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  1. Recently completed video games

    I think if it wasn't stylus based, I'd forgive it more. But because you have to , and if even ONE hits her, you go back a long way, it's just unforgiveable that the stylus is so irresponsive. Grr
  2. Torchlight 2

    I am redownloading torchlight and modding it in celebration.
  3. Starcraft 2

    As a game that defines its multiplayer AROUND THAT it's a throwback to the PERFECT RTS though? People will latch onto anything...
  4. Recently completed video games

    Probably the absolute worst endgame to any game I have ever fucking played. For one, you have to do this REALLY LONG and fucking stupid boss fight, which is incredibly hard beacuse the controls are stylus only, so they're like a fucking treacle tart, and you die nonstop. Then, you get onto another phase, IF YOU CAN GET TO IT. From there, theres an obnoxiously hard baseball match with fireballs, where you need to protect Zelda for about 50 minutes, and ONE HIT resets the entire thing. Then you actually get to fight the final boss, which is ridiculous and nonsensically hard. Oh, also. Hearts dont regenerate through phases. Also, if you die once, you have to do EVERY SINGLE PHASE again. Oh, did I mention that if you DO die once, you're basically fucked? Bring a red potion and a purple potion, and have full hearts but you still died? Well here's a retry with only FOUR hearts. Fuck that stupid bullshit end boss. I threw my DS across the room in disgust.
  5. Recently completed video games

    I got to the last boss on Zelda Spirit Tracks. It was too obnoxiously hard and jusut fucking retarded that I gave up.
  6. Recently completed video games

    What class are you playing?
  7. Minecraft

    I can't be bothered reformatting it for here. But I made a massive post over on Giant Bomb about a big experience in Minecraft. Find it here!
  8. Life

    For what it's worth Murdoc, I'm sure we're all wishing you well.
  9. Movie/TV recommendations

    Jeff Goldblum is on Top gear. And he's still fantastic. Very very quirky and weird, and he kept calling Stig a "Wizard". Who payed him off?
  10. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 3

    2 days after the match started, my laptop broke down hard, then my hard drive crashed big time on my computer, so I knew I had no chance of winning. From there, I sent everything I had towards the closest player (Murdoc?) and became an obnnoxious annoying dick until I finally got blown up. good times!
  11. Minecraft

    Make a bucket Patters and get that precious precious lava
  12. Starcraft 2

    That's what I'm assuming
  13. Regardless of what happens with the cast, we've all still got the forums and stuff and potential bonus future casts. Congratulations Chris, anyway!
  14. Starcraft 2

    I can only assume at the moment, that because it's such a fast paced latency dependant game, they want it to have good MS. Thats an educated guess, however. More likely so they can charge you a monthly fee for worldwide "Platinum Pass" unlock region fee.
  15. Starcraft 2

    If you buy the EU version, you can play with EU. If you buy NA, you can play with NA. You're locked to any region you buy. Which is why I'm not buying it at the moment.
  16. Starcraft 2

    I'm put off by the fact I'm region locked to Europe. Kind of annoying.
  17. Holy fuck, I've just noticed...

    "Sorry, but I must leave. My planet needs me." Then run off spinning in circles and waving your arms aroud.
  18. Movie/TV recommendations

    The new season of Dexter had the trailer shown at comic-con and it looks faaaaaaantastic. Very excited!
  19. Minecraft

    I'll just copy and paste over my blog from giantbomb, in which I discuss the finer points of world generation and exploration. It's ongoing, so I'll update as I go on. It's really reallly good whoever was asking. It's worth the cash if you wanna support weird indie stuff thats incredibly niche like. Imagine a lego sandbox, in 3D. If anyone has ANY questions, I can definetely answer them. Blog as follows... Greetings fellow Minecrafters! I hope the earth is good, and the steel is flowing well. After several conceptual nightmares regarding stupid huts, I decided to finally make a full castley fortress base. I initially considered creating a giant land castle, but that's a fancy, lady elf thing to do. With the assistance of my Dwarf Fortress experience, I thought to myself "The game is called MINEcraft", so I set into the world with 5 stone picks, a sword, and a chest, and decided to go find my ideal dream home. After much exploration, and uneventful vistas with nothing more than sand and cows...I found it. A deep, deep valley with everything I could want. Sand for smelting into glass. Water for running streams. And a fuck off mountain in which I could mine to my hearts content. to get down there... I eventually decided to construct a small mud hut, in which I would use it as a sort of "Tool shed". From here, I knew I could get to work proper, when the sun rose the next morning. I erected my house quickly before monsters came, and managed to barricade myself until the morning light vanquished them. Using this now as a small base, I popped down a forge, chest and costruction table, and wondered where I should go from here. My dwarven intuition kicked in, as I began to tear the mountain itself asunder, in order to create a paradise away from the world. This was where I finally chose. There's always animals on the roof of wherever I choose. Always watching. Waiting. Some time later, I'd began carving out the rock in a way I was comfortable with. I had a plan in my head. And some time later, I had finally come up with a semi working door system, in which I was now confident to call my new home. I knew that eventually, I'd have to actually nut up and dig deep, creating my very own little fortress. After some aesthetic cleanups outside, and a bit of housekeeping, I decided to enter the mountain, and show it who's boss. From here, I made a 10x10x10 space inside, where I could finally get things going. No steel yet, but plenty of coal. Oh, and then I made a little dungeon outside, inspired by the Rancor pit from Return of the Jedi. Practical? Sure Working? To an extent Reasoning?...To show the livestock that was ALL UP IN MY SHIT who was boss. The roof was glass so they could look in and see their pork brother be flooded to death. To my knowledge, he's still in there... From here, my initial day plans were complete! I remade my mudhut toolshed with stone, for a little element of class. Also mud is for jerks and poor people. With a bit more tweaking, aesthetics, and overly gaudy decorations, day 1 was complete, and my fortress was finally coming to shape. Good show! More as it comes...
  20. More things need to sample "OOOOOOOH YEAAAAAAAAH"
  21. Alien swarm

    It's just like the hammer SDK from things like CS: Source, but with the ability to use tiles to paint. Or so I'm told.
  22. Transformice

    For sure!
  23. Recently completed video games

    July 2010: Pixeljunk Shooter Demon's Souls Valkyria Chronicles Punch-Out Alien Swarm InFamous
  24. Can we please be careful with Max Ideas? It's already reaching Wizard levels of oversaturation.