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  1. Golden Sun DS

    So has anyone been playing this apart from me? I started it this morning, and I guess here are my initial impressions: The game takes place 30 years after the first game, and it directly follows on. You play as the children (so far) of the first games protagonists, and it's your basic "Prepare to be adventurer" type fare. It's really good so far (3hrs~), however the game can be overly verbose at times with reaffirming your objectives or the history of the franchise. Despite this however, it's shaping up to be very cool. The sound design is top notch, it seems to be a lot of remixed tunes, and the graphics look lovely. Think Final Fantasy 4, with no voice acting. The combat, one of the core concepts of why I loved the originals so much comes back in fine form. It plays exactly as you remember it, right down to the Djinii and Psyenergy, which is for better or worse, I guess. I was hoping in a way for there to be an ENTIRELY new cast of Djinii, but it appears to be the same stuff as before. So is anyone else playing this? Any thoughts, or questions for me?
  2. Dawn of War 2

    I think it was haganehylian with me, if that name rings a bell
  3. Need to buy a laptop. Advice plx! Tnx.

    What's your budget?
  4. Dawn of War 2

    It was me you and Dan, and me, boost and illeria iirc
  5. Dawn of War 2

    James and I have discussed starting up again when the expansion comes out. Watch this space!
  6. Nintendo 3DS

    I'm never out for more than 4 hours anyway, neither are most people
  7. The Pathetic Windows Questions Thread

    I thought of that already. To me, that explains how the drive is a 222 (down from a 250). Unless I'm just an ass...
  8. The Pathetic Windows Questions Thread

    I'll get in on this thread, actually So here's my problem. I've got a 222GB drive in my laptop (Probably a 250 after formatting and such). After doing a directory scan, it's showing as in the image, or 153.38 in use. Now, knowing that I have 37.7GB free, I know I'm no rocket scientist, but 153.38 and 37.7 do not make 222. Can anyone offer any insight as to how I've lost that 30/40GB? Much love.
  9. Post your face!

    My younger brother and I somehow manage to ruin every photograph.
  10. Idle Thumbs wins an award

    I believe you mean "The Idle Thumbs Podcast"?
  11. Giant Bomb GOTYcasts

    I think GB should really market itself as a "Console" website, seeing as they know nothing about PC games. Shame really, as the GOTY stuff is mainly good, but they're so...childish about some stuff. Brad.
  12. Life

    It's a very romanticised idea, if you have enough money to afford it.
  13. Imperial online!

  14. Post your face!

    My girlfriend and I were at a comic con recently in Leeds, and ended up painting Momji dolls. I have never looked so concentrated
  15. An Idle Thumbs Christmas Song Proposal

    I'm at uni on my iPod and will reply with lyrics when I get home to my pc!
  16. It is on like Donkey Kong Country: Returns

    I desperately want to love this game, but the fucking forced wii controls make it incredibly frustrating. Why map 3 controls to one context sensitive button, but then have two buttons completely un-used? Oh Nintendo...
  17. Life

    Met my girlfriends parents for the second time yesterday. Her mother cooked an amazing dinner, then I wow'ed them with a cake I brought from home, which was unbelivably delicious. I'm invited back. Everythings going great!
  18. Starcraft II

    The QXC replay pack was VERY enlightening.

    Congratulations Steve! Your giantbomb page has been updated to reflect this new state of affairs. Priorities! Also this:
  20. 2 Player Co-op with Girlfriend

    I hear Kirbys Epic Yarn is good for that
  21. Super Meat Boy! Boy is it hard!

    It's just kind of annoying really. I'd love to play it, it sounds terrific, but I can't be bothered going all the way back to my parents house to get my 360, just because MS got an early exclusivity deal. I hope that when it hits PC/Wii, I'll still be interested. I guess it's that the most, I want to play it when I'm hyped, and it's relevant, not at some arbitrary date.
  22. Super Meat Boy! Boy is it hard!

    Beyond annoying that it's a timed exclusive on the 360. Nothing makes me more irritated/less willing to buy a game.
  23. Cataclysm

    I think that's one of the things that endears me to Warcraft as a franchise, as opposed to World Of Warcraft as a closed off little thing. It's just the amount of super Warcrafty doofy humor they put in sometimes. A lot of it, for me personally, stems from the ridiculous barks that the WC3 units shout. Admittedly, WoW has some of those, but it's not really the same when every 5th line is some sort of internet meme. Or a dwarf being drunk.
  24. Cataclysm

    I hope orcs still say "Zug Zug"
  25. Minecraft

    I've recently made a mountain side fortress, with lava waterfalls. it's very menacing.