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  1. Demon's Souls

    I really can't believe there isn't a thread for this game on here yet. First and foremost however, I can't believe it hasn't been discussed on the podcast yet. That's not a bad thing, it's just one of those games I'd expect Chris, Jake, and Nick to be creaming themselves over. I know I have. Twice. My copy arrived yesterday morning and I'm having a blast so far. Anyone else pick it up? Anyone planning to?
  2. "Burned down lumber mill"... Hmmm what if the Mulholland Drive-esque warped reality Jake was describing was actually the town in Murder She Wrote crossing over into the Twin Peaks universe?
  3. R.I.P. Ryan Davis

    This still feels really weird. I don't think I'll get used to it for a while. Going to his twitter page is really surreal and sad.
  4. The threat of Big Dog

    Anyone in or around the northeastern Ohio region know why there would be a giant Boston Dynamics truck driving around? I've been looking online to see if there are any robotics conferences in the area and haven't been able to find anything, granted I'm on a phone so I could be missing it. I'm curious to know if they've got BigDog in the back of that thing! I had a chance to pull up and ask the driver but I wasn't sure how well that would have went, in hindsight I don't know why I didn't. /FAIL
  5. Injustice: Gods Among Us

    I thought Aquaman was Steve when I started playing multiplayer the other night:
  6. BioShock Infinite

    This shirt just went up on a popular 24-hour t-shirt website. Thought it was relevant and amusing.
  7. Sportsfriends!

    Agreed, and I'm pretty sure my pledge has already paid for itself due to all the insane fun I've had playing TENNNES with friends huddled around a PC. Can't wait to play the final version of JS Joust, too.
  8. Post your face!

    Time for me to stop being an anonymous internet coward or something, I guess. Enjoy my cranial foliage detail slider turned up to maximum in the settings menu:
  9. Gone Home from The Fullbright Company

    That is just too rad. The hot scoops meme has come full circle, with Steve becoming a literal scoop.
  10. Thirty Flights of Loving

    Pretty sure I just got drunk and had sex with Jeff Goldblum. This game is fantastic.
  11. BioShock Infinite

    Yeah, the 26th. Also, the pre-purchase rewards on Steam are nice for people who either: A.) Haven't played BioShock or have a friend who hasn't played BioShock B.) Haven't played X-Com or have a friend who hasn't played X-Com C.) Really fucking love hats.
  12. That's a pretty fantastic article, and holy shit Polygon is doing a rad job with their presentation of things like this.
  13. The threat of Big Dog

    Aaaaaaand that's pretty much a Metal Gear. Somebody get Hideo Kojima a whiskey and then show him this picture.
  14. Cyberpunk 2077

    Kind of reminds me of Aphrodite IX, a comic book from Top Cow. Putting this on my radar because anything cyberpunk goes on my radar.
  15. Kentucky Route Zero - A Game in Five Acts

    I backed this game on Kickstarter in January of 2011, so it's really rad to play it and finally see it gaining some (okay, quite a bit of) recognition. Jake Elliot sent me this postcard in the mail about a year ago, too: Curious if any thumbs have played other Cardboard Computer games, like Balloon Diaspora?
  16. The threat of Big Dog

    Don't look now, but... here comes a robot baby that responds to human facial expressions. Yeah.
  17. Tweeted this at Chris, but a certain part of this 'cast made me pull to the side of the road from goddamn insane laughter. I don't want to it for anyone who hasn't heard it but it's fantastic.
  18. The Binding of Isaac

    Yeah, it doesn't help that I bought the soundtrack and threw it on Google Play, either
  19. The Binding of Isaac

    I've been playing this a lot lately, and one thing I noticed this time around that I didn't particularly pay attention to before is the soundtrack. It's incredible! Gets stuck in my head long after I've played the game.
  20. PAX Posters

    Haha these are great. The shipping containers made me laugh pretty hard
  21. New website!

    Oh man, I will buy the shit out of those, even if I get some as a Kickstarter reward. Customer #2 right here.
  22. New website!

    Whoa! This is fantastic.
  23. Critical Path

    I've been watching a couple interviews every morning before work and it's incredible. There are a lot things said by certain individuals that I would not expect them to say, since it is sometimes the complete opposite of what their games have been like up until this point. Great stuff.
  24. Thirty Flights of Loving

    ^ This.