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  1. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 2

    Delicious. I'm up for another one:)
  2. Awesome Boardgames online.

    I'm dibkins on brettspiel. Up for catan or carcassone.
  3. A League of their Legends?

    Oh ,I've become a dedicated follower of LoL since posting last. It's so much fun!
  4. Na, it ain't so bad. Just think of what you want to do and do it. The iffy shortcut structure became second nature to me pretty quickly even! re goblin brothel: if you could do that i would consider it the most best DF ever.
  5. iPhone Carcassonne

    Haha, nice! I also got the victory. I guess carcassone is the game where everybody wins:P Sorry i was a bit quiet too, i got bored of writing messages that didn't send caus my wifi dissappeared. i was blaming my parents wifi for connection issues, but luckily the game will push a little "1" in if you have it minimised to tell you its your go (while i was playing with wireless stuff).
  6. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 2

    I got beat up pretty quick. After a few half hearted attempts to get people to attack my agressors failed i didn't have too many options left but to fade away.
  7. iPhone Carcassonne

    Ah, i might as well just get it^^ I'm gonna end up doing so anyhow! Away for the weekend, but i'll be up for a game from Monday. Edit: I'm dibkins le gmail le com
  8. iPhone Carcassonne

    Nice. Whats the single player like, since none of my board game friends have iphones?
  9. Here is a list, but i'm not very good at taking lists: 1) Sombre 2) Toblix 3) dibs 4) F4T C4T 5) Orvidos 6) SGP? I don't mind where i am, but i'd rather not start. Since there are so few perhaps we could take a later stage of development again? Unless we get trampled that is.
  10. SOMEONE WRITE DOWN NAMES. Orvidos is gonna splode.
  11. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 2

    No wonder i'm doing ok in Puffin if you all buggered off to Wiz. It is difficult to concentrate on 2 games. Especially with the same people. I only just noticed that my very nice neighbour in one is my not very nice neighbour in the other. Lest hope there isn't a crisis on infinite Zul-ek-arkibis.
  12. Everytime i think of this i think of those pictures you draw of people where you each take a section blind. I'm sure looking forward to a bellydance robot afro dwarf fortress.
  13. Technology in classes/university.

    Getting back to it, I used to have a take a lot of stuff like Patters's above, as well as a lot of diagrams. A laptop would have been compeletly unsuitable. Thouhg it is a few years since i was an undergrad, i do remember 1 person using a laptop, but it was only to recored lectures. I think a pen and paper is far superior for taking notes in any case. how else do you write sideways in margis and put arrows up to the important stuff.
  14. Technology in classes/university.

    iff 42 is open.
  15. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 2

    On a side note, does this game hang for anyone else in Firefox when you go browsing the minimap? Annoys the crap out of me.
  16. 5/6 hours for a year...I must be playing it differently^^ I get through around 3 years in that time. Thouhg i am a beginner so maybe my assigning tons of repeat constructions, cuttings and digging and then leaving it running in the background might speed things up. I'd love to do this though! I use the nice looking version, the one that is used in the tutorial posted in the other thread. does that make a difference to saves?
  17. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 2

    You pump economy at the start for as many days as you deem safe and then you cash it all in for industry and science. Its my complete inability to balance that gets me killed in these games.
  18. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 2

    I left a small thermo nuclear device at the centre of one of those planets. By the time you find it, it will be too late. Muhahahaha. You monster.
  19. Alan Wake

    I only played the tutorial and the opening 30 mins. i wasn't able to dodge. I really liked the flashlight and the ravens though. I didn't like Alan's wife's botched botox/collogen/lip sync job though. My friend who owns it is a huge Twin peaks fan. he spent the whole time pointing out hommages that i had no idea what they were.
  20. I need help identifying a game

    Ah, sorry, i thought you were making fun of my description! Anyhow, thanks Garden Ninja - it was in fact the sequal to that one that i played Deadlock 2: Shrine Wars. I played it quite a lot and then hated it through frustration when i discovered the computer cheating. Maybe I was just horrilbe at it as well and looked for something to blame.
  21. I need help identifying a game

    No it was shit. But every so often it wanders into my brain to find out what it was and then verify that the media thought it was shit too. Edit: my sarcasm detector is on the blink.
  22. I need help identifying a game

    I borrowed a game off my friend many years ago. It was a Civ type game but scifi. There were several different races with different attributes. Each zone on the planet was layed out in a grid. people, ships, planes etc were represented by icons (the people by ones like you would find on a toilet). It was very very colourful. i didn't even like the game and gave up when i figured out that the computer was cheating atrociously even on the lower diffficulty levels, but i still would love to know the name of it! Ah, nostalgia making fools of us all. This was on the PC. I would have had the game around 1998 and i don't think it was much out of date at that point.
  23. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 2

    UNfortunatly, my neighbour bdmonkey has timed out of Puffin Galaxy as well. Oh dear.
  24. Neptune's Bountiful Pride

    Were you getting up to smoke some crack anyway?
  25. Anybody Played...?

    Since i've jsut been linked to GoG.com what is anyone opinion on the following. I remember playing the demos of each many years back. Beyond Divinity Vampire the Masqurade (I really wanted this one back in the day) Spellforce