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  1. Okay, so I've been playing the shit out of this game on Steam and I've finally decided to play around with the mod tools. Which are... nowhere to be found. Am I just an idiot and not seeing them?

  2. Yet another way in which IdleThumbs has invaded my everyday life. At work we sometimes use a laser-level. Today, I just realized that it is called "The Wizard" (and the letter "I" is spelled with a cool laser graphic thingy)


  3. Holy shit. *phew*

    I just finished the game again on Crushing Mode. What a wild ride.

    I guess the only thing left to do is collect all the treasures and play some multiplayer. Although at this point... I'm probably going to take a break from this game for a while and play some Demon's Souls and Torchlight.

  4. Thank you Chris, Jake, and Nick. The 'cast has been so amazing and I've had some great times because of it.

    Although, I have a request which might be stupid but here it is anyway:

    Remember those times you had to re-record podcasts? Because they just derailed and went totally bonkers? Did you delete all of them? Are there things that are hilarious but just weren't relevant for the episode that you cut?

    I think all of those things should be compiled into a special Episode 51 Bonus Podcast so we can all have a massive laugh-fest as a nice sendoff for IdleThumbs. :grin:

    Also, Chris, SPACE ASSHOLE is one of the greatest things ever.

  5. There's a section in the first Uncharted where you are encouraged to use stealth. (the church, I believe?) I remember replaying that section a lot and taking down like 6 dudes silently in a row, stealing their weapons, and then surprising the hell out of the three other dudes towards the back of the room. So satisfying.

    I just tried picking up my pre-ordered copy of Uncharted 2 and they sold it. Kind of my fault for waiting so long (until I had the money) but I called them and told them to hold it. Bastards. :finger:

    [update]: Success! Best Buy had one copy left. In the back. Then some Mom came in to pick it up to surprise her son with it. So I let her have it. Then! A truck arrived. And a display stand! And about 50 copies of Uncharted 2! Epic win.

  6. This is an old Quantum Box that my cat used to sleep in. Until he decided to destroy it in a catnip-fueled frenzy. The interesting thing about it is that I never noticed the text on the UPC/SKU area until just now.



  7. Looks like some people are forgetting that this game was done in Japan... If you're looking for a streamed experience, this clearly isn't the game for you.

    I somewhat agree with this, but for a game that was brought over and localized from Japan, it really feels like a Western-developed title.

  8. Yeah, I'm surprised at how well it's selling. This makes me happy. I haven't had a chance to see what the retail store situation is since I pre-ordered mine on Amazon. They had a shipping deal where it was guaranteed to be delivered on the release date.

  9. ahey, I can get advice from you guys!!

    So I got a PS2 just recently, and have been going through some of the best games on that system (there are a ton). One of the games was MaxPayne 2, but after playing the first mission I took a break and haven't gone back. I found the controls to be really annoying and imprecise. There's a whole section where you are walking on catwalks outside a building and I kept falling down :(

    I've always been a PC guy and it could be my evolved ineptness with dual analogs that made MP2 seem so painful to play...

    Should I play Max Payne 2? Or go on to the next game on my list: Splinter Cell: chaos theory. (playing RE4 right now, what an amazing game... I LOVE it's controls... wrote a whole blog post about them sweet babies)

    I would recommend playing Max Payne 2 on PC if at all possible. It's really cheapened on PS2 in comparison. It was meant to be controlled with a mouse and keyboard :yep:

    Also, playing it with maximum settings on PC is a visual treat compared to the blurry PS2 textures and low-fidelity effects.

  10. Yeah, I suppose it's different for me because I rank the Max Payne games up there in my 'favorite games of all time' list, so it's kind of like Rockstar stepping on a grave that deserves to either be left alone, or given to the original developers (Remedy) so they can resurrect it themselves and do a sequel properly. I guess there may be a slight case of nerd rage on my part.

  11. I'm afraid people are going to miss out on it because it's going to be thrown under the bus once the really big AAA titles start rolling in this fall. In like, 10 days.

    Irishjohn said:
    I died in the tutorial. Admittedly, it was my own fault for being an idiot.

    This game is fantastic.

    "Oh la la la, tutorial time! Easy enemies. Wow. Really easy. La la la la tutorial la la la OH MY FUCKING GOD KILLED IN HALF BY A DEMON THE SIZE OF A ROOM!"


  12. I seem to remember his voice being pretty lame and unfitting. I'll have to check some YouTube stuff later to confirm, but this is the first time I've heard someone praising Max Payne for its voice work.

    That's kind of beside the point, though. Max Payne just isn't Max Payne without James McCaffrey voicing him. Regardless of whether or not you liked him as a voice actor, it will just feel cheap and spin-off-ish without him.

  13. All I needed to know about this game is that James McCaffrey won't be returning to voice Max Payne. Not that he didn't want to or was unavailable... but Rockstar turned him down and said they needed a more "mature" sounding voice.


    Fuck you, Rockstar. Fuck you.