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  1. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 2

    If this overspills i can host one. I'll even try my best to organise it this time.
  2. I did it! Now what?!

    Oh sweet lord, i have never seen that site. You have ruined my life sir, ruined it! Its liek a steam sale, but all the game will work on my piece of crap rig. I should hope SS2 appears some day. Its so ridiculously good. I'm glad i have my own copy i can install when i get a hankering:)
  3. I did it! Now what?!

    System Shock 2 is 10 years old, I'm not even sure where you could find it! Here is BBM for 12 euro:D http://www.play.com/Games/DS/4-/6036670/Big-Bang-Mini/Product.html?ptsl=1&ob=Price&fb=0
  4. I did it! Now what?!

    But....System Shock 2 isn't on your list! Also, Big Bang Mini on the DS is pretty sweet. I see it pretty cheap over here all the time. Congrats on completing it all!
  5. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 2

    I'm in - i'm in puffin, so put me on standby as you will. I realy wish my WoW guild could get behind a game. We had one with 4 peeps which was so much fun despite my untimely betreyal of the GM.
  6. Glass, i haven't figured out that yet either. My current ambitions are to figure out how to make a military force and to discover exactly what "process plants" means. Oh, i want to butcher some unicorns too, and have some pet dogs.
  7. Recently completed video games

    I haven't finished it, but i'm putting it here as a matter of record. I am going to finish Wizardry 8 this time.
  8. You at least read the bit up to using Dwarfmanager i hope:P I think i'll play through the tutorial again. I got to the lava use and stopped. I do the same as you, build fortresses untill i get to a point and then abandon and start again. I really want to get into the higher level industry one of these days, but i need to learn the military for that so that i don't get invaded by goblins. One of my fortresses got abandoned because a worker went insane and killed a bunch of people, another because a child got stolen.
  9. Piracy has hit a new low....

    I just got this as a gift from my brother! Really looking forward to playing some of these. I had gish and WoG from a while back, but i haven't found time to play either much.
  10. Neptune's Bountiful Pride

    Was it civ 3 that had a map like that at the end of the game, where you could watch the tides of influence ebb and flow? That's a pretty sweet map we are on actually, never everyone has a corner to back into. Diplomacy shall rule the day. Oh, apart from red. Red is dead.
  11. Ah crap, i was going to buy a copy but its not on that awesome sale price anymore:( I was a bad person back when i was a student and had a pirate copy.
  12. I only play Civ 4 to hear lenord nemoy.
  13. General Video Game Deals Thread

    Yes, don't get it. Sailing the ships is fun, but thats about it.
  14. LittleBigPlanet 2

    Awesome. I was going to lobby my brother to get this, but he has just e-mailed me in a frenzy about it. woo.
  15. General Video Game Deals Thread

    Pfft. 2003 here. Curse you steam and your glimpses into a jet set lifestyle. Some day i will be able to play my copies of Bioshock and GTA4.
  16. I've been playing this a fair bit, but i'm still utterly confused by any plant usage beyond eating or brewing it and anything to do with animals/leather/clothes making. Also, i have yet to construct a military beyond 2 pesants and 4 cage traps. I guess i had better get back to the last pages of that tutorial! Still, it is awesome.
  17. Picross 3D

    I feel your pain. I used to be addiceted to it on my vanilly GB. I spent so many hours hunched over it. Recently however, Picross has taken a sinister turn. We got my mum a DS for christmas 2 years ago and she got totally addicted to it. Symptoms included playing untill her hands cramped up, frantic phonecalls to me at 11.30 at night because she had accidentally erased her wireless settings, and triumphant phonecalls to the whole family when she got to a new challanger level:) i'm well excited for the 3D version!
  18. Neptune's Bountiful Pride

    I can't join the new game untill monday night if that's ok (my gran is not internet enabled!). If thats too long to wait then just draft someone in:)
  19. Neptune's Bountiful Pride

    I know i'm lame sorry:( I'm happy to spend my points to set it up though! You can't buy friends, but you sure as hell can trade for them.
  20. Neptune's Bountiful Pride

    oh, i'm lame and forgot about this. I'm a bit busy atm but i'll go through the thread tomorrow and see who is up for another game. I'm all but destroyed in my current 12 man game anyhow:(
  21. I need help identifying a game

    I feel lame for forgetting this already, but what is the name of that flash (and now itouch) game where you run and jump along the building tops. I just can't seem to spell it right for google to know what i'm talking about. Calibant? Cabilant?
  22. A League of their Legends?

    Is anyone playing this still? I picked it up last night and stayed up till 3 am playing! I can add that the community seemed pretty good. I got called a noob a few times, but it was petty light hearted:) If anyone has any good tips or online guides i'd love to hear them. The tutorial was nice, but it didn't prepare me at all for playing against people.
  23. Anybody Played...?

    Waaa. I found my G-Police disk the other day. I think we got it with a Voodoo 2 or something. Is it worth a boot up?
  24. Anybody Played...?

    Well, maybe the universe will help you get over it, but I can be a gameplay junkie. Maybe try Wizardry 8? I'm currently playing it for the millionth time. I might even finish it this time.
  25. Anybody Played...?

    It did indeed age very badly. I picked it up around a year after release and found it to be a great big meh. It was all very messy.