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  1. Walking in a WINTER WIZARD JAM

    I just wanna start. I've prototyped a little to make sure i'm not out of my depth, but now i'm fighting the urge to just get going with it! I'm also busier next week than this week!
  2. Life

    That was great! I listened to Albinoni's Adagio as it went down.
  3. Winter Wizard Jam Idea Book!

    I was going to make a snow simulator where the snow was generated based on words you entered. In the background i was going to make invisible objects appear that the snow would outline. Now i'm making something else.
  4. Wait and play a character on free before buying. You will save yourself a lot of gold that way.
  5. Invisible Inc.

    Derek's unique ability is becoming less useful as things get more chaotic! I'm tending to keep my team in a tighter group, and he has around 14 AP by the time late game happens so he can cover ground better than anyone. Who i really wish i had right now is the woman who can open doors without keycards! I did have one spectacular moment where he teleported in to KO an alerted guard though. Best.
  6. I Had A Random Thought...

    i'm never not slipper when i'm at home. I am also known for my formal dressing gown.
  7. Walking in a WINTER WIZARD JAM

    I'm gonna go solo! This is going to be a disaster:D
  8. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    Mon hun at 9 tonight Grid. I made us a channel on slack for monhun organisation. moo.
  9. Invisible Inc.

    I'm just past the new 48 hour extender mission. I'm using Derek (The new teleporter guy) and nikita. I picked up internationale as well in my fist mission, so i've been boosting Dereks speed. He is great to leave behind with an objective while my slower members head back to the teleporter. Nikita KOs everything she looks at and Int is as always, really useful. When i need to extract, nikita will drop the teleporter becon and Derek zips back to them. They changed some of the existing characters i think. There is older versions of them you can unlock now as well!
  10. I Had A Random Thought...

    I have to wonder if that post is portentous though!
  11. I Had A Random Thought...

  12. I think the point is that it really isn't part of the equation ben.
  13. Invisible Inc.

    And i just discovered there is DLC! Weee.
  14. Life

    One really nice thing i thought (in secondary school and 1 year at uni) about German was that it is very easy to read and pronounce once you learn how. There never seemed to be any hidden pronunciations or anything.
  15. Political games?

    If anyone is still reading this, there is a diplomacy game forming on the GWJ forums. We need 1-2 more players if anyone is interested. Drop me a pm.
  16. Walking in a WINTER WIZARD JAM

    Thanks dinossss. Oh silly, it is summer for you! Make a sunshine game. Or use everyone's favourite misunderstanding and make a game based on the song California Dreaming.
  17. Idle Santa 2015 - Giftees sent out! Get gifting!

    I hope this ends up as just n1nja and castrop and they are forced to go through a hilarious rigmarole of pretending they don't know who their SS is.
  18. I made a game in prep for the winter jam! Edit: Here it is! V1.0.1, already a massive patch. http://dibkins.itch.io/totally-a-lizzard-game-wip?secret=4bdXcZw6wuMcMklsiF3ViohgYM
  19. Life

    Towns are walkable/bikeable if you don't mind a bit of leg work, you will rarely have trouble getting to shops etc if you check your location out beforehand. However, getting between towns is a lot less fun. As SBM said, busses and trains are not our greatest strengths. Between the bigger towns you will be grand, but you might be a bit isolate otherwise. Are you tied to living in a big city? I mean, you could move somewhere like Galway and be within walking distance of the beach/sea whenever you wanted a good brisk winter walk. Galway is a really cool town, and easilty accessible. There is for instance a bus service that runs from the city straight to dublin airport (as there would be from Limerick and from Cork). Galway is also quite artsy, so it might be a good place for support if you are writing. Weather would be utter shite most likely. Ireland has rather mild weather, but also rather wet. Cork is cool too (i live there), and Limerick isn't bad (i used to live there).
  20. Walking in a WINTER WIZARD JAM

    diversifiers What does this word mean?
  21. Life

    I have my own little house for €400 a month, but i'm getting a special deal from my brother's in-laws. It is 10 mins walk from the city centrea, all mod cons and nearby shops.
  22. Criminey, It's Christmas (2015-)!

    Almost time to update my FB profile pic again:D