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  1. oooh, my sis had that one done miffy. she used to cradle her painkillers beside her jaw waiting the last half hour before her next dosage.
  2. Desktop Dungeons

    A new version has been released with some balancing and different godly implimentation. Its fun! woo.
  3. I know, i suck. I'll get around to it, but Desktop Dungeons has become my looks like a roguelike game of choice since the new release of it^^ I'll probably let it simmer down once i pass normal with the last class.
  4. I like hydro. Escecially because i played medic on a server one day where everyone turtles at the hairpin so i just sat and healed and got lots of points and won my own silent victory. till i got bored a left. good map though!
  5. Worms reloaded

    Sweet, didn't realise it was out. When are we playing. I'm free most (random) evening GMT.
  6. Worms reloaded

    Holy hand grenades for TF2:D http://www.teamfortress.com/
  7. Worms reloaded

    totally forgot to read the tec specs on it. my clockwork computer bearly runs it:D
  8. I'm deffo still up for this. since you have confirmed it works i'll try it out tonight or tomorrow.
  9. Worms reloaded

    America, fuck ya! i'm trying to find that clip of woody allen as a beauty queen to express my joy, but i can't
  10. Worms reloaded

  11. Worms reloaded

    I don't mind. If you need someone on the west side of the atlantic for the 4th to get a cheaper price then i can't help:P
  12. Worms reloaded

  13. Worms reloaded

    I'd buy one at €15 if paypal is ok to do business with (and you trust me!).
  14. Worms reloaded

    waaa. 20 quid. i wish i weren't so poor:(
  15. Minecraft

    Sometimes i'm not even sure why i try to resist these things. Minecraft here i come!
  16. So, time for another game. Reply to confirm (names culled from the NBP2 list, sorry if i missed any). if you are going to idle then shoo. I won't be changing the setting much if at all. I don't ever want to have to get 188 stars again:( I'll host 1) Dibs 2) Orvidos 3) SGP 4) ens 5) Patters 6) toblix 7) Joflar 8) Sombre 9) n0wak 10) Chris 11) Jhirad 12) illeria MC: Murdoc 12 Player spiral galaxy (Thats all standard settings 24 planets per player). Alliances enables. Anon handles. PM a wacky name to Murdoc before game start and he will assign you one from the pool.
  17. Transformice

    This is so much fun. i love the theather leavels:D
  18. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 3

    i forgot to add, is it just me or did twitter suck the whole time that game was on? i tired logging in so many times and got various maintenance and error messages. goood luck in galazy 4!
  19. Picross 3D

    its not been released over here yet. i asked in Game and the guy said "is that for the new nintendo DS 3D" I guess i'll just get it online then!
  20. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 3

    Sorry i bailed out (grand marshall fizz), but my gran died and then i went on holidays and i'll be damned if i'm going to pay 65c a minute to get on the internet from a cruise ship to play:P
  21. Transformice

    that looks like its made of amazing.
  22. bah, going on holidays for a week!
  23. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 3

    Hey guys, my gran died so i was away for a while. I'm most scared to see if i'm still in there!
  24. Still can't get it to work. I'm actually going away all weekend if someone smarter wants to take it over instead. i'll get my dwarf on when i get back.