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  1. Life

    Moving the first batch of my boxes into my new flat today, kinda excited!
  2. A lot of people on Giantbomb really liked it
  3. "Holy shit what is this amazing new song" "Oh wait, it's an incredibly funky version of The Wizard" Goddamn it, the songs were just as good as the entire panel, Remo is insanely talented. Loved the panel guys, was great to hear everyone together, and it was such a great send off. Gonna miss the cast!
  4. Eurogamer Expo '10

    I've thought about it. See how money goes when we get there
  5. Life

    I just checked out my new flat the other day, it's absolutely gorgeous. Like my HOUSE but better. Pics forthcoming on Saturday when I move all my shit properly!
  6. Life

    I just got an e-mail through today detailing the date of my move in to my flat. It's in TWO days, which I wasn't exactly prepared for. I'm not sure if I HAVE to move in on that day, or whether it's just "From this date". I'm a jittery bag of nerves at this minute, trying to process everything in my head, and arrange for someone to help me move. Fuck!
  7. Confirm/Deny you wear a silver onesie.
  8. Will you guys still be active in the forum in lieu of a show?
  9. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    I'm big into these "Epic metal" bands, I wish I could think of a better genre description, but hey. Stuff like Dream Theater and Symphony X, where its kind of prog rock, but with these big neoclassical style sounding long ass tracks. If anyone can suggest some bands similar to DT, X-Japan and such, I'd appreciate it.
  10. Diablo III

    "The gem-to-gem upgrade intent is not to have these huge gaps where you feel like you're lame unless you have level 14 gems in every slot, but as a long term goal for the hardcore min/maxers and PvPers who are going to be playing for a long time and be able to work toward those goals. It's something you can put a little time into just by upgrading the gems you pick up during normal play, so you're constantly able to keep working toward the goal of crafting a level 14 gem. " 19,683 gems to make a level 14 gem, the grand daddy of gems. Sorry, Chris!
  11. I didn't want to comment lest it didn't do it enough justice.
  12. It always very much comes across as the style of game where if you didn't play it at the time, or in your "Youth", it's hard to get into. Not because of when they were made, but moreso just the engine and framework of the games. It's not your fault, you've just been "spoiled" by newer things, in comparison. In other news, I've played some, but never BEAT one. I might do Full Throttle.
  13. I tried to read the books, and made up to the third one before I realised I had only laughed once. I don't think I like that kind of overly referential angsty teenage humor. Maybe if I read it 5 years ago, it'd be like the bible, but as something that people say is "for gamers", I hated it. Boring, bland characters. Bosses dropping money was good though
  14. Recently completed video games

    Finished Twilight Princess. Not much to say that hasn't been already said. It was a good game, with some realy annoying quirks that Zelda games commonly have. Like, not being able to jump, or making precise jumps. Still, it was a really tight, well paced 30 hours.
  15. BioShock Infinite

    Yeah, I'm coming to assume that "Bioshock" as a brand refers to that kind of old timey steampunky aesthetic that the games thus far have demonstrated. Naturally, in this train of thought, I'm aware that i've become "that guy" who's going crazy over what it means less than 24 hours after it's come out, I'm aware of the irony, THANKS. But it seems that it's less of a Bioshock in the sense of creating an alltogether immersive, underwater experience, and more of a "Check it out, we're doing this crazy futuristic but not take on an alternate history, in the sky!" That said, it looks pretty cool. I hope there's bi-planes and/or suspenders
  16. BioShock Infinite

    So, seeingg as it has NOTHING to do with Bioshock (I mean it couldn't, right? Unless it had the universes biggest contrivance), why is it called Bioshock? Is it name/brand recognition by now, and this "Style" of game is Bioshock (In the similar vein to Sid Meiers Civilization etc), or am I an idiot who didn't realise you play as Atlas or something.
  17. Recently completed video games

    Playing Twilight Princess for the Wii, up to the It's good!
  18. **Remo hacked/phished on steam!**

    Oh well , good job it got sorted
  19. **Remo hacked/phished on steam!**

    Yeah I just got it too, it was some kind of link to a german TLD steam community thing. Watch out Chris! Edit: Image for clarification
  20. Starcraft 2

    Yeah for sure. I think the most important things they mention is the idea of it seems like an incredibly done, well polished game, and they consider why the RTS genre hasn't evolved this way early. I think Alec Meer argues that in essence, it's just Starcraft, the perfectly refined, balanced RTS standard, except they have infinite money and resources to make it just that little bit better than the recent relic etc games.I've played some actually on the trial, and at various friends houses. It seems really really good, but the barrier for entry, for multiplayer especially seems relatively steep. Naturally, when the trueskill algorithm comes into play more efficiently after several weeks of the game, it will stablisise, but is there any discrepancies so far you've noticed while playing online? I know it's impossible to "Smurf" in the classical sense, but have you found the multiplayer so far to be fair?
  21. Starcraft 2

    For want of forming my own opinions in a big long post, I think the RPS guys sum things up perfectly here
  22. New people: Read this, say hi. MAKE IT HAPPEN