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  1. Neptune's Bountiful Pride

    I transfer into bigger fleets and then send my 1 ship fleets back to my central planets on pickup missions.
  2. Neptune's Bountiful Pride

    I've been told that the AI will remain neutral untill attacked and will then retaliate. However, in my own games that hasn't been the case so i'm not sure at all.
  3. Neptune's Bountiful Pride

    Can the peeps who are interested in this game post. If we have a few I'll start up a game in the next few days. We don't need 12, but if anyone from the 1s game wants in on another then nps. I'll update as we get moar. Lets set a deadline for this time Wednesday. I'll go with less than 12 then.
  4. The Best of PC Gaming

    Aaaaaagh. I frogot to buy Dues Ex and now it's back to full price>< Super lame. Has anyone mentioned the countless awesome indie games that you can get on the PC? Right now I'm more than addicted to Desktop Dungeon and the Dwarf Fortress tutorial!
  5. Neptune's pride

    You need to send him $9,000 (NINE THOUSAND AMERICAN DOLLARS) so his lawyer can process the transfer.
  6. Neptune's Bountiful Pride

    I'm definatly up for a game. I have creidts so i can start one if peeps are interested.
  7. Oh dear. I nearly had a breakdown when i put a bed in a corridore earlier. I hope the goblins are nice to me:( (How do i remove the errant bed btw, its irritating me).
  8. Feic me, i'm page 2 of the tutorial and i'm loving it. It brings out the settlers in me:)
  9. Neptune's Bountiful Pride

    Yup. Anywhere from 3-12. 3, 6 and 12 can have symmetrical spirals too. IF we want to get a 2nd game going, i have credits i can use. Edit: From what i can see, your money is paid daily at the time of the gamestart. Everything else trickles in over the 24 hours, but i'm not sure of the intervals.
  10. Neptune's pride

    I'm assuming you are the light blue here. I'd convince Dark Blue to head south. Play up that there is a void between ye which will be difficult to attack accross at an early stage. Ask for minimal garrisons to be left at your closest point and that no other ships be allowed there. Red and Yellow will naturally attack one another due to the close borders. If i were you I would sit back for a while and colonise all the stars to your NE, first of all blocking all access to them and then working back in. Keep all your neighbours sweet - again you have void zones with red and yellow - and see what happens. In the meantime build up your research in the one that lets your ships fly further untill it is nearly done. then stop it. When you go on the attack immediatly finish the research and then send out your ships to mop up whoever is weaker of red and yellow (hard to say which since purple doesn't seem to be playing). That's what i would do. I could be horribly wrong:P
  11. Neptune's pride

    Give us a map!
  12. Neptune's pride

    Na, you need to be brutal in these games. You guys need to play some Diplomacy!
  13. Neptune's Bountiful Pride

    Put me on the waiting list.
  14. Exams are shit. Discuss

    I used to really like exams because i was good at cramming. nanananana. My worst was the one where in never went to classes and wasn't able to get any notes from anyone and had to learn random items from a 500 page book. Luckily it was only around 20% of the final mark in the module, but it taught me early on in my university carreer to actually know what was on the course before the night before the exam:P
  15. Desktop Dungeons

    Don't do it guys. this has been boning my life for the last few weeks. Finished Normal on with all the 12 normal characters. 0 ranked. 3 finishes on each of the various other game modes and 0 finsihes with the 2 special characters i've unlocked. If anyone needs any tips just poke me*. there is also a wiki out if you need to look up what different gods do etc. *not that i'm any much good
  16. Name Generators

    Real Manlove Jr. Oh dear.
  17. The Best of PC Gaming

    King's Bounty was a whole lot of awesome too. Chris Remo raved about it a while back and i picked it up on the Steam sale. unfortunatly, not having a console i'm a bit lost as to what the differences between PC and console gaming, apart from the cripplin pain that my soul endures when i try to play a fps with a gamepad. Try and get Wizardry 8 if you are mad into RPGs. Hell, you can just make it into a party building game without ever actually playing the game.
  18. The Best of PC Gaming

    System Shock 2. It's a bit fiddley to get working on XP but it worked for me eventually. So worth it. The phycic monkeys haunt me ever since i heard them in the demo way back when. The Settlers 2. This is the oldest game in my collection that i still play regularily. I could spend all day watching the little people go about their economy building shizzle. Grim Fandango. Robert Frost baloons. All of Valve. Just get the orange box if you can't decide. Honestly, HL1 is showing it's age, but its still gleeful fun. World of Warcraft. 11.5 million people can't be...
  19. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hey guys. My name is dibs. I'm a PC gamer if my 7 yo PC will run it and an avid DS fan. Love the podcast. Dibs
  20. I loved the fade out at the end. Made the whole thing sound like a wholesome family show where you all learned a lesson. Ahh.
  21. Nifty browser games (inc. Flash)

    I find Jayisgames to be a pretty good collection of reviews. In any case, following links from there will get you a nice fews portals to scoot around. Currently my flash favourites are: Bubble cannon 2 (Sweet Jesus this is addictive). http://www.thegamehomepage.com/play/bubble-cannon-2/ Drop Sum2: http://www.mygamingwebsite.com/games/dropsum/dropsum.html
  22. Watching other people play games

    I have the best time watching people play games. Most recently, i was teaching my brother TF2. Unfortunatly, my mother rang me in the middle of it and i had to explain why i was randomly shouting out warning and laughing hysterically at his elaborate deaths. I'm happy to watch any game really, untill it comes to level up choices/material/magic and then I'll get very very snippy.