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  1. iOS Gaming

    Someone had to pull out of the Waterdeep tourny. If anyone wants in, the link above is where to go.
  2. Other podcasts

    I didn't explain very well. I don't like all the (my vocab is lacking in this regard so sorry) cuts back and forth between host and story, the asking question and answering a questions, the way that instead of just telling me the book title, the host says a third, the author says a third and then they both say the last third. The content is great and it is a lot less oppressive than Radiolab or TAM, but i can't get over that stuff unfortunately.
  3. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    Awesome Grid! Congrats.
  4. I Had A Random Thought...

    WOw, youtube red is a great name. They should have just made it redtube though. Honestly, i use yt enough that i would consider it. Not available in Ireland yet though!
  5. I Had A Random Thought...

    THe only ads that infuriate me are when you are listening to a long work on youtube and there is interstitial ads. Oh god.
  6. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    Grid, i think wooben and n1nja are playing tonight. i'll be playing with my buddy who has aroudn 2hours put into the game, so we will do baby games. Edit: woo, finished my chef outfit!
  7. iOS Gaming

    Moo. There is a new Lords of Waterdeep tourny forming on the GWJ website. We need 1 or 2 more people to have a good number, so if anyone is interested head on over and sign up. The last one was awesome fun, and i came third or something. https://www.gamerswithjobs.com/node/1299039?page=1#new
  8. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    Question: I need to kill a S magala to get the last part of my pattisier set, but the quest has dissappered from my caravan. does it come and go or something? Also, I can make a rank 5 IG (which would be my highest level weapon, and i like the IG). (when i get 7k more dollars). Should i make it? IG is the one thing i am unsure about putting resource into. Is there certain nectar i can just use now and i won't need them later or something? i want my insect to be fast as i'm not the greatest at getting the buffs.
  9. Other podcasts

    History of Rome guy did on on civil wars.
  10. Books, books, books...

    David Mitchell on Earthsea. http://www.theguardian.com/books/2015/oct/23/david-mitchell-wizard-of-earthsea-tolkien-george-rr-martin
  11. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    7 then Grid?
  12. Other podcasts

    I'm loving You Must Remember This, but why for the love of god does she do ridiculous voices for the of the female stars. I listened to the Manson Family series first and i thought she was just making fun of the manson girls, but then i started at the start and discovered she does it for all of them. The Dory Previn episode was painful - there was actual footage of Dory in the episode, but the host still did a ridiculous voice for her. I'm still listening as the series is super interesting, but it really gets to me at times. Also, hate to say it, but 99% Invisible quickly fell off my radar due to the wanky filler that ruins a lot of podcasts for me. I'm also subbed to The Splendid Table. I want Lynne to whisk me away, or at least whisk me up a meringue. (yukyukyuk).
  13. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    Ah poop. Sorry. Got my timetable all mixed up today. You up for some on Thursday mayhaps?
  14. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    9 suit? The slack is the hot new chat medium for thumbs. I'm on my phone at the moment, but there is a thread about it. Somewhere.
  15. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    Wait. No. I'm only home at 8.
  16. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    Sure. I'll be home at 7, but I'll have to make the dinner at some point. 8 good? Badhat said to poke him on the slack. N1nja is there too
  17. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    I'm gonna try lancing. I nearly have the mats to make a nice one, I just have to kill some more crabs.
  18. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    I saw the cutest thing yesterday when fighting a tigrex non the ice zone. Also, I spent 45 minutes trying to kill two ketcha watchas- and died. Going back in with my lobster suit this time! Also, I really like sns.
  19. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    Armor upgrade: Complete.
  20. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    Anyone up for some poking of monsters with sticks tonight?
  21. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    For sure, but not till Thursday for me i'm afraid (or tonight).
  22. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    I upgraded my gear like you recommended, so now i am 4/5ths lobster and i also crafted Rarity 4 dual blades and blased through my last few caravan 5 quests. Now i have to fight a sharagu magala and i'm guessing it is going to be scary. I even took down the zinorge with my Rarity 2 charge blade as i wanted to try it out. Shortly after starting the fight i realised i had no idea how to use the weapon any more and had to pause to read up on it.
  23. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    I'ma ready when you are. Give me a buzz on skype and i'll pop back to my pc. 1234 is the password.