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  1. Cave Story

    It's great, played it when it came out. Music is brilliant.
  2. Fresh Indie Game Compendium Extraordinaire

    :buyme:Saut By:MabiGames Available: Synposis:2D platformer beta(?). You progress by pressing space, and timing jumps. Brilliant music.
  3. Imports

    As a British denison, I will be importing Pokemon Soul Silver when it hits American Shores. I did the same with Pearl, and got it months before people here. Good times.
  4. Torchlight?

    The shitty wizard actually payed off!
  5. Torchlight?

    I enchanted a gun so much last night that it attacks so fast, my ranger doesn't have a chance to reset the animation when she fires. Yikes
  6. ファイナルファンタジーXIII

    Change the UK/US in the link to a CA. Receive chocobo!
  7. ファイナルファンタジーXIII

    Hey fellas. For what it's worth, the 360 version is throwing out free chocobos for your xbox avatar at the moment, for December UK version here USA version here FREE STUFF!
  8. Movie/TV recommendations

    Hey, it was a TV thread, I wasn't sure how far I could take it Mushi shi is phenomenal by the way. Excellent artstyle, coupled with interesting episodic narrative and music to die for. And the supernatural!
  9. Movie/TV recommendations

    I consistently watch House, which has been spectacular currently. And, I can suggest Ghost in the Shell SAC and/or Neon Genesis Evangelion if you're into Sci-Fi anime. They really are the benchmarks.
  10. Wizaaaaaards!!

    I return from Leeds with gifts. Let's say I was feeling a little...magical.
  11. Torchlight?

    Fucking Chris has made me TERRIFIED to use the S.Wizard. I've got to about level 14, and used him twice, and one of those times, he stripped my blue gun down to a white. This is all your fault, Remo!
  12. We like what you do but we don't like you

    Things my girlfriend says when we're "Passionate"
  13. (

    C/O Giantbomb homepage "Prepare to be overwhelmed"
  14. What Jake said rings true for me too. The first game is absolutely sublime from start to end. Every case is superb, all having such unique and colorful characters, they really make the game come alive. With the second and third games, some of the magic is lost. Like Jake said again, the whole introduction of the "Magic stones" stuff (Basically a way to probe peoples inner thoughts and find any inconsistencies in their statements. Not to say that the franchise diminishes within each sequel. Imagine they're all chests filled with gold. Each franchise is just a smaller chest. The writing, as aforementioned is absolutely tremendous, and the music is just right. I really can't recommend these games enough, and if you're an Idle thumbs listener, you probably already have a mild affinity to the kind of vibe that the PW games try to give off. And the final case in Trials and
  15. New Super Mario Bros Wii

    Same story as me. This looks like the most fun I have ever seen. The visceral thrill me and a buddy used to have in NSMB multiplayer is still unparalleled to this day. Well, maybe running around spamming TIME TO DIE on Diablo 2, but that's a different story I want this, but only if it comes with 3 friends to play with. Or 1
  16. You all owe it to yourselves to play through these games, 100% From the top of my head: 1-3 (Steel Samurai) and the FINAL CASE FROM TRIALS AND TRIBULATIONS OH GOD THIS IS SO AWESOME AHHHHHH To clarify: Play the games
  17. Idle thumbs London meet!

    Anyone going to the Leeds Thought bubble con in 2 weeks? Chris's dream partner Kieron Gillan is doing a talk that sounds pretty bomb
  18. (

    "So hardcore, even Pyramid head won't touch it" -
  19. I was thinking about this for sometime, and it finally came to a head today. Someone in my lecture today started talking about Lord of the Rings, and how they thought Gandalf was a "Pretty sweet Wiz". I laughed pretty hard, and then cursed. I think the thing that really made me laugh though today was when I went to an icecream place after uni finished. When I got to the front, the lady asked me "Would I like one scoop, or two scoops". Seeing as anything IdleThumbs related in real life usually makes me crack a smile, this was too much, and I burst out laughing so hard that the queue behind me (Which was sizeable) started complaining. Thinking of the afforementioned "Scoops", I just pointed at which ones I wanted and left the store. How about you chaps? PS: I got two scoops. I was going to get hot fudge so they could be "Hot scoops", but I was in such a state at that point, I couldn't word it.
  20. Testing Out New Hardware

    This seems incredibly relevant right now.
  21. Way of the Samurai 3

    I wanted to play this based solely on Steve Gaynor's apparent love for this game.
  22. I think you're trying to imagine things my friend Your was used as a colloquialism. Similar to how people in the UK say "Give us one" when they mean "I would like one"
  23. (

    "I think it's time to abandon scores all together, re-evaluate what the heck you're talking about, or just start being arbitrary" Thank you Jake!
  24. Half-Minute Hero

    It's pretty sweet dude, I really like it. The further you get, the more shit you have to do. At the start, it's just "Kill a few mans, heal up, get more time and go do stuff", but later on it's like "DEstroy all the cannons so you can recruit a berserker who will change the way the boss fights" I think I'm at about 60/70% through "Hero mode" at the moment, and I'm kinda sad to see it end. In a weird way however, it's hard to play it in huge bursts, because it KIND OF drags over. I'll post thoughts on the other gametypes when I play them