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  1. Eurogamer Tim Schafer interview

    "Tim Schafer: Activision CEO Bobby Kotick acts like ´a Total Prick´" Fixed
  2. Sorry, i should have realised that! >< I'm not going to read it, lets see where your plans take me:P
  3. There seems to be an issue. I think i also need your "region1" folder. Is B the one you stripped down? I downloaded A (the big one) and it doesn't give me the option to start from a save. Also, do I read or not read your report?^^
  4. Shall i take over the current save then?
  5. Sent my address. I hope we don't fill up a 1G account with our flailing empire^^
  6. GamersGate sale

    Is the whole game like that? can you just put it on demo mode and listen to him treathen to amend people?
  7. Real ID on Blizzard Forums

    The Bliz forums are a cesspool, adding real names is a horrible horrible idea. On a forum like this one the idea has some merits, but you have to wonder if Bliz have ever actually read their own forums and taken note of the types of people that use it.
  8. Nifty browser games (inc. Flash)

    Whats your party? I used to play this game a lot!
  9. Engineer Update

    I want to play it so bad, but my computer just can't handle it when things get busy, even on horrid graphical settings:(
  10. Thumb Fortress 2

    How do i find ye? (Not sure if i'll make it due to housework). Edit: That was 1h 20mins from yesterday i just noticed:(
  11. Summer Steam Sale

    i wish i had money, and a modern pc. oh well, i got deus ex for 2.50 or something, so i guess i'll call it a catching up with classic games exercise.
  12. Oooh. a google wave?
  13. Would it be ok to use a thread here just to chronicle this? Else we can set up a free Live Journal or something. My dwarf: Dibsric Snorestorer +2 Brewing, +2 Cooking, +1 in Maces (Via rolling pin), +1 Flatterer, +1 Pacifier, +1 Teacher. In order in case i went over budget! I like the ranomised names for places. As for starting point, just make sure there are at least a few trees and not too much evil (i for one haven't figured out the military in the new one:P). And no aquafer ofc.
  14. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 2

    I won motherfuckers. its over. 188 stars. never again.
  15. Neptune's Bountiful Pride

    Puffin Galaxy should be finishing in around 2 hours. i Can't believe i was arsed to set in orders for that amount of time!
  16. I'm not sure those miners should take their kids with them. I just had a cave in and work had to be abandoned for the miner to find her missing child!
  17. It goes down 6 floors. Gold and gems and ore and....GIANT SPIDER WEBS. I'm currently building a channel with drawbride to protect me!
  18. Possibility for fun incoming! This is the first one i've ever found:D
  19. Imperial online!

    I am, pending 5 hours booked out slot (i take it there will be toilet breaks:P). Or is it possible to save a game?
  20. I have no idea who is still in, but start one and i'll take over for sure. Today i was horribly late making dinner because i decided to make a moat. That meant i had to flood it and since i don't know how to use floodgates, that meant my miners had to carve intricate doored tunnels to release the water, and then workers had to remove the doors. I was late because i was watching my miners run screaming from the floods and my workers try to walk in vain upstream to release some door or other. muhahah. Also, i started work on a tower that will sit atop my outcrop.
  21. Tax Breaks for UK Games Industry

    Seriously patter, video games molest children. Did you want to give tax breaks to child molesters? Alan Titchmarch doesn't think so, and neither do I.
  22. Haha. awesome. I could start it either, but i tend to not get into ridiculous scenarios like you. And thats what we are really looking for isn't it?
  23. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 3

    I sent out game details. Murdoc has sent me (and i assume the rest of you) names. What i forgot to send was instructions for changing your name. On your homepage there is an option to "Add an alias" on the right hand side. When you go to join it will ask which alias you want to join as.
  24. You must have the worst miners in the world. Put them in cages and laugh at them (with pixx).