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  1. ^^^ edit: totally beaten, and by someone who is actually up to date on podcast listening. Dang!



    On that note, there's a flavor of discussion that was phased out of Idle Thumbs, presumably because the group became less journalism and more development. I really miss the musings over industry news and controversy like Senor Superdouche, Killzone 2 ratings, countdown to tears horsebag etc.


    I'm still a few months behind on 'casts, but I really enjoyed #146 because of this. Chris was gone, and Danielle came in to talk about a lot of video games. There were less rehashes of old jokes and more discussion of actual video games, which was what I remember How Things Used To Be .


    I feel the discussion is always going to be different if you spend your whole day writing about/playing games, or if you spend your whole day developing one game (or to quote Sean, "product").

  2. I'm still trying to figure out whether my city improvements mean anything at all. For a game that RPS claims is At its core, the game is still about building settlements, expanding them and creating armies, I don't really feel like I'm getting much out of growing my cities to be metropolises and then spitting out dudes. To me, it feels like this is a tactical game of moving electronic versions of little Descent (the boardgame)-style figurines across a Rune Wars-esque map. That's a fine game that many people enjoy, but I feel like RPS is off the mark with that quote.


    Caveat: I have never played any Age of Wonders or Heroes of Might and Magic games, and did not enjoy X: Total War where X = {Rome, Napoleon, Empire, ..}

  3. If there's a vassal you can release in the HRE, then sell it more HRE provinces, that might work.


    If you move your capital to Paris or something, you can get a four-node trade chain going on, which would be good.


    I don't have any other ideas. I never push my overextension that high, but it seems to be working for you.


    My HRE vassal refused to be fed HRE provinces just like my non-HRE vassal refused to be fed HRE provinces. They both had -1000 maluses about Austria being the emperor, which is no fun.


    How would you structure your trade if Paris was the capital? All of my good trade buildings are around Andalucia so this would be suboptimal but possible. I guess I should be focusing on creating a linear chain for the forwarding % bonuses?


    Chesapeake -> Carib -> Sevilla -> Bordeaux?

  4. Yeah, I was running about 300% overextension because my plan was to sell conquered provinces to my vassal for 0 gold. Except they wouldn't take it because the provinces were in the HRE. (really fun to figure that out afterwards, thanks paradox)


    And yeah, I have a minimal amount of manufactories. I raided Swahili, Mali, etc for gold a few times.


    My inflation was about 10% due to early-game fuckups but is creeping down.


    Merchants: I have one collecting at Seville for the 10% bonus, one collecting at Bordeaux because my trade power is pretty high there and I don't have anything downstream, one directing at Caribbean because otherwise it gets directed to Bordeaux and I lose ~10g/month, and one collecting at Chesapeake because my trade power is like 95% there. Unfortunately my ability to collect from the Far East is nonexistent.

  5. I'm pretty much at my forcelimits. It helps me expand faster, which creates more enemies arrayed in coalitions against me, which requires that I build more troops. It's a vicious cycle. But the forcelimit penalty isn't really killing my income, it's just the size of my army vs my income.


    Have some screenshots!


    The coalition is quite large:



    You can also see that my dip tech is lagging from blowing it all on peace negotiations. Both other techs are somewhat limited too. Adm is going to stability and coring. Mil is going to cycling through a bunch of useless leaders (anyone with 0 siege gets sacked and re-rolled, anyone with 1 siege is subject to reroll too. and I have 95%+ mil trad)





    Military and Forcelimits


  6. Born as a female in Malaysia to a working-class family

    Couldn't make it to college because my intelligence was low (despite making reading one of my leisure activities and always choosing to stay late to study). Nurtured my inborn talent in music but that went nowhere.

    Married a smart guy. Struggled to keep up but quit my job because my endurance level was below 10%

    Had a kid at 35. Invested several thousand ringgits in a diversified asset allocation incl. bonds, mutual funds, land, high risk stock

    Cut our spending down what seemed like every other year. Stupid spendthrift husband and me..

    Saved up the 110k ringits to move to Canada by age 40 (legally). Just in time for my daughter to start school in Vancouver.

    Took up a temp job to help out. Quit when my husband got his feet under him in the new country.

    Got depressed.

    Gave up trying to stay fit with sports and physical training, volunteered instead. Mood got better.

    Daughter meets some guy with mediocre stats at age 15. I disapprove but don't kick her out.

    They get engaged. I disapprove but don't kick her out. They go to college, surprisingly.

    Incredibly proud to see them both graduate with degrees in math and get decent jobs.

    And then...


  7. It's pretty hilarious that the Idle Thumbs article transitions into a biography of Jeff Goldblum- and the paragraph where it does is cut off.
    The page on the left isn't an article, it's an advertisement. The page on the right is an article continuing from an earlier page.

    not to mention an unwitting allegory of the podcast's clean segues