool. Might be a few mins late as i'll be home around six and i have no idea where my ds is...
  10. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    I can join tonight. what time suits?
  11. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    Ooooh. I might join too if ye are organising! Will i ruin everything being an ultimate noob?
  12. HOWL O'WEEN (Halloween)

    Is that also called your Champagne Year? Dress as the guy from Spandu Ballet, and make sure the Gold gets inserted into the party playlist at 20 minute intervals. (Which comes for my idea for a wear the playlist party, where you dress as a music video and your costumes inform the music playlist).
  13. I Had A Random Thought...

    I found it, but i re-released it with every reference to Elmo replaced with BenX.
  14. Criminey, It's Christmas (2015-)!

    Probably every question in this thread can be answered with a Nightmare pic.
  15. Idle Workouts

    It gives you something to do instead of eating.
  16. I Had A Random Thought...

    Don't ever work for a newspaper. "The man died from what the coroner described as an accidental profusion of the Necrodancer".
  17. I Had A Random Thought...

    There is a post going around Facebook of childhood memories with the tag line "I'm so glad i grew up when there was no technology". Items in the album include a gameboy, a tamogachi, many tv shows and videos, a picture of a tv, pringles and bubble wrap.
  18. Movie/TV recommendations

    Bets on BadHat's girlfriend being a spooky ghost.
  19. Age of Mythology gets an Expansion pack

    Exciting! I really only bought it as penance for pirating it when i was in uni, but i actually load it up every so often and love having a skirmish!
  20. Didactic Thumbs (Pedantry Corner)

    I think this question can only be answered by a full play through of Crusader Kings II.
  21. Social Justice

    I want to know how many people will gleefully agree with that article, and then swear blind that there is no such thing as modern cultural appropriation.
  22. Buying a New PC

    Replace the dog with a cat and he will swing the mouse for you.
  23. Other podcasts

    Hey xir, i liked your first episode.
  24. Diablo III BattleTags

    Everyone getting their Seas-On?
  25. Intoxicated:

    thanks everyone! Time to get my drink on, in moderation.