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  1. Added in instrument selector and will extend to theremin and song selector once i have more sounds to put in. The last big code block i intend to add is for secrets. if i can i'll add a save/load function, but don't hold your breath! I've only got a few submissions so far, so please if you get a change record a wav and send it to me! It is super easy and you will be immortalized inside my shitty game!
  2. [Dev Log] Christmas Hellbox

    woob do you want us to play it or leave it till the big jam jam at the end of the jam?
  3. Psychonauts 2

    Tis a no from me as well i'm afraid. I'll get it on a steam sale.
  4. [Release] Shitty Wizard Comic

    Woo. I was hoping you were joining:) Looks...cool.
  5. [RELEASE] Button Frenzy

    So stylish once again!
  6. Thanks clyde:) I have pretty much zero skills, but i'm very proud of a few of the icons! Also, update with some art in!
  7. I'm trying out some art ideas for my game. I think i'll do icons like the following on a sketchpad and then scan them in.
  8. [Release] Shtone Hemge

    And verily they strived to build the Sacred Stairs, upon which D*bs (Praise Unto Him) would model his sweetest cardigan.
  9. [Release] Shtone Hemge

    Spenny, will there be commentary on the great Pyramids are for storing grain debate or will you be censoring donald trump?
  10. [RELEASE] Happy Happy Krampusnacht

    This looks amazing! I love the little people sprites.
  11. ANd this is why i'm sticking to 2D in gamemaker! Good luck with it!
  12. No rush:) As long as i get them by the middle of next week i'm sure it will be fine!
  13. [RELEASE] A Very Meowy Christmas

    That how I'm making my chords. Just playing the same file but with a pitch ratio applied. If only my code worked it would be very impressive. I'll meow later in the week.
  14. I accept no responsibility for harm caused during recording.
  15. Can't even Drawing on walls Licking JarJar Binks
  16. [RELEASED] Albus Dumbledore's Pro Skater

    Director's Commentary can just be a raw dump of the slack at the end of the process. Good luck:D
  17. Ah whatever, send all you want^^
  18. Best gif. Conjoined twin stick shooter.
  19. Zeratule eats squishes. Nomnom. Also, add me on battle net! Dibs1306
  20. Walking in a WINTER WIZARD JAM

    Hermie that sounds like the scariest of horror games.
  21. They are going on the itch.io https://www.idlethumbs.net/forums/topic/10483-walking-in-a-winter-wizard-jam/?p=383916
  22. I Had A Random Thought...

    I never knew they had meetups! The only time we got tested was when we were given an IQ test in school and told it was not an IQ test. It was the most IQ testy test i have ever seen. I know one guy who has a mensa keychain, but that is about it.
  23. Walking in a WINTER WIZARD JAM

    Haha. I'm already following 2 of those and I totally called hemisphereist.