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  1. 10 year bump. anyone still have this? upload please?
  2. I just listened to this episode now and looked up crowded cities, learned that it had concluded. that's about it. Conclusion We took one year to see how we could proceed with the concept. We talked with experts, companies and public institutions, but we had to conclude we have too few resources to continue the project. Furthermore, we couldn’t get a clear picture of what the effects would be on crows and the environment. It made us decide to end the project. We hope this project helped you realise it’s seriously time we fight cigarette filters and other litter on the streets and in nature. All the best, Crowded Cities Updated: December 2018
  3. Idle Thumbs 252: Jonathan Bro

    doug dug sounds like mr driller, which was originally supposed to be dig dug 3. in many of the games it includes the main guy from dig dug as a playable character.
  4. Idle Thumbs 224: Ms. Petman

    oof. this contradiction talk was really hard to listen to, the game was sold really short in the description and discussion here. it's a fantastic game! ..and jenks is fantastic. damn it.
  5. this luftrausers discussion feels quite offensive. you have to remember that the guys in vlambeer are dutch. the way this is being talked about, as if those guys created something based on just making something cool, or them being ignorant.. THEY ARE DUTCH.
  6. Crusader Kings II: The Triumph of Ragnar

    the old gods expansion is definitely must-have if you are from norway, or scandinavia/iceland. or, I guess also if you are from a number of other european countries. I don't expect no history/culture americans to understand.
  7. Game Dev Tycoon

    is that actually an insight though or hyperbole? did piracy ever actually directly and immediatly have impact like that? seems like they should be trying to balance it between those extremes. I just don't see it. also the whole marketing situation surrounding this game, with them putting up a "demo" version of the game that claims to be a a cracked version and including tracking software to catch kids who pirate stuff out and generate some automatic headlines-- I just find the whole thing distasteful. the version they put up on piratebay isn't actually a real full version of the game, so no one who bought it actually pirated it, regardless of their intention to do so. it's probably hilarious justice for internet people, but maybe the developers should have spent that time and energy trying to get a proper audience for the game. edit: I just noticed ars have a thing about this up they're forgetting though that the game the developers uploaded to the torrent site wasn't even actually the proper or a full version of the game. edit: what I mean by this is the version they're claiming piracy for isn't the version of the game they themselves are selling. there is no other way to obtain that version of the game than to download it from the torrent site, and it is significantly different from the version they are selling. I don't really see this either, the plagiarising part. unless someone is directly using assets from another game it's really hard for me to say things like that, regardless of how close to each other two games might be. a ton of people have been using that against it. I saw a lot of pretty harsh messages directly to the developer on their twitter from random people, and that really puzzled me. I just don't get it. they're doing the same 'game', but they've also obviously made the game themselves, they're not actually using code or art from the other game, and they've added their own ideas from what I can tell.. so. didn't we stop categorising this kind of 'idea' evolution in games as plagiarism a long time ago? remember breakout clones, tetris clones, mario clones, doom clones? or the twenty to thirty years since then with the most popular game mechanics being "shared" among every single popular big publisher game. hm. don't know why I felt like writing this post to be honest, I am less than a little energized or interested by this game and its internet story. and yet
  8. Saturday Morning Streams

    no stream/video for nick docking?
  9. Enemy Starfighter: Freespace + Flotilla (or: X-Wing + Homeworld)

    looks incredible. that poster is the best ever
  10. Saturday Morning Streams

    Hehe. Well what were the shuttles for? They are made to land like a plane on planets with atmosphere.
  11. Kerbal Space Program

    holy crap. this is the best trailer I have ever seen wow. well. sorry about the huge quote. but these needed to be on the new page anyway. fantastic
  12. SimCity: The City Simulator

    saw this on pcgamer, the real skyoshock
  13. Why can't I enjoy System Shock 2?

    or just go to the night dive website. it outright says they will release it on steam. but gog will probably have some time of exclusivity on it since they are actively trying to get games like that back on sale, which steam is not. ( -- 2013_02_10 Fear Me, Hacker: System Shock Franchise To Resurface With GOG/Steam Release)
  14. Episode 196: Grunt's Eye View

    damn, battlezone was awesome. the sequel was absolutely incredible as well. and it's still being updated!
  15. cortana looks like this porn star in halo4 I haven't played mass effect 3 yet, but .. SHE DIED IN THE FIRST GAME! hehe.