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  1. :buyme:Balloon Diaspora

    By: Jake Elliot

    Available: Free at Cardboard Computer

    Synopsis: Balloon Diaspora is a 3D point-and-click adventure game with music by Oliver Blank. Explore a foreign culture, make new friends and ride through the clouds in a hot air balloon. The music is also available for download under a Creative Commons license.

    More: This is a really nice game to just kick back with and explore what it has to offer. Jake Elliot is also working on Kentucky Route Zero which is one of my most anticipated games.

  2. Just finished Silent Hill: Shattered Memories on Saturday.

    I went in expecting the "psychological profiling" thing to be a gimmick, but it ended up being completely awesome. Your choices affect everything from the clothes other characters wear, their dialogue, the way they feel about you, and even the clothes your character wears and choices that get laid out in front of you throughout the game. I'm thinking of doing a write-up about it where I'll compare and contrast it with Heavy Rain. (I know it's apples to oranges but I'm speaking strictly of the choice mechanic present in each title)

    I recommend it, even if you've never played a Silent Hill game before (the narrative is a "re-imagining" of the first game, so it's not the same canon). It has it's faults but the good things outweigh the bad.

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  4. Consider my mind sufficiently blown. Also, scarred for life. I can listen to people's impressions of that man laughing, but the actual thing is traumatizing.

    And since this is the Wizard thread, here's an older one I forgot to post:


    Point of reference: Comic/Magazine subscription form, but I like to think it's a job application and they're asking me if I'm a Wizard.

  5. It looked and felt like a game thats been around for 13 years with facelifts gradually glommed on over that time. To be embarrassingly honest, in the back of my head this whole time I've been holding out hope that when the game finally shipped it would actually be fun/exciting to play and while I've never been actively anticipating it, it's been one of thouse things that I've nebulously thought I'll play by default should I ever own it. Ive thought that for a decade.

    Now that I've played 10 minutes of it... I don't know. All the stripper stuff and general gratuity which seemed balanced perfectly between the precipices of tongue-and-cheek and genuine-shit-80s-bullshit seems to have fallen off onto the genuine shit side, or I was expecting too much. Probably both. The 2001 E3 trailer blew my mind at the time. The military general saying "we believe they have the president" genuinely cracked me up, I thought the intercutting between shooting, motorcycle driving on the freeway, realtime buildings collapsing, speedboats, looking out at a panorama of the Vegas skyline, and general FPS content was one of the coolest things at the time, but that was ten years ago. Now it seems clunky, and with more lame peeing and tit jokes.

    Also I wasn't really into how character movement or weapon handling felt ;(

    I was hoping this was your reaction to Duke Nukem Forever because it was totally blowing you away


  6. OMG! A dude with a PS3 and Bioshock 2!

    Steve, I can't tell you how much I want to play your DLC, but it's not enough to buy Bioshock 2 for PS3 when I know I wouldn't like it as much as for PC.

    Haha yeah, I suppose that's kind of a rare thing. I'm actually surprised at myself for not getting the PC version, but I really really wanted the Collector's Edition with all the swag. Original BioShock soundtrack on vinyl? Oh hell yes.