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    "You could play this game in the fetal position" Episode 8
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    "This game is like dying and going to Heaven. Then realising it isn't your time so sending you back to play it again"
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    Oh god this.
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    "Out of the way DAD, this isn't the Sonic you remember" "This game will make you an instant hit with the ladies"
  5. Trine

    For some incredibly slight hand of God, this PC which seems to run on steam and barely hold together can run it. Sort of. The ingame stuff all runs fine, like a dream infact. But the FMV's run at like 2FPS. It's most bizarre.
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    "This game has a do something cool button"
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    "Remember that funny feeling you had when you played doctor with your cousin? This game does" "This Christmas, tell your parents, "Buy me Dante's Inferno, or GO TO HELL" "
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    "Like having sex with magic"
  9. New people: Read this, say hi.

    After listening for the entire time, I decided to register. Glad to finally be here.
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    "This game is so good, it transcends review scores. 8.5"