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  1. Tabletop RPGs

    I'd like to throw my hat in as a normal player
  2. Demon's Souls

    Ideally, you need to beat 3-1 (Tower of Latria) and get the Fools Idols soul to create "Soul Ray", a really really strong mage spell. Don't get discouraged at dying so much though. It's just a rough game to get used to! If you have any questions, I'm sure we can all help you out
  3. Demon's Souls

    Where are you up to? What weapons are you using and character class are you attempting to play as?
  4. Dragon Age II

    I made a blog here about how I'm finding the start. It's pretty great so far. My only problem is the inability to be able to make my team wear custom armor.
  5. Dragon Age II

    Truly, this is the age of great facial hair.
  6. 2 Player Co-op with Girlfriend

    We've just been playing Crystal Chronicles, and they're pretty super. Just cool sword and magic shit, it's fun to play with two people!
  7. Dragon Age II

    Are you running in DX9 or DX11? I've heard changing to 9 fixes a lot of graphical issues.
  8. 2 Player Co-op with Girlfriend

    I'm gonna be the guy that bumps this, asking for recs. We mainly play DS together, and lately, we've just been playing "Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time", and loving the hell out of it. It's a cool little action RPG and we've had a ball. Can anyone recommend other games like that for the DS? Cheers darlings
  9. I love Idle Thumbs. I did not live that because of the dickwavery between...the non thumbs/bombcast guys. Also, my girlfriend walked in as I said out loud "Hey wait, where's my hot scoops at" Cringe
  10. Life

    Will give it a go later and report back, cheers boys!
  11. Life

    Im gonna head down to the closest apple store when i can find a bit of free time
  12. Life

    Pretty wound up right now. Got my ipod touch sometime in february last year, and its just broke. The audio jack is just fucked. For one, a headphone jack barely fits in, and if i somehow get it in, it plays at a hundredth volume. The enraging thing is the terrible warranty. The thing cost damn near a hundred pounds, but thats only a year warranty. I go to check online, thinking this would be a ten quid job. Repair on this model is over 85 pounds. Is this meant to be some kind of fucking joke? Itd be nice to have my apple products last for over a year, but i guess thats too much to ask
  13. Dragon Age II

    I played the PC Demo as a rogue earlier. It made me sad that I'm broke at the moment.
  14. Desktop Dungeons

    There isn't really one. You play through your dungeon, die, then it autosaves, its persistent
  15. anime

    I like it. I'm actually in the process of sorting out my final dissertation on "Posthumanity and Cyborgs in Sci-Fi Anime". Nice to know I'm not the only one thinking critically about it
  16. Recently completed video games

    Super Metroid for the first time. I'm 22 years old. I now get why that game was such a big deal
  17. Life

    I think he tried to run the red. He got dragged a good distance though. Car's a write off, but no mushed brains.
  18. Life

    Also, I live in a weird city when something like this appears relatively commonplace
  19. Buying a New PC

    It's worth going over this thread over on Giantbomb:
  20. Life

    I doubt you'll get money back. That really stinks.
  21. Happy Birthday!

    Will update properly tomorrow when I get time. A sneak preview!
  22. Happy Birthday!

    Many thanks! Shame I've gotta go into uni today, but will upload the stuff I got soon. They're pretty...majestic to say the least!
  23. Magicka

    Everytime I try to load it, it crashes instantly. Frustrating.
  24. Portal 2

    I honestly don't care about platform exclusivity. At the end of the day, by buying the PS3 version, I get a free copy of the steam version. Why people wouldn't do that, assuming they have both platforms, is beyond me.
  25. Life

    I just drank my pot of tea, and it had gone cold while I played Starcraft 2. Truly, these are the end times.