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  1. Idle Santa 2015 - Giftees sent out! Get gifting!

    Woo I'm going to be tragically forced to make a chocolate cake now.
  2. [Dev Log] The Jasper Principle

    Ahaha. That was great:D Lovely accent!
  3. Star Wars VII - Open spoilers

    @Simon: I think R2 woke up when Rey walked in.
  4. Idle Santa 2015 - Giftees sent out! Get gifting!

    My pressie is in a depot and since they are so busy it will probs be tomorrow!
  5. Idle Thumbs Readers Slack & Discord

    why didn't you just pin it?
  6. Reported for dual boxing.
  7. Helldivers

    I've not noticed any issues. My comp is like 4 years old now.
  8. Life

    Ya, our team was going to encode the sex of a patient as either male of female. I had to have a talk with them. Then i got to explain gender. They seem to be catching on though!
  9. [Release] Shtone Hemge

    I think i said it on slack already, but i love this game! Awesome job:D
  10. Intoxicated:

    hai everyone. it is cool ti be on achristma party i hop ehoyyou ar eoocoool..... hi.
  11. Game Released: http://dibkins.itch.io/winter-jam-along-with-dibs-and-friends Ok, so I'm making a music toy in Gamemaker. You will play a theremin and some drums along with my rendition of winter songs. It will be amazing. Features to include (probably, i dunno): - Mouse driven Theramin! - Sick Beatz! - Familiar songs performed in terrible, terrible acapella! - A plethora body (formerly mouth) derived noises! Work to date (08-12-2015): Added in instrument selector and will extend to theremin and song selector once i have more sounds to put in. The last big code block i intend to add is for secrets. if i can i'll add a save/load function, but don't hold your breath! The main game will all be me, but for super secret password unlocked Easter Christmas Eggs, i need community submissions. If anyone wants to contribute, please send a .wav file of your sound to dibkins at gmail.com, selected from the list below. Alternatively, see the 2nd list. All sounds should be derived from your body somehow, the vibrating of lips or sphincter, the crackling of vocal chords, or the rasp of tongue - use your imagination. The sound doesn't have to be great quality, we are talking major amateur hour with this. If you want to do some after effects on your sound go ahead, but nothing major, keep it recognizably organic. Sounds I need: Percussive beats - keep it short. You can send many samples in a single wav and i'll select one. A winter/Christmas song with no backing or music - keep it between 20 and 40s, you can send me your own composition if you want! Or like Jingle Bells A continuous hum/note/whistle/bleeeep for ~5 seconds at a steady pitch. Alternatively design some art: A percussive instrument with associated beat if you wish! (Current ones are on 128*128 pixel grids) A backing skin for a theremin (size tbc). Immediate To Do: Drum/song/theramin voice Selection Interfaces Add in more of art that is drawn Previous Updates: Intended To Do: Work on getting slight blip out of Theremin sound. Theremin Chords - fix Drum Selection Interface Theremin Selection Interface Song Selection Interface Collect sounds Make drumbeats Make all art Secrets interface Splash screens, credits etc. Pizzaz Everything Else Long To Do: Save and load files. Something I can't remember right now
  12. You have a bloody good ear clyde! I also was very surprised to hear a drum beat that i didn't recognise near the start, took me a moment to realise it was you^^A Thanks spenny and xfer!
  13. [DevLog] The Whey of Tyromancy

    Jut, i really like your animations! My wiz fell off the edge of the world. The end!
  14. Comics Extravaganza - Pow Bang Smash!

    I got Nimona at the weekend and read it last night. It was all things great. The printing was a little on the small side. A few times i had to squint a little to read some text.
  15. Walking in a WINTER WIZARD JAM

    Woo. This was fun. I can't wait to start playing them all:D Thanks dino and crew.
  16. Life

    Just stay clear of the ... Ullmuminati.
  17. Idle Santa 2015 - Giftees sent out! Get gifting!

    Mine is i the car, ready for the post office at lunchtime:D
  18. You have to press "Full Editor" when editing the first post. I just found out myself! Your art is rad, i'm gonna start playing these at lunchtime!
  19. Released http://dibkins.itch.io/winter-jam-along-with-dibs-and-friends
  20. I Had A Random Thought...

    I dunno grid, sir times a dirty queue can turn out if be a lot of fun. I have to get a new microwave. Mine is broke:/
  21. Ok, final art is drying. Code only needs one small addition. Tomorrow i photo all my art, fix it up in GIMP and we are ready to go! Happy wiz jam everyhone! Woo.
  22. You are a talent indeed! Anyone else got some please get them in asap. I'm finishing up the game atm with placeholder art and filling it all in tomorrow! No more tones btw, i don't have time to work with the theramin^^ Beatz and choonz more than welcome though!
  23. I haven't updated as i have a cold, but if anyone has any more contribs please get them into me asap!
  24. [Release] Shtone Hemge