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  1. What does Nick Breckon look like?

    Jealous. So jealous right now.
  2. Horror and surviving, but not survival horror

    I wouldn't call BIOSHOCK a horror game, or even a survival game technically. However, the parts with the mannequins (you know the parts) scared the hell out of me.
  3. Many happy returns, Mr Remo

    HAI-YOOOOO!!! Happy birthday dude.
  4. Idle Thumbs 42: The Dreamcast

    Hahaha oh man, just started listening to this episode... the beginning is fucking magical.
  5. Wizaaaaaards!!

    You can never go wrong with sock puppets. Never. Okay well, maybe that one time. That was creepy. Also, this: <object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="480" height="385"></embed></object>
  6. No More Heroes 2: From the Toilet

    Pretty much the greatest thing ever. I wish I had a Wii.
  7. Idle Thumbs Steam group and ID exchange
  8. PSN ID exchange

    PSN ID: GameDreamer
  9. Idle Thumbs PAX 09: Ron Gilbert !!

    Excellent episode, guys. Very interesting conversations and opinions on a lot of topics. Having fun at PAX yet?
  10. No More Heroes 2: From the Toilet

    Yeah, the 8-bit stuff looks fantastic.
  11. Wizaaaaaards!!

    It's too much of a wizardly coincidence for him not to have been involved in some capacity.
  12. Wizaaaaaards!!

    I'm sure you'll all appreciate the cover of this month's Game Developer magazine: If the image isn't showing up:
  13. On a related note, there was a mod for Max Payne 2 a few years back that I played (and enjoyed quite a bit) which was all in black and white. It almost had a cel-shaded look to it, but it was because the texturing was pure white except everything had a black outline. It was very well done and I can't find anything about it online anymore for the life of me. Maybe I'll go through my old mods folders and search for it.
  14. I'd have to agree with you there. The cuts and fade ins/outs are really nice. And humorous. Dwarf cock.
  15. Oh fuck ye- sigh... (Beneath a Steel Sky)

    This is seriously some weird shit. The Monkey Island revamp was for iPhone as well, but at least that came out after the PC version. Color me confuddled.
  16. Kind of off-topic. Chris, did you ever find your stuff from Comic-Con? [sarcasm] I'm sure one of those nerds dressed up as a Power Ranger would feel guilty about stealing it and contact you to give it all back. [/sarcasm]
  17. This Podblast had me beat red in the face from laughter. Also: LingeringFart
  18. New people: Read this, say hi.

    "You won't be playing this game with a Star Wars in your hand!"
  19. Books, books, books...

    Quoted for truth.
  20. Books, books, books...

    Currently reading The Case of Charles Dexter Ward by H.P. Lovecraft. Amazing story. Never realized how racist Lovecraft was, but he was still a literary genius. It's just disappointing now, knowing that one of my favorite authors was so ignorant.
  21. Idle Thumbs 33: Where's the Goddamn Thread?

    I know, I was being sarcastic
  22. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Welcome! I'm new here too. I guess this means we can be new together.
  23. Idle Thumbs 33: Where's the Goddamn Thread?

    Is this the thread where we post about Trine? Because I really like Trine.
  24. Books, books, books...